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How to prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver

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Moving is always stressful, not only for humans but also for animals. Living in one place gives your pet security and a sense of ownership over that territory. Moving can make it feel lost for a while. Also, when you move 2000km away from its original habitat in San Francisco, and it changes the climate. Denver has lots of snowy days and temperatures that drop to -10°F in the winter. Also in the summer months, the temperature can reach up to 105°F, while San Francisco is more moderate, up to 77°F. That is why it is important to know how to prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver. With the help of experts from moving companies in California, you will find out what is important to prepare for this long-distance move.

Prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver so there are no surprises

Since you’re moving from California to Colorado, which is treated as an interstate move, you need to be aware of possible different regulations. It happens that moving between countries requires certain licenses, documents, and regulations on the transportation of pets. That is why it is most important to ask about everything in time so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

cat in box, prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver
Some pets travel all the time, while others have to prepare for relocation. In addition to the legal regulations for interstate moving, the pet also needs emotional preparations.

Learn all about Colorado law on entering the country with a pet

According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the VS Form 7001 is NOT accepted as a CVI for interstate travel to Colorado for any small animals. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) must be issued by an official veterinarian 30 days before entering the country of Colorado. That report should include confirmation that the pet has not been exposed to rabies. Also, all pets older than 3 months must have a document on vaccination against this disease. Dogs imported into PACFA-licensed facilities have different regulations. Their CVI must not exceed 10 days from entering the country.

The state of Colorado does not have an official leash law, but some cities and counties do. Therefore, inform yourself before arriving at your new home, so that there are no problems. Gather all your pet records and head to Denver with your documentation ready.

The pet must have identification

Identification of the pet is of great importance as a preparation for moving from San Francisco to Denver. It happens that people lose a pet during a move, and thanks to modern technology we can prevent it. Here’s how you can make an ID for your pet:

  • ID Tag. The most common and cheapest way to identify your pet is to put a collar on it with a metal or plastic tag with its name and your phone number on it.
  • Tattoo. It involves tattooing a unique number on the pet, which is submitted to the National Dog Registry and contains all the information about the pet and the owner.
  • Microchipping. According to the Humane Society, microchips are defined as “a small transponder the size of a grain of rice that uses radio waves to transmit information about your pet.”
Dog collar with blue letter B
When moving interstate, the pet must have identification. There are several ways to do this.

Crate training before moving day

Another important thing when preparing a pet for relocation is training to enter and stay in the crate. Some owners put their pet in the crate for the first time on the day of the move and then it happens that he doesn’t want to go in or he doesn’t like the stay. As we said, moving is a very stressful experience for a pet. Do not add to the inconvenience. Therefore, start on time with the training of entering and staying in the crate. This will make his journey easier because it will feel safe in a place that is familiar to him.

Ask about additional vaccinations

It would be a good idea to find a new vet in Denver before the move and ask about everything that would be important for the pet. At the same time, emphasize the need for special vaccines, as well as help with adaptation to the new environment. A vet will certainly help you understand the pet’s psyche in these stressful moments.

Your pet also requires packing

Prepare easily accessible luggage or a box of belongings from your pet. There should be enough food for a couple of days after arrival in the new home, a bed for the pet, and toys as well as tools for pet care. At Mod Movers California, you can pick up high-quality packing supplies to get everything safely to your new home. Also, leave some food for the trip as well as your pet’s favorite toy. If you arrive in Denver in the winter, it is of great importance to prepare protective clothing for your pet. As we said, there is a difference in climate between California and Colorado. You don’t want your pet to feel uncomfortable after arriving in a snow-covered city. He will need adaptation, just like you.

Small dog in brown bag
Don’t forget that the pet should also be packed. Keep his bag always close at hand.

Do not bathe your pet before going to a new home

Although many people want to prepare their pets as well as themselves for the trip, bathing the pet will not be good. According to the veterinarian’s advice, taking the smell of the old house to a new home will help it adapt to the new environment.

Prepare a travel bag for the pet

The travel bag should have food and water, but also the pet’s favorite toy. Also, prepare a few extra towels and bedding. The food you bring for the trip should be light, especially if the pet is not used to traveling and may have a sensitive stomach. Also, ensure sufficient ventilation during travel.

Arrange the travel method that suits the pet

Some pets are used to traveling while others spend more time in your home. Accordingly, you will determine the way of travel. If a dog or cat is part of your multi-hour cross-country trips by car, they probably won’t even notice they’re moving. For the trip, you should leave the crate that the pet is used to. You should also stop often enough so that the pet has its time outside.

However, if the pet is not used to it and you think it will be scared during this 2000 km long journey, it is better to organize a flight by plane. In that case, you must ask the airline about the conditions for transporting pets. Some airlines are not pet-friendly. If you think a shorter trip will be better for your pet, choose a direct flight. If the pet is in the cargo, choose airlines that have satisfactory temperature regulations. According to the advice of the veterinarian, it is good to put some part of your wardrobe in the crate with the pet. The familiar scent will make him feel relaxed during the trip.

Big dog in the front sit looking through the window
Whether your pet is traveling by car or plane, it’s important to ask about all traffic rules and follow safety precautions

Prepare a place for a break before the trip

It is best to research the travel route and determine in advance where it will be good for the pet to take a break. Find pet-friendly places, pet parks, and off-leash places. This will improve their mood from the trip and make them tired, and they will spend most of the trip sleeping. Along the way, you will find five friendly restaurants where you can rest together. Also, you can stop at beautiful landscapes and enjoy the view.

Choosing a moving company is a big part of preparing your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver

When choosing a moving company, you need to be careful about both your needs and your pet’s needs. The company you plan to hire among a large number of California intrastate movers must have experience with moving the pet. Movers must be conscientious people who understand your closeness to your pet. So, ask around among friends and by reading reviews about the moving company. You need good support in this endeavor, someone to help you during this stressful time for the pet.

Protect your pet on moving day

Moving day is probably the most difficult day of the entire process of preparing to move until arriving at your new home. On that day, everyone is tense, adults, children, and pets. A large number of unknown people who will have to move around the house can cause nervousness in the pet. And you want him calm for the upcoming many-hour journey.

Prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver by keeping them away from the crowds on a moving day

The best way to prepare your pet for a long distance move is to keep it calm until departure. On the day of the move, the movers will move around the house and the transfer of things to the truck will make noise. It will inevitably affect your pet. That’s why it’s best to take him away from the scene of the action. If you have relatives or friends nearby whose presence your pet is used to, let him relax there for a few hours before the trip. If you don’t have a place or you don’t want to separate him from you, find him a corner where the confusion of the moving day is least felt. Don’t forget to visit him, feed him and walk him out at the usual time.

Less involvement in moving means more time for your pet

The most important thing is to finish everything in the shortest possible time so that the pet does not feel your absence. That is why the presence of an effective moving company is of great importance. It is also desirable to arrange junk removal services in California. This way, you will remove another obligation before the move and have more time for your little friend. For him, the most important thing is not to feel neglected. Give him your attention whenever you can.

Be more dedicated to the pet in the first few days after the move

Animal experts advise bringing the pet to the new home a few days after you move in. This will allow you to finish the unpacking work and then dedicate yourself to the pet and work together on its adaptation. However, in the case when you are more than 2000 km away from your new home, this is often impossible. Even though you have a lot of responsibilities to organize your new home, you must not neglect your pet. You have to stick to a schedule. A big change in the environment is enough for a pet. He does not need changes daily. Don’t forget to pet the dog, play with it and walk it. Keep him on a leash until he’s familiar with his surroundings but let him explore.

Man and woman with dog in man's hands walking through wood on snowy day
After arriving in a new home, the most important thing is to stick to the daily routine and pay a lot of attention to the pet. This will make it easier for them to accept the new environment

How to prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver if it is a guinea pig

If you have a guinea pig as a pet and you are moving it by car, you must prepare enough food for the trip. Guinea pigs need a constant source of food, so leave fresh salad leaves, carrots, and cabbage in the box in which you transport them. It is important to have water for your pet during the trip, but do not leave it in the carrier. It could spill on the way and make the guinea pig wet and cold. Keep the temperature in the car between 68 and 75 F. Secure the carrier and do not remove the pet during a break on the road. If you are traveling by plane, ask if the airline accepts guinea pigs in the cabin. An airplane is not the best option for moving this pet due to its sensitivity to temperature changes, especially if it has to be in the cargo.

Relocation from San Francisco to Denver with a bird

Most birds are sensitive and react anxiously to anything unknown. The piles of boxes moving around the house will make her nervous and afraid. It can be disastrous for your pet. That is why it is very important to keep the pet in a quiet place where it does not feel the commotion of moving. A visit to the veterinarian is mandatory, who may prescribe vitamin therapy or a change in diet. If you travel in your car, the bird can stay in its familiar cage.

However, if traveling by plane, you will need a cage specialized for such travel. A few days before the trip, remove all toys from the cage so that the bird gets used to the changes. Choose a direct flight to make the journey shorter. You must have a bird harness with you in case the airport authorities require you to inspect the bird carrier. This means you will have to get your pet out of the carrier.

woman with colorful parrot in her hands
Birds are sensitive to noise and the sudden appearance of objects. Prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver so that it will not be fatal for him

Now you know how to prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver

Just as the preparation and realization of the move is a demanding and stressful process for you, it is a similar experience for your pet. Even when you want to protect him from everything, hiding him in quieter rooms or with friends, the pet feels your nervousness. That is why it is important to know how to prepare your pet for relocation from San Francisco to Denver. If you decide on long distance movers California, you will have great support and reliance on experts who will move your house. If you are relaxed your pet will be calmer and it will be easier for both of you to bear the relocation.




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