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How to prevent being ripped off by a moving company?

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Moving from one address to another is not an easy job, especially if you want to stay on the budget and have an affordable move. This task requires a lot of planning and calculating. Although you are trying so hard to organize your move and be cautious when it comes to moving the budget, something always is in your way. To help you manage your planning and spending your money wisely during your move, our California professional movers will give you a couple of important pieces of advice. So, we will remind you of the mandatory steps you need to take before the big day. Besides, we will highlight what to pay attention to when hiring movers. By reading this short article, you will find out how to prevent being ripped off by a moving company. 

Simple ways to prevent being ripped off by a moving company and save your time

Hiring a moving company that will handle the hardest parts of your move or even the entire moving process is not so easy. That is the claim that applies even if, for instance, you are moving from or to Gilroy and its surroundings. In the wide range of movers on market, you need to find some of the most reliable moving companies in Gilroy. To accomplish this, you should know what are fed flags. So, here are common situations to avoid:

  • regardless of the obstacles, don’t rely on the estimates given over the phone. The on-site estimate is a more reliable way to get an accurate estimate. So, you movers should visit your home, see your belongings and gather information.
  • do not accept estimates given over the phone and stay persistent to get written estimates and insurance information.
  • movers basic insurance is not what only you should rely on. Since it covers only a fraction of the value of your items, make sure to have more insurance options and get full coverage if needed. To adequately insure your items make sure to contact homeowner’s insurance.
Learn to prevent being ripped off by a moving company.
Take time to check important details and prevent being ripped off by a moving company.

Other important aspects that will save you from fraudulent movers

Refuse to hire a company that would not provide a local address. Whether you are hiring long-distance or local movers CA, do not pay cash or a large deposit in advance. Scammers are easy to recognize by asking for large deposits. Make sure to have a detailed inventory that lists all of your items and their condition prior to moving. Once you arrive at the new address check the condition of your items before signing the delivery receipt.

Be careful regardless of the type of your move

Moving your business is equally demanding as moving a large household. So, make sure you are working with trustworthy commercial movers California no matter how urgent your office move is. Apply all mentioned advice. Also, remember to refuse to sign blank or incomplete documents.

Blank document
Be careful a check what you are signing.


Whatever place you are moving from or in the state of California, make sure to cooperate only with verified, licensed and insured movers. Check all signs that may warn you are potentially dealing with scammers. We sincerely hope we helped you prevent being ripped off by a moving company. Also, hope you will have a smooth and trouble-free move!

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