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Important moving day tasks to complete

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Before the moving process begins, there are many things to do. Things like packing, which can take some time unless you hire packing services. Yet, there are important moving day tasks to complete yourself before the movers arrive. We will help you by reminding you what those tasks are.

What are those important moving day tasks?

Anything that can help you make the moving day a success is a task you should complete. There are many things your local movers Monterey will do for you, almost everything. Yet, as we have mentioned, there are other things that only you can do and organize.

Labeling-Important moving day tasks
Labeling is one of the most important moving day tasks you should complete. If you have not already labeled your boxes, that is.

Organizing and arranging

This is the most common and logical thing you should do on the day of the actual move. Once your things have been packed, they will probably be in boxes all around the home. This is very impractical and even dangerous. Arranging those boxes around the house in a practical way is something you should do for yourself, and for the movers to make their job easier. Therefore, make things go faster.

Labeling boxes

If you have not labeled your boxes while packing them, we suggest spending some time doing it before the transfer. Labeling is an important thing to do because it makes a lot of things easier. First of all, you can keep track of what is being moved at any moment, and second of all, it will be much easier to unpack your belongings.

Making a list

A great way to keep track of your boxes and generally of the items that are being moved is to make a list of them. You just need to take a piece of paper or take your phone and type in all of the things that are going to be moved that day. Once you do that, you can just check every item off of the list once the movers remove it from the home. Besides this, you can make other lists that can help you during the move.

Other important moving day tasks

  1. Having cash so you can tip your movers is important and rather polite.
  2. Making coffee or some other beverage that can freshen your movers up.
  3. Doing a double-check of everything in the former home is an important moving day task.
  4. Also, it would be recommended that you measure the width of the doors so you know if there are any items that are going to be harder to move. Your movers should be informed of such things so they can organize themselves or maybe bring special moving tools.
  5. Cleaning or organizing someone to clean your new home before your items arrive.
  6.  Call your movers once more just to check if everything is going according to plan and to go over the details again just in case.
Measuring the width of door frames is crucial if you want the move to go without problems.

Make sure you do all of them

We have given you just a few important moving day tasks that you really should complete but there are many others that you also can. All depending on your schedule and your particular situation. We hope that this will be a good reminder and that we have helped you in some way at least. We wish you good luck!

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