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Installation services are just the thing you need to make your new house a home.
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A person determined to buy a property won’t contend with “acceptable.” They don’t want their new home or office to be “satisfactory” or “sufficient.” They want it perfect. They want it all. And – they want it right now. Therefore, it’s imperative for the locale you’re offering to start looking presentable ASAP. Mod Movers are here to make it all possible. A model home, ready for a walk-in. An apartment ready to steal the hearts. A new office, set up to show it means business. Our FF&E specialists are ready to stage them – for your success and for the satisfaction of your clients. Give us a call and ensure you have some of the best installation services California can offer.

We offer quality installation services

Our focus is on delivering efficient, effective, and expeditious service while retaining affordability. Today, we translated it all into a set of the most professional installation services California offers. So, it doesn't matter if your project is time-critical. It doesn't matter how extensive or finesse-heavy it is. In Mod Movers, you’ll have a reliable and responsible team. A partner to help you tackle it and ensure its satisfying resolution.

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Our services stem from the most solid base

Installation is a complex, intricate process. You want to create a captivating, exhilarating environment. The one to grab the attention of a client and never let it go. But you also need to do it swiftly without sacrificing the quality of work in the process. After all, potential buyers aren’t known for extreme patience. It’s imperative to have a team that boasts the deepest understanding of the process. And, when you’re looking for such a team, there’s no one better than Mod Movers.

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Installation services California loves are within your grasp

For years now, Mod Movers has been a company held in the highest regard for our exceptional moving services. We won the hearts and minds of California residents and the business world with the following:

  • A methodical approach to the moving process
  • Dedication to our clients and understanding of their needs
  • Willingness to adapt
  • Expert usage of our skills, equipment, and methods
  • Non-wasteful and economical use of our client’s resources

The combination of the above factors resulted in a set of prime solutions fit for any situation.

Receiving and inventory control

As the goods start arriving at our warehouse, we post our receiving reports online for secure visibility to your design team. We placard the goods as we receive them with the project name, model name, and room designation, so when we deliver the goods, we can set up the rooms per the finished floorplans without any direction from your staff.

Delivery and installation

We sequence to load the goods into our trucks so we can unload the goods in an order that makes sense inside the models. We place the rugs in first, then load the major pieces of furniture and unbox the accessories last. Our highly qualified crews deliver the goods to the models, unbox, and assemble them under the direct supervision of our operations manager and lead installer. The installation includes hanging all artwork, mirrors, and drapes, making the beds, steaming the bed skirts and drapes to remove wrinkles, and assisting the designers with the placement of the decorative accessories.


We supply all the packing materials (specialized boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap) required to safely pack the accessories during a de-installation. Our crews mark the boxes with the contents for ease of reference and re-use. We will create an inventory of the furniture to include which model the piece came from, what the room designation was, and the description of the piece. In addition, we take a digital photo and upload it to our inventory management system so you can reference back to the photo and description when you want to re-use the pieces on the next installment.

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All you need is an idea. Professional installation services California experts of ours will bring them to life.

Our offer goes beyond installation services

We derived our home and office installation services in California from our most specialized services:

Our teams handled these most difficult moving tasks for years. This allowed them to hone their skills and accumulate vast experience. As such, they boast a higher understanding and knowledge of the processes involved. Whether it takes dismantling and reassembly of furniture or preparing sensitive art for transportation, you can count on them to do the job with unparalleled efficiency. But, more importantly, to recognize potential problems and counter them before they occur.

We’re retaining the highest standards regardless of the situation

Professional installation services our California experts provide take inspiration from our specialized services. Still, they take operating methods from our standard set of moving services:

And that means dedication and reliability – all the way. With Mod Movers, you won’t get half-baked solutions. We’re meticulous and detail-oriented, above all else. As such, we leave nothing to chance. With us, it’s smooth sailing whether you choose our moving or apartment installation services in California.

Convenient and affordable installation services

Every installation project brims with challenges and difficulties. Not because of the actual obstacles the process imposes. That’s something office, apartment, and home installation services California specialists of ours can handle. And without too much difficulty. But, because the tastes vary wildly from client to client. Therefore, you need a reliable way to appeal to the majority. And, with our help – you will:

  • Our FF&E experts will coordinate with your teams to devise a detailed strategy;
  • We’ll set up a complete installation project for a specific day and time at your convenience;
  • We’ll assemble the most experienced team for your specific requirements;
  • Our crews come equipped for the task at hand, whether it be a model home, apartment, or office installation;
  • Aside from the standard home, office, and apartment installation services our California experts provide, you’ll also have full floor protection on all deliveries;
  • Our installation and assembly services also include hanging art, mirrors, curtains, etc.

As you can see, our professional installation services in California do boast full convenience. But they boast locational versatility, too. You can use them for staging a single house, apartment or office building, or entire complexes. We approach every project with utmost dedication, regardless of type or scope.

We have methods of installation for every situation

When someone’s moving their entire home, they want more than just to “see” their new place. They want to feel it. Sense it. Imagine their life there. They want to create memories there – even before actual events come to pass. Our home installation services California based, exist to help you make that possible for them.

On the flip side, your clients whose companies are in transition may look for even more. Those in the process of commercial relocation are even more demanding. They not only want a perfect office space – they want it as soon as humanly possible. In that case, our California office installation services should be your “weapon of choice.”

Reach out to us today!

Our ample experience and logistic capability enable you to create a perfect environment for your clients. And, once they have that – you’re the one that stands to gain the most. So, don’t hesitate – get in touch with Mod Movers today. Some of the most professional installation services California offers are within your reach. And, with that, a whole world of opportunity.

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