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How to treat your moving crew in Big Sur

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If this is your first relocation with the help of a moving company, you must have asked yourself how to treat your moving crew in Big Sur. With the team of professionals, you will probably spend the whole day, and maybe more, so it would be nice to know how to interact with them. By listening to the advice of Northern California movers, a day of anxiety and excitement will pass calmly.

Ask about the moving company’s team

Who are the people who will come to my home? How can I be sure the movers near me are reliable? How safe is working with this team? All of these questions are normal to ask before you decide who will do your relocation. After all, these people will be looking into every corner of your home. If you have agreed on the package, they will have an even greater insight into your life. Sometimes it’s a scary fact that some strangers are peeking into your belongings.  Reading reviews and taking into account the opinions of people who have recently moved, as well as talking to the managers of the moving company, will help you find the right crew.

two movers carrying furniture
Everyone is happy when you treat your moving crew in Big Sur nicely

Meet the relocation crew

Even though hosts spend the whole day with the moving team, many do not even know their names. On the other hand, the crew, especially if they do the packing of your belongings, learns a lot about you. Keep in mind that a warm welcome and kindness are a step towards a better relocation. It will be helpful to maintain an open conversation throughout the day. The team will do their job even without your presence, but it’s better when they feel welcome. Certainly, do not ignore them or sit in the other room uninterested in their activities. Just as they are helpful to you, so you will be helpful to them.

Be punctual and always nearby

It is very important to respect the start time of the relocation. Lost time for a moving company can mean a lost customer. So, make sure that everything starts at the agreed time.
On the day of the move, confirm with the crew all agreed services. Also, confirm the address where you are moving. Always be nearby to give information on the contents of packed boxes if they are not listed. This will prevent their damage during transport.

Prepare the moving supplies

Moving companies can include some of the boxes in the moving price and charge a fee for others. That’s why it’s important to ask what supplies you need to buy. Moving supplies Monterey CA offers a wide range of materials necessary for a safe relocation. That way, you will be provided with high-quality boxes, which will make the move easier for you and the crew. Your list of needed supplies should include plastic tape, stretch wrap, plastic bags, garbage bags, and bubble wrap for glass items. If the crew is packing belongings, it is important to prepare all packing supplies for them in time.

Packing glass items
Prepare all moving supplies in time so that the packing can be completed quickly

Treat your moving crew in Big Sur with acceptance

The moving team will have its tempo of work, but it is not out of place to agree on possible breaks at the beginning. Everyone is happy to see that others are taking care of them, so during the day, you can offer a break for coffee or some other hot drink. Keep in mind that the crew will take a lunch break, so coordinate your break with theirs. Also, you can turn on music to create a better atmosphere. Music will make you more relaxed during that stressful day.

Do not disturb them while they are doing their job

If you have found good Big Sur movers, you do not need to worry about the speed and quality of the move. Professional relocation teams have training during which they become familiar with all the difficulties in their work and how to overcome them. That is why they should be left to do their work according to their plan, as it has been proven to be the best. For someone who does not have much experience in moving, it is better to stay away. In the hustle and bustle of moving days, inexperience can lead to injury. And that’s something we want to avoid.  Accept the advice, especially if it is directly related to the service they are performing. A moving team can provide you with good storage instructions that will certainly speed up the relocation of important items.

mover is closing the box
It is enough to be nearby and allow the movers to do their work

Move valuables yourself

Although you can have complete trust in your team members, move valuable items yourself. Valuables are jewelry, documents, money, credit cards, travel documents, and even prescribed medicines. All these things can be needed at any moment. That’s why it’s best to keep them in the box that goes with you to your new home. In this way, you will avoid losing the most valuable things among the huge number of boxes.

Give credit to the crew who worked hard all day!

After the relocation is complete, show your team members how much their expertise and help meant to you. If you are satisfied with the performance and speed of the completed work, you can also reward the crew with a tip. That kind of reward is often the best gift for an overworked crew. Another important thing is to publicly praise and give a review on the quality of the performed relocation. Just as the review was important to you before choosing a moving company, it will be a clear guideline for others, too.

flowers on boxes as answer how to treat of your moving crew in Big Sur
Show your moving crew that you are satisfied with their work

The beautiful word iron door opens

All things considered, it seems to me that moving with a moving company crew can be a very gratifying experience if both parties put in the effort. So, treat your moving crew in Big Sur as part of your family. Always remember that they are humans, too. They have feelings and bad days, and any understanding you have will make your relocation easier and faster. Kind words make us all feel good!

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