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How to prepare your art collection for moving

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Moving to another home always comes with so many tasks to finish on short notice. It is not a secret, moving tasks can drain even the people with the hardest will. This is especially true if you are an artist or an art lover and you own many pieces of art. Luckily, there are many wise tips and tricks that could make your move less stressful and less demanding. Knowing some of them you could conduct your move without any troubles. So, today our Monterey Peninsula movers will share with you some simple preparation and tricks that will help you relocate your artwork safely. Stay with us and learn how to prepare your art collection for moving. With our help, you will prevent any damages and accidents to your art. Moreover, you will turn moving preparations into a fun and unforgettable process!

Take enough time to prepare your art collection for moving

Every time you decide to move, you should plan how to pack your possession properly. Whether you are moving with the same city or hiring long distance movers California, you don’t want your art collection to be ruined during the move. For that reason, you will need to organize the packing of your art collection with attention to the protection of each art piece. Will you do this job on your own or you will get professional help?

Prepare your art collection for moving on time
Create a strategy to prepare your art collection for moving.

Every artist wants to learn how to prepare his artwork for transport. If you are among then than you know how important is for you to get the right packing supplies and be careful when preparing your art for packing. However, if your art collection is pretty large, you may need help to gather needed packing supplies. Luckily, our reliable packing services experts will be at your disposal and make sure to ease this task for you. Be free to tell them more about the type of your art pieces so they can bring the right moving supplies and prepare your art collection for moving efficiently.

Getting the right packing materials

One of the most important things to have when you need to prepare your art collection for relocation is high-quality packing supplies. Not only you will need our moving boxes and supplies, but also some special packing materials. So, after your get cardboard boxes, packing paper, quality packing tape, foam nuggets, air-filled wrap, consider getting some additional packing materials. That means you should invest in foam boards, and corner protectors, glassine paper, and different size boxes. This way you will provide extra protection to your art collection.

Woman artist preparing for the move
Gather packing supplies according to your art pieces.

It is time for packing

After you gather all the needed packing materials, packing can starts. Get the advice from our experienced and FMCSA registered movers and start with packing the most valuable pieces from your art collection. For example, when packing your paintings, it will be great to get some boxes that will fit the paintings perfectly. In case you have only bigger boxes, don’t worry. Just take foam boards and put them on both sides of the painting. Don’t forget to use packing paper or bubble wrapping and wrap the whole painting. Then tape it securely with packing tape. This way you will protect your paintings from humidity and damages. Hope you will prepare your art collection for moving in no time!

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