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How to tackle spring cleaning when moving house

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Not many people like to do the cleaning. Most people wait for special occasions, holidays, or even seasons to do the thorough cleaning of the whole house. Cleaning is a boring task and you have to do it pretty frequently if you want to have a clean home. Spring cleaning is something like a tradition that many people are trying to uphold. After the long and cold winter, the spring is a perfect time to finally open the windows to let in the fresh air. You can wash every linens, curtains, and carpet, and let them dry outside. For this reason, you can also do a spring cleaning when moving a house with long distance movers California. You shouldn’t move into a new house without cleaning it first. You never know when was the last time someone cleaned the house or how good it was cleaned. 

Where to start spring cleaning when moving house? 

Any spring cleaning can’t be done without the best cleaning supplies. When you are moving into a newly built house, you will have to clean the dust and debris left from the constructions. Also, you can find plenty of filth in the house where no one lived for a long time. You will have to bring a big number of cleaning supplies to get the job done. Some of the supplies you should bring are the following. 

  • Vacuum 
  • Broom 
  • Bucket 
  • Step ladder 
  • Toilet brush 
  • Rubber gloves 
  • Many detergents, cleaners, and bleach 

Cleaning your new house is also a good way of dealing with homesickness after moving. Your mind will be occupied with cleaning and you won’t have much time to be homesick. In addition to this, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you get your new home in order. 

person using a vacuum cleaner
You should vacuum clean your house

Which room should be first to clean? 

You should start with a room that you will most likely use the first and the most frequently. For this reason, the first room on the list should be the bathroom. The bathroom and the kitchen are usually the dirtiest places in the home. You can achieve the best cleaning result if you use a lot of disinfecting cleaners and bleach. Just keep in mind to always use rubber gloves as these products are very strong and cause damage to your hands. You can also use a room-by-room cleaning strategy before you do a room-by-room unpacking. 

While you search for moving companies in Northern California, you should also make a plan on how to clean a new house. You should always start from the top to wipe cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and corners. After this, you can vacuum anything that fell on the floor. 

person cleaning the window
Make sure to properly clean the windows as well

More useful tips for cleaning a new house 

If you are doing a spring cleaning when moving house, you shouldn’t skip even the smallest corner. Therefore, you should wipe every cabinet and closet inside and outside. When cleaning the windows, don’t forget to wash window frames, handles, and also window coverings. If your new house already has appliances, you shouldn’t use them before cleaning them first. In conclusion, everything you find in the new house should be cleaned before you use it.

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