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Importance of Moving Reviews

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The importance of moving reviews during and after the relocation is obvious. It’s difficult to imagine a successful relocation without a reliable moving company such as Mod Movers California. And the best way to find such a company is by reading moving reviews. Since they have a huge impact on the customer’s decision, every successful company takes it seriously. They care about customer feedback and understand that reviews create their image and online reputation.  This is why it’s important to not only read moving reviews before you hire a company but also to write a review after the move.

Importance of moving reviews when searching for a moving company

Finding experienced and well-trained professionals who will relocate your possessions is a crucial part of the moving process. Regardless of whether you are looking for intrastate movers CA or moving just across the street, you want quality service. The search can take some time, but you shouldn’t rush. Start moving preparation well in time. Your move doesn’t start on a moving day but weeks, even months, before.

Do a thorough research when looking for movers.
It’s important to read moving reviews before you hire a particular moving company.

Do thorough research and find a company that fits all your needs. Check specialized moving websites such as Better Business Bureau where you can find companies’ ratings. Browse the Internet and check previously submitted comments and complaints as well as the reviews on social media. Also, it’s important to see how the company reacted to positive and negative feedback. This will help you make an informed decision.

Importance of moving reviews after your relocation

Once the move is over, and you have settled in your new home, you will inevitably start analyzing the moving process. You will think about the moving company you hired, the mistakes, stresses and positive sides of the relocation. It’s extremely important to share your experience and feedback with others. Regardless of whether your impression is positive or negative, there are many people who are eager to hear what you have to say.

There are millions of people who are in the middle of the moving process. You can help them prevent this experience from turning into a nightmare. Write an honest, objective review and you will help not only future movers but the moving company as well.

Warn people about fraudulent moving companies

We often hear about moving scams and fraudulent moving companies. They usually offer a lower price to attract customers. They hide additional costs or charge you more than the initial estimate. And, if you don’t want to pay extra, they can even hold your items hostage. These fraudulent companies are not licensed and don’t offer moving insurance in case of damage. That’s why home movers must research companies carefully.

Beware of fraudulent moving companies.
Many fraudulent moving companies don’t offer insurance in case of damage

But, how would you know that a company is fraudulent if there weren’t moving reviews? So, the next time you start thinking about the importance of moving reviews remember this – we have to expose bad movers. Once people read bad reviews they will know something is wrong and stay away from such companies. Have your voice heard and you can make a difference.

How to write a review?

Your moving review should include basic information about the moving company and your feedback. It’s important to be objective but make sure to also write your personal impression. The text shouldn’t be too extensive but you should mention certain details – punctuality, unexpected circumstances, damage, the final cost of the move, movers’ behavior. All this information will give future movers an idea regarding the quality of service they can expect.

Based on your review they can decide whether to hire a particular company or not. Also, don’t forget to mention if the movers exceeded your expectations. Did they give you valuable advice? Were they able to meet your special requests? Were they polite, careful, patient? Finally, give a mark for your overall impression.  You can rate the company’s service as excellent (5 stars), good (4 stars), average (3 stars), unsatisfactory (2 stars) or poor (1 star). Also, it’s not only about what you write but how you write it. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Otherwise, people won’t take your review seriously.

What to include in a moving review?

When it comes to writing moving reviews, the most important thing is to be objective and honest. Focus on the most important parts of the relocation and main service the moving company provided. If you are not sure what to include in the review, we have a few ideas. Focus on these aspects:

  • Were your movers punctual and polite? Did they answer all your questions and meet your demands?
  • Did the moving cost change during the process or was it the same as estimated? Were there any hidden moving expenses?
  • Did they damage or lose any of your items? Was everything delivered on time?
Reading and writing moving reviews is beneficial for home movers and moving companies.
Reviews can help you find a company that suits all your needs.

These are answers that interest most home movers. Your feedback is extremely valuable and it won’t take a lot of your time.


Finding a good and reliable moving company is the most important part of the relocation. It can take some time as you have to do thorough research. When it comes to the importance of moving review, there are a couple of key points we should mention. First, if you had a good experience you should share it with future home movers. Second, recommending a particular company will be very beneficial for it. The majority of people hire movers based on the services they provide and the online reputation they have. Finally, if you had a bad experience and your movers were horrible you can save somebody else a headache.

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