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How to unpack after the move like a pro

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As you’re already aware, moving comes with a lot of tasks and responsibilities. From hiring movers Morgan Hill CA to packing your belongings and changing your address, the list just goes on and on. You’re probably just looking forward to the day you can sit back on your sofa and finally relax in your new home. However, after you’re done with transporting all of your belongings, it’s time to unpack. This task can be pretty overwhelming and create a mess in your home and in your headspace. So, we’re here to help! We’ll share some tips with you and help you unpack after the move. Our wish is to help make this process as easy and quick as possible. So, continue reading and you’ll soon know exactly which steps to take when unpacking.

Don’t stall – unpack as soon as possible

Moving house often tends to get quite dragged out and it takes days if not weeks of your life. It’s only natural that you only want to kick your feet up and take a break. However, don’t make the break too long. If you want to get back to your normal life, you need your home to be functional. That’s why it’s important to start unpacking as soon as possible. Even though it’s not exactly exciting, unpacking after the move is something you can’t avoid. So, it’s best to get a move on and get it over with quickly and painlessly. Once your Monterey Peninsula movers unload the truck, get ready to start setting up your new home.

A brown sofa and a plant
It’s best to start by unpacking bulkier furniture pieces like your couch before you move on to the smaller items.

Unpack and set up big appliances and bulky furniture first

If you want to unpack after the relocation quickly and without any bumps in the road, you should have a system. Unpacking all the key elements of your home first is a good idea. Focus on setting up all of your bigger appliances like your big screen TV and your fridge when you get to your new home. Other than that, you should put your couch, bed, and other bulky furniture in place. This is a great start as it makes your home functional and liveable even before everything else is unpacked. 

When you’re unpacking and setting up these large pieces, it’s best to have someone who can give you a hand. It would be best to ask your furniture movers CA to place these things in place. Navigate them and tell them where everything is supposed to go. In case you’re not working with movers, just ask your friends to help you out.

Unpack your essentials box

Whenever and wherever you’re moving, it’s always good to have a box or bag of moving essentials. This is a box containing everything from your documents to medications and toiletries. Basically, it’s the box that’s supposed to get you through the first few days in your new home. So, until you’re ready to unpack after moving, you moving essentials box is there to save the day. That’s why that is one of the first things you should tackle after moving into your new home.

Focus on one room at a time when unpacking after the relocation

If you want to be efficient and organized to successfully unpack after the move, it’s important to have a plan of action. That means you should focus on one thing at a time instead of being a scatterbrain. So, what we suggest is focusing on one room at a time.

A living room
For maximal efficiency and a quicker unpacking process, it’s best to tackle on one room at a time and stay focused.

This is the best way to speed up the unpacking process and be less overwhelmed by it. In case you have friends or family helping you, each of you can unpack one room. That way you’ll be done much quicker and your home will be fully liveable in no time.

Which rooms to unpack first after relocation?

Unpack your bathroom first

Once you move into your new home, you want to be sure your bathroom is fully functioning as soon as possible. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so it should definitely be a priority. Having a clean bathroom with all of your towels and toiletries in there will make you feel much more comfortable. And that’s the goal, right? So, when you start unpacking after the move, make sure your bathroom is ready for use.

Unpacking the kitchen after moving

After a long day of carrying boxes and handling all the moving day tasks, you’ll probably be starving. And while having takeout for dinner is fine the first night in your home, you’ll probably want to have some nice breakfast in the morning.

A white kitchen - a room to unpack first after the move
Unpacking your kitchen, installing the appliances and making sure you can prepare a nice meal is what will give you comfort after this big life change.

In order to maintain your eating habits and keep a healthy lifestyle, you should tackle the kitchen when you start to unpack after the move. Being able to have a proper meal in your new kitchen will make you feel more settled. So, unpack your dishes and utensils and set up your appliances so you can prepare some comfort food in your new kitchen.

Set up your bedroom

Another room that should be on your list of priorities when unpacking is the bedroom. It’s only normal that you’re tired from the long moving day and that you’re looking forward to getting into bed. So, when you start to unpack after the move, unpack your bedding, set up your bedroom and make sure you have a comfortable place to rest. After all, you deserve a good night’s sleep after moving!

Get some help and start unpacking!

Along all of these tips, it’s important to note that asking for help is the best thing to do. There’s no need for you to unpack all the boxes on your own. So, ask your friends and family members to give you a hand – don’t be afraid to reach out! Otherwise, you can even ask your movers for their unpacking services. Now you’re ready to unpack after the move and finally settle into your new home. Try not to stress about it too much – the hardest part is over, now you can take it slow.

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