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How to secure your storage unit

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Many people decide on having a storage space for the first time when they relocate. This is usually because they have a lot of belongings and want to free up space in their home by putting some of it away. If this is your case too, we have some tips and advice on how you should secure your storage unit. This is an often question because people tend to be afraid for the safety of their items but no worries, we have got you covered. You can start by hiring moving companies in Hollister as reliable professionals.

Is it difficult and can you really secure your storage space?

When thinking about safety, there is always only so much you can do. You cannot stand guard in front of the storage like a crazy person. Still, there are things you can do to make sure your stored belongings are as safe as possible. We have a few ideas and options you can choose from or you can use all of them at once. The first move would, of course, be to hire professional help for various services. For example, if you have some valuable art it would be logical to call fine art movers to transfer your art safely to the storage space. This is just an example but we will now further explain what is it that you can do to really secure your storage space the right way.

Chains-secure your storage unit
There is only so much you can do to secure your storage unit. Some things are necessary and some are irrational.

What can you do to secure your storage space?

We will now start with everything that is in your power that you should do. It would be simple, for starters, to make a list and then later further explain each individual step.

  1. Hiring professional storage services The first step is quite logical, you cannot expect your belongings to be safe if you do not hire professional storage services. This is for people who rent their storage from someone or some company and do not own one. If you do rent yours, this is pretty much the only thing you can do. A good company that provides storage services will have everything there is when it comes to safety and protecting its customers’ belongings. Choose a good storage service and not borrow your key to anyone.
  2. Having the best possible lock there is- Also logical, it can be a little expensive but you know what you are paying for.
  3. Do not give the key to anyone- It does not matter how much you trust someone, you should never give anyone access to your storage space.
  4. Choose what you keep in storage- Besides the fact that you will secure your storage space, you should still watch out. You do not have to keep the most valuable possessions in there.
  5. Keep an inventory- Always keep a list of things you have in your storage and try to keep them all well organized, not just stacked and thrown in every corner without any order.
Digital surveillance
Digital surveillance and more safety measure can be the answer to your situation.

Locks, digital surveillance and safety

If you really want to secure your storage unit then having the best lock that currently exists on the market is the first step. The second is to install quality digital surveillance. We do not have to explain why this is important, right? Most people already have some kind of surveillance around their house so getting one for the storage that we suppose is on your property, will not be a problem. Do not save money on stuff like this. If you really want to keep your storage safe then you should do everything you can and this is it. Another piece of advice we have for you is to not lend anyone the key or access code, as we have already mentioned. No one besides you and perhaps your family should have access to your storage unit. It does not matter whether you trust someone or not, watch out just in case.

Keeping an inventory and choosing what you have in storage

Even if you do have all possible safety measures available, you should still keep only certain items in storage. For example, moving furniture into storage is acceptable. A lot of people have items they either currently do not want to use or do not want at all but are emotionally attached to them so they keep them in storage. What is not a good choice, is keeping very valuable things in there. Things like jewelry or something perhaps that is not replaceable in any way. A stolen chair and a stolen diamond ring are not the same. This brings us to another topic which is keeping inventory. You should always know what you have in your storage unit. For this to be done right, you must make a list of things you are going to store and organize them properly inside of the storage. You do not want your items just thrown inside without any order or logic.

Keeping a list of items you have in your storage unit is very important. You can easily forget since you probably will not enter that storage every day.

You know how to secure your storage unit

As we have mentioned, there is only so much you can do to secure your storage unit. We believe we have mentioned pretty much everything there is. If you, by any chance, have some other safety ideas, by all means, use them. There is no such thing as too much safety when it comes to protecting your property. We hope that this was helpful and useful information and that you will have no problems whatsoever. Having a security system for your storage unit is a great thing and it is a precautionary measure many people chose to obey. We hope that you are one of them and we wish you good luck!

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