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How to prepare your child for an interstate move from California

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Even if you don’t think your relocation will be that chaotic, things can get messy, and stuff can get lost easily. This is especially true if you have no structure. For a young child or teenager, a chaotic environment could make matters much harder. They will process their emotions around moving differently than you, so it is important to add another thing to your list of worries. Educate yourself on how to make this process as seamless and comfortable as possible. To prepare your child for an interstate move from California – careful planning, open communication, and creating a sense of excitement about the upcoming adventure are great ideas. It all depends on where you’re coming from and how big your transportation and distance will be. Of course, by hiring Northern California movers, you can make your dream a reality much easier and more quickly.

Open communication is key

You must understand that direct communication is key to having a healthy relationship with your child, so setting the time to discuss the simplified logistics of the move properly can be a good place to start. Children might often fear the unknown, so getting them ready and setting the proper foundation is crucial so that your child feels that they’re ‘in the know.’ They might have follow-up questions. That’s okay! Even encouraged!

Spark your child’s curiosity by listing a few fun facts, not just about wherever you plan to move to but also about the packing and moving process itself. You can even make a game out of it. And remember, this doesn’t have to be difficult. Embrace the conflicting feelings they might have. Hey, maybe you even have some doubts, but you’re definitely on the right track. What would you say to your younger self? Think positively, and encourage your kid to do the same.

parents with a toddler in a sunny field after having listened to advice on how to prepare your child for an interstate move from California
Communicate well, and you will have a fulfilling relationship! That goes for the whole family.

To prepare your child for an interstate move from California, involve them in the process

Allow your child to be a part of the moving process. We would all just like to be included. Ask them questions, including if they might have some tips or DIYs to make the move more fun. We know moving is stressful, but your child should be actively involved in the process, and you should be patient. This is a hundred times more confusing for them. Remember to take a breath if they appear difficult or ask repeated questions. The best thing about moving is there’s always something to be done! And it wouldn’t be a burden to make your child do something with their hands and imagination. You can definitely involve your child in a way that is beneficial for both of you. Some ideas as to what they might do:

  • they can help pack their toys and stationery
  • if they can write, tell them to write down categories on boxes
  • choose the color or wallpaper for their new room
  • if you’re buying new furniture, make sure to ask them what they’d like
  • they can decide on the layout of their space

These factors will be different depending on where you’re moving to. If you’re looking to make your move even more affordable, consider hiring reliable professionals to help with moving from California to Austin. Compared to LA, for example, Austin is 66% more affordable. Movers can make your job much easier, so you can focus on building your relationship with your child while moving.

Familiarize them with the new place to help with the transition

Show them pictures or videos of the new city or town you’re moving to. For example, if you’ll be moving from California to Houston, show them some landmarks. San Jacinto Monument and a museum come to mind, where they can learn about history. Depending on if you’ve been there yourself, you can either show more personal pictures. But if not, don’t worry! You might learn something yourself from all of the educational materials and resources that are easily accessible. If possible, take a short trip there before the move to explore the area together. Get them to familiarize themselves with the place in person, play in a park nearby that you’ll visit often, stroll through a farmer’s market, and buy some delicious local food and sweets. They can experience the new area through play and their taste buds.

a girl playing with sand
One way to prepare your child for an interstate move from California is to familiarize themselves with the new land. They can explore by playing by themselves or with family. It will give them comfort and make them feel more grounded.

Even if you’ll not be able to take a short trip, there are other options. A virtual trip through Google Maps can do the trick! Show them where they’ll be attending school and how they’ll even get there. Are there sights to be seen on the way? What are the sightseeing options on the route to school? To the local market? Is there, for example, a Natural History Museum if you’re moving from California to Colorado? There are multiple interesting exhibitions, film projections, and educational courses at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Is there anything else your kid might be interested in? Once you think outside the box, the options just keep coming!

Maintain routine so that the transition feels more organic

Try to keep your child’s routine consistent during the move. This includes meal times, bedtimes, and other daily activities. That way, the move might not be so arduous. Routines benefit children, and the familiar daily tasks and activities make them feel secure.

a family of three walking and talking about the best ways to prepare your child for an interstate move from California
You can schedule in routines that make the whole family do something together on a daily or weekly basis, such as short walks or hikes when you all come back home from your day.

They will simply fall into their new life if they maintain a certain schedule they’re familiar with. This can bring structure into their new life. This is also beneficial for you, too. That way, you can make sure your routines aren’t made too complicated by the move. By sticking to their routines, you follow certain daily tasks that might get lost in the chaos.

Goodbye ritual for you and your child when moving from California

Moving is never simple, never quick. You’re saying goodbye to your past self. Therefore, there will be a certain grief period that you and your child might have to process, especially if you’re not used to moving around a lot. Even if you are, a shorter time period for you might feel like an eternity for a child.

You could organize a farewell party or gathering with their friends and loved ones. A moving party can be organized like a birthday party. It will remind them that, even if it is hard, it can still be a cause for celebration. This will give them a chance to say goodbye and gain closure.

Pack a comfort kit to prepare your child for an interstate move from California

Prepare a special bag for your child with their favorite toys, books, and comfort items. This will help them feel secure during the transition. You might consider this a portable, safe space that your child can turn to in need. Whenever they miss the old feeling of home, they can still have, for example, a little chest filled with their favorite board games, trinkets, and so on. A portable safe place can be a form of self-regulation when a child is upset.

Stay positive! Prepare your child for an interstate move from California with a smile

There might be a reason to rush, but there is no reason to panic, to pack last minute, and to overthink things. If you’ve known about the move months in advance, plan accordingly. And keep being positive! That way, you’re not only reminding your child of that but also yourself. There are many ways to stay positive. It doesn’t matter what your financial situation is. If you’re, for example, moving to Oregon, that’s great news! California is 19.3% more expensive than Oregon. This is a more general claim, depending on the exact locations of where you’re moving from and to. When you search for moving companies California to Oregon, that can drastically change your cost of transport and ensure that your belongings are safe.

Find new activities

Research activities or groups in the new location that align with your child’s interests. Whether it’s a sports team, art class, or a reading club, this will help them integrate and make new friends.

a man riding a bike with two little girls on a bike extension in the back
Exploring nature and enjoying an activity together can bring the whole family closer. Also, you end up sightseeing as you cycle and have fun!

Children often mirror their parents’ emotions. Stay positive and upbeat about the move, emphasizing the exciting opportunities it will bring. You can set the tone of positivity by going out to nature or engaging in an activity that takes you and your child outside. Portland, for example, prides itself on its biking paths that make the whole city accessible by bike. If you’re moving from California to Portland, you can plan to explore the whole city by bike once you finally move. Spend time in nature or sightseeing, and look forward!

Stay connected to the past while moving forward

Ensure your child knows they can still stay in touch with their old friends. To prepare your child for an interstate move from California, they mustn’t forget their roots. For children, especially older ones, leaving their friends and peers while moving is hard. Social media can be of big help. Set up video calls, help them write creative letters, or plan visits whenever possible. Make them feel connected to their older friend group while managing their social skills in a new environment. And remember, it is a process to prepare your child for an interstate move from California. The most important thing is to ask your child how you can help them. Do this often, even if you don’t feel like it sometimes. They need to vocalize their emotions and comfortably discuss their feelings.

three children sitting by each other
Making new friends is important when transitioning to a new place, but having close connections with older friends can help children feel like they belong wherever they might be!

Seek professional help

If your child is still struggling with the move, consider seeking the help of a counselor or therapist specializing in child relocation issues. There are many options for safe child therapy in Denver, CO, for example. Understanding and processing big emotions is especially difficult for children undergoing big changes. You are not equipped to handle these as well as a licensed psychologist. Don’t worry. It is important to note when your child might need outside help.

You might be moving from California to Denver, and you can seek professional help there. Anything that can help your child transition more seamlessly and comfortably is a good move on your part. Seek professional help if you don’t feel equipped for this because studies show how frequent moving and geographical relocation might not be in your child’s best interest. You have to take into account that it has been noted that frequent relocation in young adulthood could be linked to mental health issues down the line at ages between 32 and 42 years.

happy adults and a child smiling at the camera with hands outstretched after having listened to our advice on how to prepare your child for an interstate move from California
While moving interstate from California, your familial relationships don’t have to suffer. Make sure to look after your mental health and thrive together!

Prepare your child for an interstate move from California by using these tips

These are trying times, but they’re not impossible. If your child is insecure about the move, stay positive! We hope these tips and suggestions have given you some clarity and guidance. To prepare your child for an interstate move from California, you have to be ready to be patient and caring through the whole process. California interstate movers are here to help every step of the way!

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