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How to stay calm during the last-minute move in Big Sur

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When you decide to relocate, that means that you are making a big change in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are switching states, cities, or just streets, this process is often physically and emotionally exhausting. There is a lot of planning and packing, all while you feel sad about leaving your old home. When you hire one of the most reliable moving companies in Northern California, this process gets easier. However, if you have to prepare for a move on a short timeline, your worries become at least twice as big as they would usually be. You get the feeling that you won’t make it on time, and you just feel nervous and irritated all the time. In such conditions, it is normal that you can’t organize the relocation. However, we have a solution for you. Learn how to stay calm during the last-minute move in Big Sur.

The first step towards a calm move is always planning

Even though making plans always takes time, and, in theory, you should start planning at least two months before your move, reality can be different. When you don’t have enough time to pack and organize everything, making a relocation list can seem like a waste of time. It seems like you barely have time to search for ‘movers near me‘ online. However, making a detailed plan is anything, but a waste of time, even when you are preparing a last-minute move. Especially when you are preparing a last-minute move.

A couple making a moving plan
Make a plan to stay calm during the last-minute move in Big Sur

So, make a plan:

  • List the things you want to take, and add those you want to throw out.
  • Decide what’s going with the movers and what are you taking.
  • Plan the packing from the room you want to start with.
  • Make sure you have enough packing and moving supplies. If you don’t find a way to improvise.
  • Contact the moving company and set the date.

When you put all the aforementioned things on a list, you can be sure that you won’t forget anything. That will help you stay calm during the last-minute move in Big Sur and not panic.

Prepare moving supplies

The most important thing when you start preparing for a move are packing supplies. You usually need a lot of boxes, markers, labels, dividers, wrapping papers, duct type… Seems like a lot doesn’t it. And you don’t have time to get all of these things? Don’t worry! There are a few ways to solve this problem and stay calm before your move to Big Sur. First of all, organize your family, friends, and relatives. They probably have moving supplies around. When a few people give you a few boxes or other items, you will have enough things to pack your belongings.

A moving box next to a window
Gather packing supplies

Another way is to pack your things in alternative supplies. For example, you can wrap breakables into towels and linens. This way you save time, money, and space. Old shopping boxes and bags can also be good packing supplies. Even trash bags are good for items that are not fragile, such as everyday clothes or shoes. We have a packing tip for you: leave clothes on the hangers. It will also save you a lot of time. Imagine how much effort you have to put in removing clothes from the hangers. Then you have to fold and pack each piece separately. Leaving clothes on hangers while getting ready for a move makes your life easier.

The third way is the easiest. You can simply hire packing services and let someone else do all the work. While professionals pack your belongings, you can take care of other things, such as preparing your new home. Or start deep cleaning empty rooms. Packers will pack room by room. When they move on to the next one, you can start cleaning the one they have just finished.

Another way to stay calm during the last-minute move in Big Sur is to move the bulky furniture out of the way first

If there is any possibility to put your bulky furniture out of the way, it would help you a lot to stay calm when you prepare for a move. That way you won’t have to move those around the house and you won’t get nervous because you keep running into that big sofa or the huge dining table. Nevertheless, try not to make a bigger mess. Go room by room and take out and pack everything you can and won’t need in the next few days. That way it will be easier for you to pack the rest of your items and be completely ready when Big Sur movers appear at your doorstep on a moving day. When you remove the big items, it will feel like you have done the biggest part of packing. It will have a positive effect on your thoughts and you will be calm.

Two men holding cardboard boxes
Hire professionals to help you with packing

Prepare an essentials bag or box

Essentials bags or boxes are something that you always have to have with you on the day of the relocation. When you move in Big Sur, it is an exciting, but overwhelming process. So, what you have to do is prepare an essentials bag. There are a few things that you should always put in a bag like this. First of all, drinks. You need to have a lot of water bottles or any other refreshments for you and your movers. You are on the move, you get tired, and the weather conditions might be too much. Drinks are a must-have. The second item is food. Of course, you don’t have to prepare real meals. But a few snacks, energy and protein bars, are something you will need on a big day. Also, important documents, money, keys, phones, and chargers should be kept near you always.

It’s easy to stay calm when you are well-organized

With our advice, if you follow it, you will be well-organized while preparing for your relocation. That means you will be able to stay calm during the last-minute move in Big Sur. Make a plan and hire reliable movers. pack room by room and bulky items first. You will be ready in no time.

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