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How to prepare your kids for a move to Monterey CA?

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Kids tend not to accept changes because they love what they have and how things are with all their little hearts. Therefore, it is your job to prepare your kids for a move to Monterey CA mentally and by packing. We will help you do so easily. Besides this, it is also our job to help you prepare, and doing so includes reminding you to hire Mod movers to help you with the move.

How to explain a move to Monterey CA to your kids

Kids may be kids, but they are smarter than anyone thinks, and lying to them is not a good idea. Sooner or later the truth will come out. You do not want to be portrayed as the parent who lies. Therefore, honesty is the best policy, always was, and always will be. Before anything else, your kids should know why you are moving. Whether it is because mom or dad got a new job or a better house, whatever the reason is. This explanation can go either way, it depends on how old your children are. If they are teenagers, they will probably understand better but will have a harder time accepting it. Toddlers and younger children can have tantrums or cry but will adapt faster.

Child crying-move to Monterey CA
Younger kids and toddlers can take a move to Monterey CA very hard.

How to prepare your kids mentally for the move

We will divide the children into two groups, the toddlers and younger children, and the teenagers. Since there is an age difference there should also be a difference in the conversation you have with your children depending on that age.

Toddlers and younger kids

These lovely little beings can get really emotional when you mention that you have to move. You must understand them and explain that just because they are moving does not mean that it is the end of the world. They will be scared because they will be further away from their grandparents, friends and the neighborhood they grew up in. Everything will be different and that is a big change for them. Explain that they will still see or hear from their friends and that their grandparents will come to visit all of the time. Tell them that they will also meet new friends and go to a wonderful new school. They should know how great the new neighborhood will be, that there will be a lot of parks they can play in and much more. Try to make this exciting for them.


Teenagers can either be complicated or very easy to deal with in these situations. Once you tell them that you are moving and explain why, they can react just fine, without any problems or they can make your life a living hell in the next few days or weeks. If they take it badly and get angry, let them be for a while. Teenagers need space to calm themselves, hormones often get the best of them. once they calm down, try to reason with them but in a loving way. You should, very delicately, explain that this is something that simply needs to be done. That you need support from them because you are also taking this badly. If they feel like they are grownups and are responsible enough to take control, you will be surprised how well they can behave.

Mom and teenager
Give them a break, talk to them, and ask them for help, they will feel needed!

How to prepare your kids physically for a move to Monterey CA

By physically we mean packing. Of course, you will help your kids pack. Nevertheless, if they are a little older, maybe you should let them handle most of the packing. This will give them a feeling of responsibility because they need to help their parent.

Packing toddlers and younger kids

Packing younger kids is more or less easy, the difficult part is keeping them occupied and calm while you do it. Most people will let their kids watch cartoons or play games but we think that is not the best option. Instead of letting them watch TV, you should include them in the packing process, so to speak. You can tell them to take all the stuffed toys and put them in one corner. Anything really, kids like to be little helpers. It keeps them away from trouble. Packing younger children is easy and fast, it can be done by a list of steps:

  1. First, put away anything you do not want to move to Monterey CA.
  2. Start with all the things that are not going to be needed and used.
  3. Divide toys by material, stuffed in one box, plastic cars in the other, and similar.
  4. Clothes are small so you will not need much space no matter how many clothes the kid has.
  5. If the child is really young, make sure you have extra clothes with you in case of, well, anything, we are talking about kids.
  6. All possible medication should be kept in one bag and with you all of the time.
  7. Pack a bag of things the child might need during the move.
  8. Call the best moving company to help you and on time so you do not forget because you were busy.
Kid packing
Kids like to help and you should include them in everything you do!

Packing teenagers for a move to Monterey CA

Teenagers are old enough to pack themselves but they still need your help. They can easily forget something or organize poorly. Trust them but keep an eye on the situation. This is the perfect opportunity to help your teenager put aside all the things he or she has outgrown but does not want to let go of. You can hire Monterey moving services to provide storage services so your teenager can put stuff away but still know it is there and not thrown out. The best way to help your teenager pack is to do the following:

  1. Ask them if they need help first.
  2. Give them a small piece of advice you think is necessary.
  3. Do not touch anything that seems private, this can embarrass them.
  4. Make it all seem like you are doing everything together and making new memories.
  5. Put on some music they like to make this fun and interesting for them.
  6. Mark the boxes with their belongings with their name so no one else but them can open the boxes.
  7. Keep an eye on everything they do but discretely.
  8. Compliment them on a work well done.
  9. Talk about the memories you have made in your home, this will get them sentimental and knock their guard down.

You have officially prepared your kids for a move

We think we told you everything you need to know about mentally preparing and actually packing your kids, younger and older. We did not tell you how to fold the clothes because you know that but we have given you some support and advice. It is our hope that your kids end up liking the new home and accepting the situation. You are ready to move to Monterey CA. After all, new memories are on the way! We wish you good luck!

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