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How to safely pack liquids for a long-distance move

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Whenever you need to pack liquids for a long-distance move, you will need to be extra careful. Usually, liquids go in glass containers like bottles or jars. So, you will have to make sure that everything goes alright with this one. Otherwise, the liquids might spill onto your items. This is definitely something you do not want. So, what we recommend is that you find one of the finest moving companies in California to help you out. With a good moving company, you will not have to worry at all about your relocation. After all, the moving experts and professionals will take care of your entire relocation for you. Moreover, our team of experts has created an amazing guide just for you. So, you should definitely check it out before you start packing. It will help you out a lot! Let us start!

Things to do before you pack liquids for a long-distance move

Of course, you cannot simply start your relocation by packing all liquids you have. No, this would be utterly wrong. Instead, you should make sure that you have your moving plan ready for your long-distance move. Why is this important? Well, in most cases, your liquids should not stay “in the open”. Even more, they should be in the fridge or storage/cellar before you decide to move them. This is especially true if you are relocating some wine. However, how do you do it properly and right? One of the ways would be to find the best long-distance movers California offers to help you out. They will definitely know what to do about your relocation and they will be able to help you out a lot. Think about this one, it is really important. 

Organize your bottles well

Also, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary containers for the liquids, as well as moving boxes and/or crates. Fortunately for you, you will be able to find all of that on Amazon or eBay. However, why should you purchase the supplies from eBay? It is simple – you will need the best supplies if you want to do this right. If you get bad bottles, or even worse – bad moving boxes, you might ruin your entire relocation by breaking the crates and spilling/breaking all your bottles with liquid. This is the worst that can happen, and you should try to avoid it at all costs. Thus, you should make sure that you find some really amazing containers for your liquids and bottles. You will not be able to complete your move without those.

The packing process

First of all, this depends on your liquids. For instance, did you decant them into special bottles you will use for transport? If not, then you will have to do this first. The best choice here would be to clean the bottles or containers first. You definitely do not want to pour your liquids like wine or brandy into dirty containers, right? So, you should clean them before you decide to decant the bigger containers. Even more, you will also need to calculate how many bottles or containers you will need. The worst that could happen to you would be that you will not be able to move your liquids because you do not have enough bottles. Do not make that mistake. In essence, this is harder than knowing how to pack and prepare office paperwork. So, make sure that you do it right.

Cleaning supplies
Clean your packing containers

Then, after you decant all of your liquids, you should make sure that you pack them properly into boxes or crates. A good idea would be to add additional padding to the boxes/crates. Why is this important? Well, you will definitely have to transport your items, right? During transport, if your bottles move around, they might hit one another and break during the move. This is something you want to avoid at all costs. If several bottles break, others will get looser and looser until they eventually break. So, what you want to do here is to make sure that you are using the right supplies. Use bubble wrap to add extra padding, also some crumpled newspapers and duct tape to seal the boxes. Believe us, you will need to think about this one in more detail.

What else can you do when you need to pack liquids for a long-distance move?

Another thing you can do is rely on the professionals to help you out. Moving experts and professionals are excellent packers as well. They will be able to help you out with this one. Also, they will be able to provide you with some amazing moving supplies Monterey CA offers in case you need them. It is always good to have some really amazing moving items and supplies for your move. Also, moving experts will be able to:

  • Handle your items perfectly. It is the job of moving experts and professionals to help their clients relocate. They will be able to handle your bottles with liquids perfectly and without any mistakes at all. Think about this one before you decide to relocate.
  • Organize everything better. The movers will load/unload their moving trucks full of your goods. So, you will not have to do that at all. Even more, you will definitely have more time to organize the rest of your move while your movers are working. This is definitely a good idea, so make sure that you consider it.
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Contact good professional movers

Is there anything more you should know?

Overall, now you should know how to pack liquids for a long-distance move. All you need to do is make sure that you get the right supplies and clean them before you start your move. Also, you can contact some professional movers to help you out with this one. After all, moving experts and professionals will definitely know how to help you out. In any case, we wish you luck with this!

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