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How to set up your home office for optimal productivity

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If you have decided to move your office to your home, you must be excited. You will have the opportunity to create an office that suits your taste, needs, and budget. Working from home can be wonderful but you need to take some steps to get the office you wanted. Here are some tips to help you to set up your home office for optimal productivity.

Home office

So, you have decided to create an office in your home. To relocate your office you will be needing some of the best moving companies in California. There are a lot of valuable items so be careful when choosing a moving company. You need to find experienced movers to conduct your office relocation.

home office
When you work from home you can be easily distracted so find a place where you can work in calm.

There are a lot of wires, documents, office inventory that need to be taken care of. Contact some of the commercial movers California residents recommend for relocating the office. They will be able to help you detach all the wires, disassemble some of the inventory, and safely relocate them to your home.

If you are not taking all of the inventory with you, it is probably best to store them. Check if the storage unit is well-secured and maintained. You can also ask for insurance, to protect your inventory. When this is done and the items are relocated, you can start with setting up your home office. You should think about some of these aspects when setting the office in your home:

  • find a perfect place to set up your home office for optimal productivity
  • lightning
  • choose wisely the desk and the chair
  • organization of your table

Find a perfect place to set up your home office for optimal productivity

Finding the right place is very important. If you do not have an empty room in your home that can be used as your office then you can make some part of your home into your working place. It can be your living room, dining room, or your bedroom. You should find your corner that will work the best for you. It would be good that is separated so you are not distracted by TV, or some guests in your house while you need to work. You can use a shelf, fill it with books, and separate your home office from the rest of the room. You should separate your working space so when you work you work and when you are eating or relaxing you have a separate space for that. When you have finished with this you can continue with preparing your office.

home office
It would be good to place your desk next to the window so you can have natural light.

Find the desk that suits you the best. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to find a desk with some drawers so you can place there some documents and important papers. You will be spending a lot of time sitting and working so make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Find a chair that will be comfortable but not too much, you do not want to fall asleep at your desk. It would be good that your desk is near to the power outlet so you can plug in your computer, or laptop, a charger and a lamp too. Find a way to gather the cables and wires so you do not stack and fall when walking around the table.


Lightning is also important for your productivity. It would be good, if it is possible, to place your office desk next to the window. It is much better to have natural light in your working space. As well as your morning coffee this will help wake you up in the morning. If you do not have a possibility to do that, then you can place a floor lamp near your desk or have a table lamp.

Decoration to set up your home office for optimal productivity

When you have done with all technical things like chair, desk, etc you can start decorating your working space to make it comfortable and motivating. You can add some motivating details like quotes on the wall. Also, you can put some framed photos on your desk. You can add some plants on the table or the floor, depending on your free space. If you want to feel relaxed you can add some candles, especially the scented ones. It will make a comfortable atmosphere. Put the trash nearby so you don’t need to stand up every time you want to throw something.

office desk
Organize your office desk so it can just improve your productivity.

What can help is a good organization of your desk. You need to make a plan and make a list of items that absolutely must be on your table. So, you can choose the right size. You can make it colorful by adding some sticky notes, agendas, colorful pens. You can add a calendar to your desk. Yes you have it on your phone but watching at your phone sometimes will distract you from work. So, add a calendar. Think of all the things you will be needing.

Your dream office

If you are lucky enough to have an empty room that you can make into your office, you can be creative and add a lot of things inside. You will have the possibility to place a desk next to the window. You will have enough space to place shelves, some additional chairs, copy machines. It will bring you a lot of options for decoration. Also, you can place somewhere a coffee machine too. You can add different plants, paintings and a lot of small decorations. So your working space will be also the place where you enjoy spending your time.

Here you can see some of the tips to set up your home office for optimal productivity. But you should adjust your working space to your needs and your taste.

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