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How to protect floors on moving day?

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Whether you are moving to a new job opportunity or starting a new life with your family, it’s stressful. Afterward, come the joy and excitement. It can be quite challenging to organize everything. Especially if you want to protect floors on moving day. No matter if you move to another city, state, or even a couple blocks away. You can check moving companies in California in order for a safe relocation.  How you should protect floors on moving day? Here are some tips and tricks on it.

First of all, you have to pack your belongings. You should make a checklist of items you have. This will give you a great overview of your belongings. And that way you can sort them out. What should you bring with you to your new home? Also, this is a great way to get rid of the old things that are using additional space in your closet for probably years. You can sell them on the internet,  donate to a charity organization. You can even recycle them or store them. There are storage services that can help you with that.

living room
Protecting your floors on a moving day is very important.

Next, you have to find a reliable moving company. If you don’t want to do it on your own of course. Find a company that will suit your needs and budget. Insurance is crucial when choosing a moving company. In case of damage or loss of your belongings, your money will be reimbursed. You should check the seaside moving company which will provide you great service. And that way you’ll be safe and secured.

Why is it important to protect floors on moving day

If you damage the floors when for instance moving our of the rented apartment, you won’t get your security deposit back! And on top of that, you will have to pay for the repairs. If you however wish to sell the house, damaged floors will decrease the selling price. And that is why floor damage should be avoided at all costs. No matter if you are moving in our out of the place. Here are some essentials that you should consider in order to protect the floors on a moving day.

  • Doormats – They really do make a difference if you’re having a rainy day. Movers can slip while carrying heavy items or pieces of furniture and damage the floor. You should place them outside each door. It will be a lot easier for the movers and helpers to wipe their feet. Instead taking off the shoes which can be a hassle. Place another matt inside near each door for added protection.
  • Floor runners – Another great way to protect floors on moving day. These coverings are made of neoprene or carpeting. You can position them from each room to the door creating the main path. More runners equal more floor area protection.
  • Furniture sliders protect floors on moving day – This is most definitely the best way to protect your floors when moving furniture. Flat pieces of strong plastic and hard rubbers, which eliminate the friction. Set them under each leg of the furniture. Or end when it comes to couches. Then just push and glide the furniture to the desired place. You might consider pushing runners and cardboard boxes out of the way when using sliders.
  • Carpet masking – Similar to stretch wrap, it provides a reliable layer of protection from dirt. They are easy to install and have non-slip surfaces.
Doormats can be very helpful if you are moving on a rainy day.

Other items that may protect your floors

Shoe covers aka shoe booties are the things that your movers or helpers should wear on a moving day. They will really help you keep water, dust, and dirt out of your carpeted, hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl floors. These items are really cheap and you should consider getting a big pack for your moving day.

Another great idea is to use your old blankets and rugs. Your moving day is perfect to get used to the old blankets and rugs that have been unused for years. They can create a protective pathway through your home. And will also keep the water and dirt out, ensuring that your floor won’t get scratched or scrapes. Also, a great tip, use appropriate fixators to make sure your path of blankets and rugs won’t move or slide.

If your budget can allow it, we recommend plywood sheets as the ultimate protection for your floors on a moving day. They are easy to set up, and when used you won’t have any scratches, dents, or scrapes. After the relocation is completed, you can just easily remove them. And store them for any future moves. Also what people mostly do is using plywood sheets as furniture sliders, which is NOT what you should do! That way you can really scratch your floors, so please don’t do it!

You can use some old blankets or rugs to protect your floors on moving day.

Cardboard boxes may also be useful in the protection of your floor. You probably have some old boxes that are no longer of any use for packing items. Just break them apart and place them on your floor. You can also use them instead of the furniture sliders because they won’t damage your floor. You can also use them for your heavy household items.


Protect floors on moving day can be challenging! It all comes to good preparation and having the proper tools for the move is essential! In case you want to avoid any damages and troubles in the case of the damaged floors. Be sure to have enough movers from the company you chose, especially for the heavy objects and furniture. You will avoid unnecessary stress with all items mentioned above. They can come in handy to ensure that your relocation is smooth and stress-free! Afterward comes the relief, and preparation for your new life in your new home!

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