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How to unpack kitchen appliances in 3 easy steps

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When you relocate and get to your new house, you think it is finally time to relax and enjoy. Then you remember that you have to unpack all the items that your Northern California movers delivered to your house efficiently and swiftly. At that moment, it may seem like the relocation process will never come to its final phase and like you don’t know how and where to begin. There is no need to be stressed out because if you packed properly and conducted your relocation without obstacles, unpacking will be easy. Your kitchen is the first room that needs to be unpacked because you will probably need to use it right away, especially when it comes to smaller and bigger devices. If you are not sure how to unpack kitchen appliances, we will show you in a few easy steps.

Proper packing is the key to easier unpacking

Even though when it comes to packing you want it all to be over as soon as possible and you don’t even think about unpacking, that is when you can make one of the crucial mistakes. Yes, it is important to pack quickly. But, it is more important to pack efficiently. Not only that way your items will be better protected, but you will be well-organized, so unpacking won’t take less than a few hours. Before you start packing and contacting furniture movers California, you need to make a plan and have a list of the items you own.

A man putting food into microwave
To unpack kitchen appliances easily, you need to pack them properly

For proper packing of your kitchen appliances and the ability to start using them shortly after you get to your new home, you will need to:

  • Declutter. There is no need to take the appliances that don’t work, that are damaged, or the ones you have bought but never used. sell them, give them as a gift, or donate. It will be easier to unpack kitchen appliances if you have fewer.
  • Clean them thoroughly. The last thing you need is to pack the items that are not cleaned and ready for use as soon as you unpack them. The last thing you need after a hard moving day is to clean your coffee machine or defrost your fridge.
  • Remove smaller and loose parts, because you don’t want to lose them.
  • Label the boxes, so that you don’t have to unpack every one before you get to the one with the toaster.

Use a storage unit

If you don’t have time to sort out your kitchen items properly and you are not sure what to do with some of them don’t hesitate to use CA storage services. The process of packing is the same. You will just have your items outside of your house. They will not take up space while you organize everything and decide what to do. Having two coffee machines or mixers is great, but not necessary. Send the double items to the storage. You can do the same with the ones you rarely use.

Unpack kitchen appliances step by step

Before you start unpacking kitchen appliances, you have to prepare the rest of the kitchen items. All worktops should be settled, shelves installed, and you need to have a plan where will you put everything. Of course, you need to start with the big appliances, because they are the most necessary. Besides, it is impossible to unpack dishes and smaller items if you don’t know where to put them. If you have hired packing services before you relocated your stuff, this process won’t take a lot of time. Professional packers pack boxes so that you can unpack the items you need sooner first.

An open fridge in the kitchen
Unpack bulky appliances first

The first step when unpacking kitchen appliances

As we have already said, good organization and planning are crucial if you want to unpack your kitchen appliances quickly. Unpack the bulky items first. You will need to use your fridge and cooker as soon as you start living in your new home, probably. Also, it would be impossible to move them around the kitchen if you organize all the smaller items first. Before you remove protective layers from your bulky items, set them in place (so that they don’t get damaged if you take the wrapper before). If you have previously removed any parts, such as a door, or smaller pieces, put them back where they belong. Consult the user’s manual if you are not sure how to do it. Do the same with your dishwasher and any other appliance you have.

The second step is to get the appliances running

Once you have unpacked your items and put them in the place, carefully plug them into the outlet. You have to be careful with this step. Sometimes, a few hours need to pass after moving items before you can safely plug them in, especially if your appliances aren’t brand new. If you do it too quickly they can get damaged. You can get hurt or at least you will have to buy the new item. It is better to be on the safe side, just in case.

A dishwasher and a cooker
Plug in the appliances carefully

The third step is to unpack smaller appliances

When you unpack the bulky items and the ones your kitchen can’t function without, it is time to unpack the smaller appliances. This step should be easy. You already know where to put them because you have set everything else in your kitchen. Besides, if you don’t pack them right away, you can still function properly. You can even unpack them the moment you need to use them. The process is the same. Take them out of the boxes and remove the protective layers. Connect the pieces you have removed before. Carefully plug them in and check if everything is fine.

Unpacking kitchen appliances is easy

As you can see, you may unpack kitchen appliances as soon as you relocate if you are well-organized. Follow the packing rules. They will make your unpacking much easier. Follow the simple steps we have mentioned and you will enjoy your new kitchen in no time.

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