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How to unpack efficiently after moving

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When you are done moving it is not the end of it. You now have to unpack everything you have quickly so you can adjust and go on with your life. Jobs and schools are waiting. It is not an easy task even though it might seem like it. You might want to change something or do it differently. Unpack efficiently after moving with some of our advice.

Having a system is the key to unpack efficiently after moving

If you are going to just open up a box of whatever comes into your hands first, don’t. This will only make it harder for you. If you packed right, you should know what is where and what you will need fist. It is a great idea when packing to pack room by room.  Furniture movers CA will help you with this. Unpacking has the same rule with some small exceptions and order of doing them.

unpack efficiently after moving - a to do list
It is important to have a system before unpacking

First to be unpacked is the emergency bag or box with you. That is the container of most basic items you and your family need always. Unpack efficiently after moving by starting with the items from the emergency box:

  1. Some food and energy bars
  2. Hygiene equipment
  3. Clean sets of clothes and towels
  4. Documents witch you will store somewhere safe
  5. Chargers and phones

Kitchen is the first in line

Something you will most definitely use often and first in the kitchen. Since you will not need everything right now, unpack some dishes you regularly use first. Hand out instructions to other family members. While you clean the counters, others can wash the essential dishes first then the rest after.

A kitchen that you can unpack efficiently after moving
Unpack efficiently after moving by starting with the kitchen

To unpack efficiently after moving means you do it in a clean house. Do not wash the dishes and put them on dusty counters. This will only make it harder and create more obligations. Make sure you organize your kitchen right. Hard to reach places are not meant for items you use regularly. Use every bit of space the right way. Plugin the electrics and wash and store what you need. Storage Monterey is the place to use if you have something to be put away for now.

Bedrooms are next inline

After unpacking the kitchen your next task is the bedrooms. If you have kids of a young age, then the bedrooms are your priority over the kitchen. You will need a safe place for them to be while you go on to unpack efficiently after moving. Relocation might be confusing for them and they will need a safe place to be and calm down. Secure any items that need it and create s space for your child to feel safe in.

a bedroom
Unpack your bedroom so you can rest after you are done unpacking

If you do not have kids or they are a little bigger, it is time to hand out tasks the same as with the kitchen. Everyone should unpack and arrange their own bedroom the way they prefer. Put away toys and unpack electrics. The linens go on last so the dust doesn’t pile upon them. Keep the windows open if it is possible. There is nothing that hard in unpacking bedrooms. But make sure you take some time off. No need to do everything right away. Know when to take a break from unpacking and relax.

Assemble furniture and unpack the living room area

Before unpacking the items in the living room area, use the free space to assemble furniture you have. After you are done, vacuum and clean, and you may start with unpacking the rest. By being in that space you should have a pretty clear picture of what goes where. It is a lot different to imagine your living room area in a certain way then unpacking to see it is not working. Be open to change your plans a bit if it doesn’t work. To unpack efficiently after move means you have to compromise to get something done.

Avoid unpacking your tv and other electronics you might have here. This will only distract you and prolong the unpacking. You do not want that to happen., you want it done as quickly as possible.


While one family member is cleaning the kitchen, others can be in the bathroom scrubbing it away. Same as other areas in the house it should be cleaned before you unpack your clean towels and bathrobes. Bathrooms are another area of the house we often used and it should be unpacked as soon as possible. At the end of the day, you will all want to shower before you go to bed Or are you ready for an adventure in your new town? Rest refreshed and clean after a hard day of going through your list of how to unpack efficiently after moving.

a bathroom
A good shower means a lot after a hard day of moving

Storage areas

These are probably the least important areas and therefore should be done last. Another reason to do them last is so that you can storage boxes and packed items.  It works great while you focus on priorities such as the kitchen and bedrooms. It is not an emergency and you probably will not use the gardening tools in the first few weeks. So take it easy with these areas of the house.

As we said, make the most of it by storing items there until the time comes to unpack them. Since you have left some stuff on hold, go into your kitchen and make some delicious meals for your family. Storage areas can wait while you munch on something delicious and well deserved after a hard day.

If you are going to unpack efficiently after moving you need to include your whole family. Make a plan with them and explain the importance of working as a team. But do not forget to have fun in the process. Play some music, make little breaks to catch a breath and do not get grumpy about it. You may be in a hurry but there is no need to spoil the mood.

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