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How to say goodbye to your neighbors before moving

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Did you just decide to move to another home? If you did then you may face many challenges. One thing is for sure- you will make it.  After you finish many tasks and conduct your move you will finally enjoy your dream home. However, your new home may be far away from the current one. For that reason, you will need thorough planning and finding one of the best California professional movers. Beyond all this, there is also the emotional side of relocation where you will need to say goodbye to your neighbors before moving. This can be pretty rough if you have kids or if you have lived in the same home for most of your life. In this case, it means your neighbors have become an extension of your family. It will be so sad to leave them, so let’s see how to make it less painful.

Prepare to say goodbye to your neighbors before moving

Even when we just say relocation, we are all thinking about haste and hurry. Too many tasks related to the move make you feel like you are running out of time. No matter how urgent your move is, you should say goodbye to the neighbors you are close to. Also, some people would rather skip this emotional task and just disappear instead of saying goodbye. But if you avoid saying goodbye to your friends and neighbors, you will probably regret it soon. So, how do make this part of the move less stressful for you and your children? Our Salinas movers will remind you of proper ways to make this a regular part of your moving process. Don’t wait to do this until the moving day comes and choose some of the following ways to do this.

Say goodbye to your neighbors before moving by hosting a dinner
Small gatherings or dinners can be one of the ways to say goodbye to your neighbors before moving.

Send notices to your neighbors

Let your neighbors know that you are moving in time. Probably, most of them are working daily, so don’t wait to meet them passing by. Instead of that send them a notice that you are moving to another home. So, if you are planning any sort of goodbye party or gathering, let your neighbors know that so they can organize their time. We recommend you host a dinner or go out to your favorite restaurant before you start packing. So, notice your neighbors before you hire packing services Monterey since you will not have enough time later. Dinner or party does not have to be anything fancy or big. Also, you don’t have to invite the entire neighborhood over, just a few close neighbors and friends. In case the weather is nice, you can host a small garden party.

Sending a notice
Make sure to notify your friends about your move.

Do something fun to say goodbye to your friends and neighbors

Choose any fun activities to say goodbye to your neighbors before moving. Whether you will opt of seeing a movie together, go bowling, enjoying a wine tasting, or go out to your favorite restaurant, you can have a great time with your favorite people. If you planning to organize a garage sale or packing party, you can get drinks and snacks from your nearby Walmart and turn on music. Give some presents to your neighbors and use this time to talk about precious memories.

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