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How to spring clean your storage unit

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Whoever practices spring cleaning knows that it can become a lot of work out of nowhere. You usually begin with a couple of simple tasks and end up doing many more. When you have to deal with smaller or more isolated areas, you will have much more control over the entire process. To spring clean your storage unit means to do it on time and focus on the most problematic things in there. It doesn’t matter how big or small there is, it deserves to be refreshed once in a while. Here is everything you should know about the process!

Make a comprehensive list

All big plans begin with a list and you should have one as well. Considering you will be relying on professional storage companies like Mod Movers CA, you probably have all the updates regarding your items. However, this time you will need a different type of list. Before you start spring cleaning your storage, write down all the things you will have to do. Include the dates, the equipment you will be using, and everything else that you will need for the process. This way you will have everything perfectly organized and once you arrive at the unit the cleaning may begin.

outdoor storage units
No matter what kind of items you are storing, they deserve your attention from time to time

Keep in mind that in case you use a bigger storage unit, leave some extra space on your list. There is a chance you will need to add some things once you learn more useful tips about cleaning your storage. 

Consider removing some items for good

You may move boxes and items around the storage unit, but at a certain point, you will need to free up some space. When people keep items in storage for too long, a certain number of them will realize that they no longer need some of them. A great option is to make a plan before you arrive so that you don’t waste too much time. This is exactly why you will need some extra space on your list, so feel free to write your own items you will remove from storage. This could be the box with expired documents, clothes, or anything similar that you no longer need. Once you decide to turn to storage service CA, you can experiment with your items as much as you want.

Try to avoid taking all those items back with you since you plan to get rid of them. Before you organize spring cleaning of your storage unit, you can look around for some charity organizations and gift all those items. They will appreciate your gift and you on the other hand will feel extremely good about yourself and the fact you have more space in your storage.

Re-organize boxes when you spring-clean your storage unit

Even professional local movers California will advise that you use boxes when packing your items. They can usually fit a lot of items and are pretty secure for transportation and storage. But when you keep your things inside boxes for a long time, you should refresh or even replace them from time to time. Professional storage will not allow mold to form, and you don’t have to worry about that, but certain materials can develop a weird smell after some time. Simply replacing old boxes will do the job, so add them to your spring cleaning list as well. Carefully inspect all the boxes and re-organize all of them.

box labeled as fragile
While you spring clean your storage unit carefully check every box and its content

If you plan on picking up all the items from the storage in the near future, you can move closer to those you will need sooner. As a result, it will be much easier to find and pick them up when the time comes.

Let the air in

You too will feel much better if there is a lot of air inside. If you decide to clean furniture items with chemical solutions, it is important to keep the door open. Storage employees will be there to help you in case you need to move some heavier items. Be careful when cleaning things inside the storage unit. Firstly you must use non-aggressive solutions so that you can avoid damaging your items. If you will be cleaning fabric you have to make sure everything is dry before leaving storage. The unit will keep your things completely safe, but neglect will cause a lot of issues no matter how good and safe the storage unit is. Double-check if everything is ready and don’t forget to take out washing sponges.

What to do in unexpected situations

If you realize that mold appeared on some of your items you will need to remove those items and boxes right away. This is the best way to spring clean your storage unit and prevent mold from spreading and you will maybe manage to save items from that particular box. When people pack their things for storage they will usually do it in a hurry and sometimes a wet or molded item will slip away. The good news is that mold is very easy to spot, and if you are careful it will not happen at all.

If after the cleaning your storage is almost empty and you wish to take the rest of your items, inform the storage pickup and delivery service on time. They will help you with the paperwork and inform you when you will receive your boxes.

pink doors of storage units
As long as you take good care of your items in storage they will be completely fine

Don’t forget to have fun while you spring clean your storage unit

this entire job doesn’t have to be hard if you surround yourself with positive vibes. You can even invite some friends or family members to help you spring clean your storage unit. Feel free to bring in more items if there is a need for that, but make sure storage employees are aware of all the changes you are about to make. Your storage will be fresh and clean in no time and will continue to keep your precious items safe.

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