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How to prepare to move long distance with children

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How can you prepare to move long distance with children? Is it like any other long-distance move? Well, not really. There are some specific details that you need to pay attention to. Besides the usual tasks of packing, hiring Mod movers, sorting paperwork, etc. you will have to talk to your children. The thing is that children have to know about the upcoming move. You are probably tense due to organizational activities. So, before talking to your children about the move, prepare yourself. You can expect tears, and anger after you break the news. This will be emotionally hard but keep calm. And remember that, knowing the news early, will give them more time to accept the idea.

As you prepare to move long distance with children, expect different reactions

Research has shown that relocation is more difficult for children than for adults. Also, children show different levels of stress due to relocation. It depends mostly on their age. And they will show different reactions to the news.

Move long distance with children – a child is standing and watching a box with his toys.
Children under the age of five are accepting relocation much easier.

So, be prepared to talk in different ways with:

  • toddlers and preschoolers
  • school kids
  • teens

If their reaction is violent, stay calm. First, give them time to think. Then gradually involve them in the preparations asking for their help. Let them feel needed. This can speed up their acceptance of relocation.

Toddlers and preschoolers

You can expect that children under the age of five will find it easier to accept the idea of relocation. Still, be prepared to talk to them. For toddlers, make a small toy packaging game. For them is very important to know that cross country movers California will bring their toys to the new place. All they need is comfort. And a sense of security.

Preschoolers are likely to have many questions. Answer them carefully. Also, tell them stories about the city you will be moving to. Talk about the new things you will buy them, as the place you go to has a different climate. After that, ask them to inspect their belongings and discard everything torn. This will involve them in the process of preparing for a long-distance move.

School kids

You can expect more problems with school-age children. Their biggest problem is leaving friends. Some probably have sympathies as well. That is making the problem even bigger. Suggest them to invite friends to your new home during the holidays. After that, give them some time. Eventually, they will accept long-distance relocation. And they will agree to help you declutter their room. They will even, with encouraging stories, be happy to help pack the things.

The girl covered her face with her hands.
The teen period is difficult for children even without cross-country relocation.


The teen period is difficult for children even without cross-country relocation. You can expect outbursts of anger from them. Stay calm and very tactful. Since you know your child well, you will know how to overcome problems. Or they will accept the move and even help you with smaller kids. If so, thank them. And show them how much you need and appreciate their help.

Is it better to opt for a move long distance with children during the summertime?

Moving during the summer period would be much better for your children. Especially to those going to kindergarten or school. Although moving during the summer period is more costly, it would be easier for them. They will have time to meet new friends before the start of the new school year. And it will not be so scary as joining unknown classmates in the mid-semester. Also, during the period of long-distance moving, they will miss classes. So, they will have to face the new surroundings. And they will have to put effort to make up for missed lessons. So, try to give full support to your child during this adaptation period.

What are the benefits of involving your children in the long-distance move preparations?

Make your children busy with preparations for moving from California to Denver. That way, their thoughts will be focused on a new home. And that focus will help them get used to the idea of relocation faster. Besides, children like to feel useful and grown-up. So, having their tasks will help them to feel important. And moreover, they will be happy to see that that the parents respect their opinion.

Some teens will accept the move without any problem. However, be prepared that teens may refuse to participate in the preparations. In this way, they will express their rebellion against relocation. Don’t insist, but occasionally ask them if you can throw away some of their stuff. Also, offer them to do the decluttering of their belongings. State that you wouldn’t want to throw away the wrong things. In this way, you will indirectly involve them in the preparations.

The family is in the car, and one person is holding a camera and filming.
Finally, you are ready for the long-distance with children.

How to take care of children while you prepare to move?

You will give some tasks to your children. That is a part of tactics for preparing your kids for a move. Also, you will have to keep an eye on them. They can participate in the decluttering period. Also, they can be involved during early packing periods. Even during those periods, you will have to supervise them. They can get hurt easily. However, the bigger problem will come when you start disassembling furniture. The chances of having children in the wrong place are scary. So, check with relatives to have your kids in their homes during this period. If you don’t have relatives, maybe your friends can help. You will also need their help with the children during the moving day.

Moving the long distance with children will take a lot of your energy

Even singles suffer from tremendous stress in preparation for relocation. So, you can imagine how much strength you will need to prepare to move long distance with children. Also, besides packing, you will have to complete many other tasks related to your children. This includes looking for a suitable school. You also need to find a nursery for younger children. You must also make sure to transfer their medical records to new doctors. To make sure you do everything you need to do, make kids moving checklist. When the preparation period is almost done, pack the moving essentials bags, which will include:

  • Water, juices, food, and snacks
  • Some extra clothes
  • Toys and blankets for yonder once
  • Diapers, paper towels, and wet wipes
  • The first aid kit

By this, you are ready for the long-distance with children.

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