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How to prepare for a cross-country office relocation

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Are you ready to expand your business to another state? Or are you moving because of a more favorable tax policy? Maybe you’re just branching out. Also, your research may show that you can secure more customers in other countries. Whatever the reason, you have to prepare for a cross-country office relocation. And you will do this by creating a good moving plan that will define all phases of relocation. A good moving plan will also help you minimize service interruption. Like any other move, it begins by finding the best moving companies in California. However, when choosing, make sure that the company meets two important conditions. In its offer, it must have long-distance moving. And, it must be reputable.

Prepare for a cross-country office relocation

Relocating your office is more demanding than moving a household. And, when you need to move it long-distance, it is even more challenging. To help you overcome those challenges, we have prepared some suggestions.

  1. Plan your move right away by creating a master plan for your move
  2. Find the right moving company for your needs
  3. Work with professionals
  4. Inform your clients about the move
  5. Find ways to minimize office downtime
  6. Remain organized during the packing time
  7. Surplus items

Following these suggestions, you will be able to complete the entire move as smoothly as possible.

Group of People Gathered Around Wooden Table - prepare for a cross-country office relocation
The moving coordinator and department chiefs prepare the master moving plan.

Create a master checklist for your office relocation

Start planning your move soon after deciding to move. However, planning a move and overseeing various office work at the same time, can be overwhelming. So, the much wiser way is to appoint a moving coordinator. He will further work with department heads to create the master checklist. Each department head will, after that, allocate the moving tasks to his subordinates.

Also, various departments will have to start packing at different times. Some will simply need less time to complete the job. So, this can help to shorten office downtime too. And, the moving coordinator will regularly inform you of the progress. The master checklist could be an excellent tool. Running the coordinator’s reports against the master checklist, you will have a clear picture of the preparation process.

Find the right moving company for your needs

Before hiring a moving company, always make sure they are the right partner for you. So, they must have a long-distance move in their offer, as well as commercial moving. They must be dependable, and able to complete your office move from start to finish. But, they also must have a lot of relevant experience. Picking a company such as long distance movers California, you will receive all the support and guidance that you need.

Focused man working with laptop in the workspace
To ensure timely relocation, rely on the assistance of professionals.

Work with professionals

Don’t handle such essential moves as office relocation on your own. The experienced movers know exactly what has to be done. And, that presents a huge difference. They know what, and they know how. They have skilled manpower. And they have all the tools needed for the job.

By enlisting the right help, you will avoid delays, damages, and losses of your possessions. Not only that they will help you with professional packing. They also know the roads, traffic, and weather conditions. And, they can also advise you about the documents needed to move the office equipment across the borders.

Don’t forget to inform your clients about the move

Inform all your clients about your relocation plans. So, your move will minimize the impact on them. And, be sure that they will appreciate it. Some of them will be able to continue cooperation with you. The others will have to turn to other companies. However, in the business world, especially in one branch, people know each other. And, your fair treatment of the clients won’t pass unnoticed. Which, the bottom line can bring you even more clients in your new place. 

Find ways to minimize office downtime when you prepare for a cross-country office relocation

One of the first things to do is to inform your employees about the move. That way, you will know who is following you cross-country. Also, you will know how many vacancies you will have. Be proactive, and look for the employees for your new office. That way, you will have ready manpower once the commercial movers California arrive with your office items.

Also, some of your employees will be able to work remotely during the relocation time. They will probably not have all the data available. But, they will still keep the job running. So, the aim is to lessen office downtime. And, this way, you can shorten it a lot.

Remain organized during the packing time

Before the packing starts, make sure to get rid of all clutter. That way, you will know exactly how many things you are moving. And thus, you will know how much packing material to purchase. Also, before packing, the moving coordinator will decide what to pack first. So, he can give instructions to employees.

In case you and the coordinator are not sure how to handle certain items, especially electronic, ask your mover for help. This is especially important if you don’t have your own IT unit. Namely, electronic items you can’t just throw into a moving box. They have to be unplugged. Some of them even disassembled. And, they have to be handled in the right way. Also, don’t forget to make a backup of the data from your computers before packing them.

Man Riding on Yellow Forklift
Your mover will help you with storing office surplus items.

Surplus items

During the packing time, you might realize that you won’t need some items in your new office. Or, that you will need them later on. So, in case you need storage services, discuss the issue with your movers. They will, for sure, be able to offer you the solution. And keep your office items in their secure storage facilities.

Permits for office equipment moving across the borders

One of the important things you have to keep in mind is permits. Namely, while you prepare for a cross-country office relocation, you should also check what documents will you need to cross the state borders. Well, the good news is that reliable movers can help you. And, with reliable movers at your side, you will avoid moving mistakes. So, moving your office cross-country is usually demanding work. But, with the right organization and assistance, it can be done. And, even your office downtime will be minimized.



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