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How to spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey

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Monterey is a place of beauty and opportunities, and exploring it is nothing but fun. After you get the help of Northern California moving company you trust, you can analyze what could be a great way to spend some time there. With our advice on how to spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey, we’re sure you’ll cover the area and get to know what you’re able to enjoy. Whether you’re just visiting or moving here, let’s get over some places that you should see.

The first day and how to spend it

After you arrive in Monterey, it’s necessary to explore it. Thankfully, the whole area will offer you things to explore. When you get the job done with the help of Monterey movers, you want to enjoy the treats of the area. Check out our suggestions on what to do on the first day of your stay or after your relocation.

A lighthouse during night
Make the best of your first day

Enjoying the ocean is a perfect way to start your morning

Start your visit to Monterey with a morning trip to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. There’s no better way to start your journey in the city after the local movers Monterey residents trust help you relocate. It’s best to go early to avoid the crowds and enjoy seeing the sea life, like beautiful jellyfish, playful otters, and a big kelp forest that looks like an underwater jungle. This place is special because it teaches us how important it is to take care of the ocean and its creatures. You can see lots of different fish and animals that live in the sea, and learn about how the aquarium helps protect them. Visiting this aquarium is not just fun, as it also shows us how we can help keep the ocean safe and healthy for all its animals.

Check out Cannery Row when you want to spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey

After you visit the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium, enjoy a relaxed lunch at a restaurant by the water on Cannery Row. Here, you can eat delicious seafood, including fish or soup, and look at the beautiful bay. Cannery Row used to be a place where heaps of sardines were packed into cans, and this history was written about by a famous author, John Steinbeck. After eating, take a walk along Cannery Row. You’ll see shops where you can buy things to remember your visit and places that tell the story of the old sardine factories. This area has changed from a busy workplace to a nice spot for visitors to learn and have fun. Cannery Row is a great place to see the mix of old stories and new things to do, making your trip to Monterey even more special.

Finish the day with beautiful food and scenery

Finish your day after moving to Monterey California with a beautiful drive or walk along the famous 17-Mile Drive. This road goes through a forest and along the coast, offering views of the ocean and lovely nature. Make sure to stop at the Lone Cypress Tree and Pebble Beach to see the sunset over the sea. On top of that, these spots are perfect for taking pictures. When you’re finished taking in the views, head to Pacific Grove for dinner. This nearby town has many great restaurants with different kinds of food, from local dishes made with fresh ingredients to food from around the world. Eating in Pacific Grove is a nice way to try something new and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. This combination of seeing beautiful places and tasting delicious food will make your day in Monterey special and unforgettable.

A chef making a dish so you can spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey
Explore the amazing food of the Monterey area

The second day in Monterey

When you have such a great day, how could you even have a better one? Thankfully, we have more advice on how to spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey. From enjoying the beautiful outdoors to places to relax, there’s a lot to see in the area. Here are some places that could be useful when planning our second day.

Start your day with an outdoor adventure

Start your second day in Monterey with an exciting hike or bike ride on the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail. This path offers beautiful views of the ocean and fresh air. You’ll see beaches and maybe even some wildlife like sea otters and seals. If you’re looking for more adventure, try kayaking or paddle boarding in Monterey Bay. This is a fun way to get close to sea animals and see the coast from the water. You might see fish, seals, and sometimes dolphins while paddling. Both walking and biking are easy ways to explore, and kayaking or paddle boarding is great for beginners, too. You can rent equipment from nearby shops and learn how to use it properly. These activities are a perfect way to enjoy Monterey’s nature and have a fun morning.

Immerse yourself in Monterey

After enjoying the morning in Monterey, go to Old Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch. This place is famous for its delicious clam chowder and seafood. Enjoy your meal with beautiful views of the sea and listen to the sounds of the harbor. Next, visit the Carmel Mission to learn about California’s early days and see beautiful old buildings from Spanish times. This place has a peaceful garden and an interesting history to discover. Besides these, you should take the time to visit other great spots in the upcoming days, including:

  • Monterey State Historic Park – See old houses and learn about Monterey’s past
  • Pacific Grove Museum – Learn about local plants, animals, and history
  • Point Lobos – Enjoy amazing views, walks, and see wildlife close to Monterey
  • Asilomar State Beach – A great place for walking and seeing tide pools
A beautiful beach
Find out what you can do to spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey

Relax and reflect upon your experiences

To finish off your second night, visit Carmel-by-the-Sea, a beautiful small village famous for its cute cottages and art shops. Walk around to see the lovely buildings and visit some art galleries. For dinner, choose a restaurant in Carmel to enjoy a slow, tasty meal. The food here is often made with local ingredients, offering flavors that are fresh and delicious. After eating, go for a walk on Carmel Beach. Here, you can watch the sunset over the sea. It’s a peaceful place to think about all the fun things you did over the weekend. Walking on the beach with the sound of the waves is a perfect way to end your trip. Carmel-by-the-Sea is a special place that makes your last evening in the Monterey area memorable and relaxing.

Enjoy all that Monterey has to offer

Getting to know a city is more than checking the downtown area. For that reason, we’re sure that our advice on how to spend the perfect 48 hours in Monterey will give you a perspective of what you can expect from the area. Overall, whatever activity you decide to do, Monterey’s beauty and uniqueness will captivate you. For that reason, whether you’re staying for two days or longer, we can say that the area is full of positive experiences ready to be explored.

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