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How to spend the first week after moving from California to Oregon

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Moving from California to Oregon is a really long and probably a very stressful move. After the whole moving preparation and searching for moving companies is behind you, you can finally take a breath. moving takes a toll on everyone, no matter if the move is local or long-distance. Now that you relocated, you can slowly begin thinking about other things.  But still, you are new to California, and a little bit clueless on where to go and what to do. Don’t worry, everybody who moved went through this. therefore, check out some of the following suggestions on how to spend the first week after moving from California to Oregon.

After moving from California to Oregon

Once you are done with your moving activities, like searching for moving companies California to Oregon, you can finally relax and start your new adventure. Sure, there are still some moving activities left to do when you move to your new home. For instance, unpacking is one of those activities. But some of the activities after moving from California to Oregon can be really fun.

A picture from above of a group of people making a toast over a dinner table.
Throwing a housewarming party is a great way to meet your neighbors after moving from Oregon to California.

Some of those can be:

  1. Unpack and organize your belongings
  2. Meeting your new neighbors
  3. Exploring the new city
  4. Creating a new daily routine
  5. Set your affairs in order

Unpacking after moving from California to Oregon

One of the fewer fun tasks left for you to do when moving from California to Oregon is to unpack. Once you arrive at your new place, have a little break, and then start unpacking. You might be tempted to unpack only the essentials and leave the rest for later, but it is better not to. Prolonging packing will only make it harder for you to get it over with. 

Check your belongings for any sign of damage while you unpack. By doing this as soon as you unloaded your boxes, you will be able to notify your insurance company. Also, by unpacking on time, you may find that some 0f your belongings don’t have a place at your new home. In this case, you will need to start looking for storage services in time. Having a storage unit can come in handy in the long run also. You will be able to take your time and think about what you want to do with unnecessary items from your household.

So, start unpacking as soon as you can. If it came to hiring a storage service, you may also want to look into affordable furniture movers California for any extra furniture that doesn’t fit into your home.

Meeting your neighbors after moving from California to Oregon

Metting new people is one of the perks when moving from California to Oregon. There are several ways of introducing yourself to the neighbors. One of the most successful would be throwing a housewarming party. Leave notes to your neighbors inviting them to join your party.

Being a part of the community is really important. Having familiar people close by can improve your social life and help you in a lot of ways. For instance, it can be really helpful having someone to water your plants or feed your pet when you go to travel somewhere.

A city skyline during a sunset.
Exploring and getting to know your neighborhood is a good way to set your new daily routine.

If throwing a party is not your style, try introducing yourself to your neighbors when you see them in the hallway or on the street. Say that you are new to the city and like them for their recommendations. For example, you can ask them about their favorite restaurants, grocery shops, gym, or other amenities.

Explore the city and your neighborhood

California is a great state to live in, with a lot of fun activities to offer. Check out online recommendations and popular places to visit. Using this time after moving from California to Oregon is perfect to experience new things. After all, they will be new only for some time. For sure you will find something that will suit your need and requirements.

Move around in your neighborhood. Check out all the local businesses and get familiar with locals. Visit restaurants and try different cuisines. After all, you need to find new favorite restaurants, see which of them have delivery, find a gym or a par for your morning runs near your home. Also, don’t forget to learn what natural wonders are near the city for those days you want a little escape from urban energy.

Exploring the new city after moving from California to Oregon is also very helpful for creating your new daily routine. Once you familiarize yourself with the neighborhood you will catch one pretty quickly. Learning the way the time schedule for public transportation and working hours of different amenities will mean a lot for figuring out your daily routine.

Setting your affairs in order

After moving from California to Oregon you need to make sure you set your affairs in order. Moving to a new state brings a lot of work with it, along with dealing in utility and service changes. Therefore, make sure you look into sorting out your utility services, as well as any other tasks you may need to do. Changing your address of residence is one of them. Check out the laws and codes specific to the State of California to avoid getting into any trouble.

A stack of files on a table.
It is very important to settle your affairs in order once you move from Oregon to California.

Moving from California to Oregon is a big change that comes with some difficulties as well as perks and a sense of adventure. Adjusting to the new surrounding is never easy, so make sure you are not hard on yourself. Remember to take it easy since every change takes time to settle in. Especially big ones as long distance moving. With a positive attitude and a little bit of will, you will adjust in no time. Meanwhile, you can check all the perks the state of California has to offer, and start exploring.

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