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How to unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel

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You thought that the hard part of relocation is over? Think again if you still need to unpack your belongings and unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel. We are all different and some of us are better organized and therefore faster with unpacking. If you haven’t hired California professional movers unpacking service, then make a plan for faster unpacking. Because it is possible to finish in just a day or two.

Start with large furniture to unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel

The number one rule that everybody should follow is to measure everything first. This means you need to measure and see where you can fit large tables or shelving units if you have them. Start with larger items and then proceed with others. This is especially important if you are planning to put more furniture or heavy tools in your garage. After this, you can move on with sorting smaller tools and equipment.

Measurement tape
Measure the space before you start to unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel.

How to unpack faster after the relocation?

The simplest and fastest way to unpack is to use packing services from your movers. If you have a packing and unpacking service then you don’t need to worry. They will finish it fast for you. On the other hand, if you are unpacking alone, you need to be pragmatic and organized. Unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel, in the end. A garage can wait, unlike the living room, kitchen, etc.

So you have to make a plan of action. Start with rooms that are mostly used and needed. The bedroom and kitchen should be a priority. If you want to be efficient, you should unpack linens and clothes, because you’ll need them in the evening. Ideally, you will have time to fold clothes on shelves and drawers. But if you’re working against the clock, you should simply unpack and set the furniture and leave the clothes for later, when you have more time. The same rule applies to other rooms. Prioritize so you are more efficient and faster. Make sure that you get hauling services Monterey CA at the end of unpacking. Don’t save stuff you won’t be using. Get rid of all the junk, it will only clutter your new home.

Sort smaller items into containers or on tools racks

You have to unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel anyways, so why not use the situation wisely? Sort smaller tools and parts while you are unpacking. Honestly, years might pass until you bring yourself to clean the garage. Save some boxes that you’ve been using in relocation. Most moving companies in Carmel CA use sturdy boxes, so recycle and use them for some lighter equipment or smaller tools.

Use vertical space to unpack your garage items after moving to Carmel
Use any type of wall organizer to have a clean and organized garage.

Use a tool rack or wall organizer for most of your tools. You will be able to find fast anything you need. Also, you will have clear floors and surfaces in case you need them. You can find a lot of DIY tool projects online, for making a rack or wall organizer. Once you are finished with smaller tools, go ahead and place larger and heavier equipment. The organization is the key part of being efficient to unpack your garage and home.


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