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How to stay healthy when moving in July

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Whenever we choose the best time for relocation, we tend to choose spring or summer, because of the weather. Although the weather is great during summer, we need to be careful and think about how to stay healthy when moving in July. Especially if you are in a warmer climate area. So schedule your Monterey CA Movers in time, and plan out your relocation.

Plan your move ahead of time

Summer is a busy season in the moving industry. You won’t be the only one who waits for nice weather to move. Everybody will try to avoid rain or snow. However nice summer weather has its disadvantages. You need to think about how to stay healthy when moving in July. Moving in the summertime means sweating a lot, and getting sunburned and hot. To avoid any unpleasant situation you should apply golden rules.

Stay hydrated to stay healthy when moving in July

The number one thing to do is to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water and other fluids.

man drinking water
Drinking a small amount of water often during the day is better.

If it is extremely hot outside, you can get a portable mini cooler and have a cool drink whenever you feel like it. Try not to forget to drink water as often as you can. It is a nice gesture if you can provide beverages for your California interstate movers, as well.

Wear light clothes and sunscreen

You will probably hear a lot of the same piece of advice, regarding summer protection. This is for a good reason, it is the truth. It is an enormous difference what type of clothes you wear. When you wear light, cotton clothes it will be much easier and less hot. You will for sure sweat less. Another thing is to apply sunscreen if it is a sunny day. You will get sunburns without even noticing. To avoid this apply sun protection and choose the right clothes. Also, get a hat to protect your head and face as well.

Avoid heavy food and alcoholic drinks and stay healthy when moving

You can do everything right: drink enough water, and wear the right clothes but if you drink alcohol or eat heavily – you will feel nauseous. Avoid spice and heavy take-outs. Eat smaller meals, but more often. You will feel lighter and better. Also, skip any alcoholic beverages on a hot day.

Choose the right time to move

This is actually, the best piece of advice you will get. That is to schedule your relocation in the early morning.

Woman in the street in the sunrise the best way to stay healthy when moving in July
Start with relocation as early as you can in the morning.

Book your Big Sur movers as early as you can, because it is more enjoyable to start in the morning.  Because the summer is a busy season, you should book mover weeks or even months in advance.

Prepare your new home for moving in

If you have an opportunity, you should cool down your new place in advance. This is in case you are moving somewhere nearby. It will be easier for both you and your moving crew if it is nice and cool inside a house. Although summer is beautiful you should be careful and try to stay healthy when moving in July.

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