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How to prepare your employees for a corporate move

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When you decide about a corporate move, you should know that it is much more complex than moving a household. Moving the corporate office is demanding as you have to move a lot of staff. Besides, you have to prepare your employees for a corporate move. So, you will not be occupied only with the logistical part of the move. You will have to consider the employees’ happiness. Be aware that some employees will not be ready to move. And this can happen regardless of whether you are moving to another part of the town. Or if commercial movers California are moving you to another town or state. So, check how many of your employees will stay behind. That will help you with further planning.

Inform your employees about the corporate move as early as possible

This is very important for the employees and for you. By early announcing the intention to move, you will have more time to plan the transitional period. Also, as some of your employees will stay behind, you will have to make reorganization plans. It will also give you time to talk to your best employees. Of course, such employees you would like to keep. Think about offering them a better package. Also, you will need to help the rest of the employees with the right relocation packages. You can recommend the affordable services of Mod movers to them. First, you are recommending them the reliable movers. Second, if you are reimbursing their lower moving costs, it will be favorable for you.

Prepare your employees for a corporate move - People sit in the office around a desk with laptops open and look at the screen on the wall.
Inform your employees about the corporate move early.

When you prepare your employees for a corporate move early, they will have time to make their decisions

All your employees will be thankful for early notification. For some of your employees that will not be a problem. If you are staying in the same town, they might be fine with possible longer commuting. If you are moving long-distance, some of them will accept it too. However, you have to be ready that some of them will not be able to accept relocation. Reasons could be different. Mostly, they will have to stay in certain areas due to family obligations. So, you will know how many new people you need. And, you will have enough time to publish job announcements. Also, you will need to organize the interviews. This way, the moment you relocate, you will not miss employees for your new office.

Help your corporate employees who have to stay behind

As a manager, you probably had a chance to meet managers from the area. You can check if they need some new employees. If so, you can recommend some of those staying behind. Of course, if you were satisfied with their work dedication and performances. Be sure that your ex-employees will appreciate that very much. And they will also be ready to help you with office packing.

In case you don’t know other managers in the vicinity, make the Recommendation Letter for each employee staying at the old location. And offer them to state you as a referee in their job applications. Also, let them know that they are welcome in the new corporate office if they change their mind.

Include your employees in preparing the plan for a corporate move

As a businessperson, you know very well how strategic planning is important. So, apply your knowledge on corporate moving. The best would be to make a moving plan even months in advance. That will give you the option to plan the move out of peak season. That way, you may achieve considerable savings on the moving costs. The other benefit is that you can divide the corporate moving plan into segments. That way, you will be able to make the short and long-term tasks. Also, make sure that you have the floor plan for the present and future offices. The floor plans will show you the size of both offices. Also, it will further help you to decide on a workspace for each employee.

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You can assign some online duties to employees.

When preparing your employees for a corporate move, ask for their help

As for any other move, you will have to declutter and pack. So, this is where your employees can help a lot. Every corporate office has a lot of printed documents divided into folders by subject, and by year. Such documents are:

  • Important company documents (incorporation documents, registration documents, etc.)
  • Various agreements
  • Insurance records
  • Employees records and contracts
  • Laws and by-laws
  • Book of rules

This is just a part of the documents that offices have. So, give a task to each employee to check the papers they are in charge of. They will best know which papers are outdated and can be shredded. They will also reorganize folders. So, you will have all documents well organized and labeled. All you will have to do is to put them on shelves after the corporate move.

Besides the documentation, ask your employees to help you with other aspects of corporate move

Some of your employees will not be needed in the office during decluttering and packing. But there are so many other things they can help with. They can complete a lot of jobs remotely. Some of those from the Human Resources Department can organize online interviews with new candidates. They will also have to check the employment regulations of a new state.

The employees from some other departments can help with other aspects of the corporate move:

  • Inform your customers about the move
  • Check with delivery organizations if they can continue the cooperation
  • Make the search and contact possible new suppliers
  • Set the utility supplies and bills
  • Change the corporate address
  • Make sure the address and another date on bank accounts are changed properly
  • Make a campaign in various media to announce the presence of the company in a new place
Hands holding wine glasses and toasting.
Before the corporate office move, organize the farewell party.

There are various ways how your corporate employees can help you during the move period. And how they can stay productive. As a manager, you will know how to assign duties for packing and for online duties.

Ask your IT employees to prepare and pack the IT and electronics of the corporate office

Properly packing the IT equipment is as important as packing essential corporate documents. And your IT technicians will know how to do it in the best possible ways. First, they will make backups of all corporate electronics data. After that, they will unplug all electronics at least 24 hours before packing. And, as the know-how, you can be sure they will pack everything properly. So, this way, all your electronics will reach your new place without damage. And once the IT technicians reinstall them in your new corporate office, they will work properly.

Organize a farewell party before the corporate move

As you prepare your employees for a corporate move successfully, you can relax. However, before the corporate office move, organize the farewell party. Invite all your employees, including those staying behind.  Also, invite your business partners. That would be a nice way to thank everyone.

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