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How to prepare for moving day challenges

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Moving is a long and arduous process. But then moving day comes and you’re saved, right? Well… Not quite. In fact, there are quite a few moving day challenges that can turn your big day into a disaster. And that’s not really something you want. In an ideal world, moving day would go off without a hitch and you wouldn’t encounter any problems. But we don’t live in an ideal world. So being ready for things to go wrong is essential. And the best way to handle challenges on moving day is to be prepared for them in advance.

Preparing for moving day challenges – start thinking about it early

One of the best tips you’ll ever get about any part of moving is to start preparing early. You don’t ever really realize just how long things take until you’re doing them. And by then it’s too late. This applies to every aspect of moving too: packing takes longer than you expect, researching moving companies in California is far from a quick and straightforward task, and even making a moving checklist will take you a while. So always start early because proper preparation is the key to success!

Calendar with a pen on it.
Preparing in advance is the key to success.


As the crowning jewel of your relocation, moving day is essentially what you’re preparing for all throughout the relocation process. But while you’re working on the big things like packing and hiring movers, you may forget that moving day itself can also go wrong. This would be a big mistake. Things can go terribly wrong on moving day, ruining all your previous preparation and work. To avoid this, think about your moving day in advance. Get organized with a plan, a schedule or a checklist – whatever works for you. But remember to also consider where things might go wrong! That way you won’t be blindsided and you can come up with potential strategies or solutions in advance.

Moving day challenges caused by movers and how to deal with them

Relying on professional services should make your relocation easier. After all, that’s the biggest benefit of hiring movers over organizing a DIY move. It’s why long-distance movers and office movers are considered a must: with such complicated relocations, you need professionals on your side. And while movers are indeed the best solution in many cases, they can also be a source of some major problems on moving day. It really all depends on the moving company you hire. Hire the right movers and your relocation will be a breeze. Trust the wrong moving company and you’ll end up in some serious trouble.

Unreliable movers and moving scams

Probably one of the worst challenges you might face on moving day is discovering that your movers are actually unreliable or worse, a scam. Unfortunately, this is increasingly common in the moving business. Best case scenario if you chose the wrong moving company is that your movers are late arriving at your home or delivering your belongings to your new address. But it can be much worse than that. Your movers may not show up at your door at all. Or they may pack your belongings and drive them away, then hold them hostage until you pay a lot more than you originally agreed to.

Danger sign.
Moving scams are the worst-case scenarios.

Either way, finding out that your movers are untrustworthy is a terrible thing to deal with on moving day. The best way to deal with this is by avoiding it altogether. You can do this by hiring good and reliable movers. Before you choose a moving company, make sure they are licensed with FMCSA, have good ratings and come recommended from previous customers. Another smart thing is to have a backup plan – keep a phone number to a moving company that can help in an emergency. Finally, check out your rights as a customer in case you need to prepare for legal action.

Unprofessional movers who don’t know what they’re doing

Not showing up is not always the problem with movers. Sometimes they’re there, but you wish they aren’t. Inexperienced and unprofessional movers can cause you just as much trouble as not having movers at all. If they end up packing your things wrong, dropping boxes or damaging your furniture, you may end up needing junk removal Monterey CA instead of moving services. Once again, your best bet is to hire a moving company that knows what they’re doing. Failing that, invest in good moving insurance. That way you can recover from any damage done.

Moving day challenges caused by bad planning and how to deal with them

At this point, you may be thinking that residential movers are more trouble than they’re worth. But problems can arise when you’re moving by yourself as well! This often involves bad planning and underestimating the time needed for certain things. If you don’t get organized in time, you can easily end up only halfway through packing by the time you’re supposed to move out or similarly unfinished with all your preparations. Ideally, you’ll avoid this problem by giving yourself plenty of time to do everything and planning ahead properly. However, if moving day comes and you realize you simply cannot get it all done, make sure you have the number to a moving company that can help you on short notice instead!

Person holding a clock.
Make sure you don’t run out of time!

Difficulties you can’t anticipate before moving day and how to deal with them

Finally, there are certain moving day challenges that you really cannot affect in advance. You might, for example, get sick shortly before you need to move. Or the weather might turn right on the day when you need to leave home. These are unfortunate circumstances but there’s little to be done about them so you’ll just have to roll with it! Surround yourself with a good team (of either professionals or friends and family who can help) and do the best you can. The most important thing in these situations is not to panic. While moving while sick is unpleasant and moving in bad weather is less than ideal, it is possible. Panicking, on the other hand, will just make things worse. So keep calm and ask for help when you need it!

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