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How to set up a home office after the move?

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Working from home is the advantage that the modern way of living brought us. Somebody could think that working from home means sitting in the backyard and drinking a cocktail or sitting on the couch, or even in your bed. At the beginning that can be true, but after a while, you will figure out that you are more productive in the atmosphere that reminds you of your office. When you are working from home, you have a lot of freedom. You can place it wherever you want and decorate like you always wanted. Whenever you move, you can have a different kind of office. If you don’t know where to start and how to set up a home office after the move, here are some tips and tricks to help you.

Before the set up of your office, you should think about how to pack all the items safely and move them so you can use them again and. If you don’t have the time or appropriate tools to pack and move your home office you can always ask your movers for packing services and let them handle the work. 

women at the office table
Find the right spot to set up your home office.

After packing your items comes the relocation of them. You surely don’t have time to drive from and to your new home all day to move everything. And you don’t need to bother your friends with that. Simply hire the best moving companies in California to make your moving smooth and without stress.

Imagine your office

As already said, working from home gives you a lot of freedom to locate, arrange, and adjust your working space to your needs. First thing is to make a detailed list of your needs to create for yourself a proper workstation. Here are some things you should think about:

  • finding a spot for your office
  • get proper furniture
  • set up desk
  • manage your cables
  • windows and lightening
  • home office design to set up a home office after the move

Find a spot for your home office

Important thing is to find the right spot for your home office. For some of the lucky ones, it is very easy. They have a lot of space or an empty room that can be used as an office. Ideally, your office should be in a quiet, separate area that allows you privacy. But we are not all that lucky. So, in order to make yourself a home office, you can use a part of the kitchen, living room, or even your bedroom.

To add some privacy, you should consider a privacy divider. You can use the dividers that sit on the floor. Or, you can simply hang a curtain. If you decide to use a curtain, you should choose something subtle that can easily blend in with the rest of the space. In case you are sharing your home office with someone, you should consider that when you are choosing your working space. You should have enough space for you and your partner.

Prioritize your comfort

A key part of your home office is to ensure that you invest in proper furniture and equipment. Investing in your office furniture is an investment in yourself.  The most important things are a suitable office chair and a desk. When choosing your furniture, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. Make sure you consider quality when buying the furniture. If you are spending 40 hours a week in your home office then you should absolutely invest in your furniture.

laptop, flowers, agenda
Add some small decoration to your home office desk to make your working space pleasant.

A cheap desk or a chair won’t save you any money in the long term if you have to replace it in a year or two. Sitting at a desk for long hours without proper support for your back is a fast way to posture problems. Ergonomic office chairs offer the correct support when you’re sitting for long hours. It is preferable for the office chairs to be height adjustable and to have a 360-degree swivel base.

An important aspect of any office is access to the window and the sunlight. So set up your home office in the way that you have plenty of light. Daylight can help to improve productivity and that is what you need in your home office. Exposure to the window, actually, to the daylight can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. 

Equipment and supplies to set up home office after the move

Depending on the type of work you should choose the appropriate equipment. Desk with specific dimensions, dual monitors, printer, or scanner. Also, you cannot imagine your everyday activities without the internet, so having wi-fi in your home office is a must. When setting up your home office it is important to think about protecting important documents. So, it would be good to invest in lockable file and storage cabinets.

office table with computer
Adjust the office equipment to your needs.

If you have enough space you can add some shelves or bookcases. In that way, it will be easy to sort your documents. In case you have a lot of cables then it would be good to invest in some cable management system. Besides all of that equipment, you should have some office supplies such are house files, papers, stationery, sticky notes, a lot of pencils. Next to your desk, you can place a trash can, so you don’t have to stand up when you want to throw some papers for example.

Design your home office

The last thing is to add some details that make your working space ideal. You can add some plants, mini-fridge or a coffee machine, maybe some pictures too or a few small desk decorations.

Set up a home office after the move

When you need to set up a home office after the move it is not easy. It demands a bit of work and organization. You need to balance the needs of your home and your work while making room for a space that’s in professional purpose. 

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