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How to prepare for an open house in Gilroy

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Once you decide to sell your house, your realtor might advise you to host an open house. That’s a great way to present your asset to potential buyers. However, think about how to prepare for an open house in Gilroy. Firstly, check the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks. Make sure to pick sunny days, preferably weekends, so your visitors can take their time and browse. Then, you need to prepare your house for the visitors. You want it to make a good first impression. California professional movers and their services can help you stage your home for an open house.

Thorough cleaning 

You surely want your home to shine when the open house day comes. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do some serious cleaning? Start from your courtyard and outside of the house. A hose and water will do the trick. Don’t forget to unclog gutters before you wash your windows and blinds. You might want to pay special attention to windows, as they let in more light when freshly cleaned. And every place looks more radiant and airy with some extra natural light. As for the inside, vacuuming and mopping are must-do. Of course, your bathroom and kitchen have to be perfectly clean without signs of usage. If all this seems too much work for you, consider hiring cleaning professionals. Finally, add details such as a new doormat, shiny house number, and some air refreshers. 

Two women cleaning the bedroom to prepare to for an open house in Gilroy.
Thorough cleaning is the first thing you should do when hosting a

Tidy up and organize your home

The first impression is essential for potential buyers. They expect to find a well-maintained house that doesn’t require much investment. And nothing indicates that more than a tidy home. Also, they want to be able to visualize what it would be like to live there. And that can be hard to do with all your things spread around. Therefore you need to prepare for an open house in Gilroy. Maybe even take out some furniture to make the space look bigger. With the help of the moving companies in Gilroy, it will be easy. This step can take some time and effort, but it’ll pay off in the end. 

  • Firstly, you want your house to look spacious, so take out the bulky and surplus furniture. Too many items can make your space look smaller and crowded. Now it’s time to think about renting a storage unit in Gilroy. Or you can ask your friends to use their garages to store your furniture.
  • After that, it’s a good idea to depersonalize and declutter the space. So remove all your personal items, including framed photos, decorative objects, and works of art. Buyers want to picture their possessions on the spot, so remove yours. You want them to focus on the good features of your house, and clutter can distract them. 
  • The same goes for your wardrobes, pantries, and cabinets. Sort and organize items inside them, maybe even take out some of them. If you fill them to the top, potential buyers might think there isn’t much storage space. And every buyer is looking for additional space for storing things. So organize shelves and cabinets so that they appear half-empty and not crowded. 
  • Remove all your valuables from the house. The last thing you want is to find out that something is missing.

Repairs and alterations

If you’re wondering whether to deal with repairs or leave it as it is and lower the price a bit, we strongly advise you to make repairs. Know that the buyers will see every flaw as an additional expense. And that can discourage them from buying. On the other hand, a small investment can mean a higher price and almost a certain sale. Start from the walls and add an extra coat of paint. Furniture movers California can help you take out the furniture before you start painting. But make sure you use neutral and brighter paint colors to make the space look light and airy. Then try to determine the true eyesores and focus on them. Be critical and honest about your house’s defects. Replace broken cabinet handles, bulbs, switches, etc. Pay attention to landscaping, and trim your lawn and plants in the yard. 

A wooden home sweet home sign held by a woman and a man.
Learn how to prepare for an open house in Gilroy.

Advertise the open house

The success of your open house event depends on how well you promote it. You surely want to get desired attention, but how to do it? First, you can make an announcement online on your social networks and let your friends spread the word. Or you can even publish an ad on sites for sale. Besides that, your real estate agent can add your open house to his listing to make it visible to the targeted audience. Get the “Open House” sign and place it in front of your home. Be sure to highlight the date. On the very day of the open house, tie up balloons to a courtyard gate, so the visitors can easily find the house. You can also print flyers and share them at some local events like Gilroy Garlic Festival. Start with the promotion early, don’t wait until the very last day.

A hugging couple looking at the house.
Say goodbye to your old house and welcome your potential buyers.

Welcome your potential buyers 

Make sure that you set up a friendly atmosphere during the open house. Prepare refreshing drinks and finger food to offer your potential buyers. Not to mention hot coffee and homemade cookies. Also, get ready for the questions that potential buyers might ask you about your property. Have all the answers memorized or write them down. Even better you may charge your real estate agent to host your open house. Visitors will feel more comfortable wandering around the house and making remarks. Don’t be afraid to request feedback, so you can make improvements and alterations if needed. Follow these tips to prepare for an open house in Gilroy and speed up the sale of your asset. 

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