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How to properly thank your Pebble Beach movers?

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If you are planning to move, that means a lot of work. You will have to pack and prepare your belongings to move and relocate all of them. You can do it by yourself or ask your friends to help you. Also, you can hire a reliable moving company to help you with your relocation. If you decide to hire a moving company and you are satisfied with their service you will certainly start to think about the way to properly thank your Pebble Beach movers.

Moving to another city, state or even a few blocks away demands a lot of work, especially if you decide to do it by yourself. You need to do al the preparation. Chose the items you will take with you, pack them and relocate to your new home. To pack all of your items you will be needing a lot of packing supplies. Instead of buying boxes, plastic bins, and duct tape, you should take packing services from a reliable company that will make your packing easier. An experienced moving and packing company will do it faster and easier than you.

thank you note
Make sure you show your movers you are satisfied with their work.

To avoid all that stress of Monterey moving and storage call the professionals and let them do all the work for you. Instead of worrying about that, you can rely on your movers while you are exploring the beautiful beaches.

Assist them during the move and respect their needs

You can always express your gratitude verbally and say ”thank you” to each person or to the entire group. But there are other non-verbal ways. Here are some things that you can do to show your movers that you appreciate their work:

  • Before your movers arrive, you can do a few things to make their work easier. You can remove all the unnecessary items, clear all pathways so they can easily move. Ensure that movers are able to transport your things without anything standing in their way. Keep your pets and children away, too.
  • You can offer them refreshments. This is a great way to show appreciation to your movers. They are going to get thirsty throughout the day so it would be a kind gesture to provide bottled water, tea, or soft drinks to keep them hydrated. This will make them more productive, too.
  • Offer them lunch. Your mover will get tired and hungry at some point, so it would be nice to offer them something to eat.
  • Allow them to use the restroom. Make sure your bathrooms are stocked with hand soap, paper towels, and enough toilet paper.
  • Make sure to be available and on hand to help your movers with any questions. If you can’t be present on a moving day, you should appoint a person who can welcome your movers, show them around, and provide them with food and beverage instead of you.
shaking hands
Let you movers know they did a good job.

Ways to properly thank your Pebble Beach movers

If your movers have arrived on time, acted professionally, treated your possessions with care, did what was necessary to prevent property damage, did their jobs quickly, and efficiently then you should absolutely thank them. Besides respecting their needs and saying thank you, this is what else you can do:

  • Leave a positive review
  • Leave a tip in order to properly thank your Pebble Beach movers
  • Send a thank-you note
  • Contact their employer

Tip your movers

You need to know that you have no obligation to tip your movers. If they didn’t do a good job, if they’ve lost or damaged your inventory, you should not absolutely tip them. But if you are satisfied with all the work, if they have made your relocation day easy and without stress, then you should show them you are grateful for that and tip them properly. Give each worker their tip. It shows that you recognize and appreciate their individual efforts.

money counting
Tip your movers to let them know they did a great job.

Now, you just need to figure out how much you should tip them. You should take into consideration all the work, how difficult was your relocation. Did you have a lot of massive furniture, if you had some items that demanded some special treatment? If they were helpful and professional, make sure to award them. You don’t have to spend the fortune to tip them but it is a good way to express your gratitude.

Send a thank-you note

A handwritten thank-you note is maybe the best way to show that you care and that you see how much your Pebble Beach movers have helped you. Shown gratitude is sometimes the best reward.

Contact their employer to properly thank your Pebble Beach movers

If your mover did a good job, with relocating, packing and unpacking so you could immediately enjoy in your new home you should absolutely call their boss to inform him that they did such a good job. The movers will appreciate that and their employer will have a confirmation that they have hired the right people for that work.

Leave a positive review

The final way to let your movers know that you are satisfied with the provided service is to write a review on their company’s website. In that way, they will get some new customers and become even more experienced in case you need them again. It is a nice way to praise them for the hard work they completed while moving your home. 

As already said, packing and relocating is not an easy work. It demands planning and a lot of preparation. Making lists of inventory, of the packing supplies, driving from one point to another. All that work is very exhausting. So the best way to help yourself is to hire a moving company that will help you have a smooth relocation. If they did a good job do not forget to properly thank your Pebble Beach movers. They will be glad to help you in case your new relocation.

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