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Interstate relocations are among the hardest ones to pull off. They demand extensive and meticulous planning, handling many chores, and, finally, a lot of heavy lifting. Atop of it all, you’ll have to make life-defining decisions, all within a limited time frame. Needless to say, the whole ordeal can become agonizing, and fast. But, the thing is – it doesn’t have to. Moving from California to Dallas can be exceptionally easy and thoroughly enjoyable. All it takes is one phone call to Mod Movers to turn it all around. With highly trained movers, exceptional services, and modern equipment, we have everything needed to make your relocation stress-free. So, don’t hesitate. Contact us today and gift yourself the perfect moving experience you deserve.

A smiling woman talking on the phone while researching easy ways of moving from California to Dallas.
A single phone call to Mod Movers can make moving from California to Dallas easy and enjoyable.

Our ultimate goal is your ultimate moving experience

Ever since Mod Movers were founded, we knew we wanted to provide an ultimate moving experience. We made it our mission to ensure a seamless transition for each of our clients. And, even now, when we’re one of the best movers in California, that mission didn’t change. Quite the contrary. It only gave us the motivation to keep improving. We work tirelessly to upgrade our methods, inventory, and facilities. That’s why, today, we can bring you affordable moving services, without sacrificing quality, efficiency, or effectiveness. In Mod Movers, you’ll have a reliable moving partner, to help and guide you through your California to Dallas move.

You can handle any moving challenge with Mod Movers by your side

Overcoming the obstacles of relocation presents quite a challenge. You have to tackle each task in just the right way, to ensure its success. And, this would be a daunting task – if it were not for Mod Movers. Our experts designed a comprehensive set of moving services that can simplify:

However, every relocation is unique in its own right. Therefore, we made our moving services adaptable and ready to conform to your needs. With us, you’re getting just the right set of solutions, suited for the specifics of your relocation.

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We have the right solutions for all your residential and commercial moving needs.

More simplification, more convenience, more safety – more time for yourself

Relocating from California to Dallas is a time-consuming process. Yet, it’s a single task that takes up most of that time: packing. Of course, this is nothing unusual. After all, ensuring the safety of your belongings is of utmost importance. But, so is preserving your time and energy. Still, you can’t have one, without sacrificing the other. Quite the stalemate situation. Well, not at all! With Mod Movers, you can have it all:

  • Our packing services ensure maximum security of your belongings. All while preserving a vast amount of your time and energy;
  • Leave your belongings to us for safekeeping and rest easy. Our storage facilities boast ample security, cleanliness, and accessibility;
  • Save your resources, even if you’re relocating from California to Dallas DIY-style. At Mod Movers, you can get all the quality moving supplies you need, all in one go;
  • Don’t want to waste time disposing of excess stuff and packing materials? With our junk removal services – you won’t have to! We’ll make sure they’re gone from your home in record time.

With all this tedious work off of your backs, your California to Dallas move becomes much more enjoyable. You can relax with family and friends, and still get to plan what you’ll do after the move. Or, you can focus on elevating your business, and still have the time to rest afterward. The possibilities are endless, and they’re all within your reach.

Your most cherished possessions deserve the best care when moving from California to Dallas

The items that demand the most attention are also the hardest to move. Not only because of their monetary value, although that’s a big factor. No, the difficulty lies in their significance. Often, they are the centerpiece of your home, an endless source of pride and joy. Something you wouldn’t give up for the world. Those items deserve exceptional care, that only professional movers can provide. Therefore, we created a set of special services:

These solutions bring the ultimate safety for your most cherished belongings. Specialized tools and methods, used to the full extent by our experts leave nothing to chance. With our California to Dallas movers, you won’t lose a minute of sleep worrying. And it’s that reliability that makes us your prime choice.

Dallas, TX skyline
Dallas, TX is one of the US cities with the most to offer.

Dallas, TX: A city of opportunity in the land of hospitality

At first, the heading statement may sound like something out of a fairy tale. Even so – it’s true. Dallas is one of the largest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US. And that comes with a lot of perks. In Big D, opportunities abound at every step. As an economic powerhouse, it’s the prime place to advance your career, expand your business, or kick it off the ground. Dallas, TX also boasts top-notch schools and a mass of extracurriculars. Add to that a wide selection of peaceful neighborhoods, and you’re looking at one fine city for raising a family.

Of course, we can’t fail to mention famous Southern hospitality. Texans are practically ready to patent it. It’s evident in every sphere of life and every place. And, yes – even in the largest metropolises. So, no matter what your reasons for relocating from California to Dallas are, one thing is for certain. You’ll have no trouble acclimating to the Texas lifestyle.

One simple choice makes moving from California to Dallas simple

Moving from California to Dallas is, without a doubt, one of the best choices you could’ve made. And, now – you can choose to do it without breaking your back, bank, or nerves. The means of doing so are right in front of you, this very moment. So, use them to make another stellar choice! Contact Mod Movers today and make your relocation simple and stress-free, right from the beginning.


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It was so stressful for

It was so stressful for us to move. This team helped us with all they could do and we are set!


Jesse was great – on

Jesse was great – on time and got it done! Thanks.

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They were on time and

They were on time and professional. Thank you.

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Rainy day but it didn’t stop this crew

It poured rain the entire day from moving out to moving in, but this crew made it all the way! Great experience!!


I can’t say enough good

I can’t say enough good things about this company! The short story is that I used them for a move from Monterey to San Diego, and from booking my moving… “I can’t say enough good”

Katie P.

I recently contracted MOD movers

I recently contracted MOD movers to assist me in my move! I could not be happier with the services provided. They showed up right on time at 7 am and… “I recently contracted MOD movers”

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Friendly and efficient

Friendly and efficient

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Manual and his crew were

Manual and his crew were awesome!! They did our complete move in only 3 hours. I will definitely call Mod Movers again if I ever need a moving service. And… “Manual and his crew were”

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Hi Marlene, A BIG thank you!

Hi Marlene,
A big thank you to you and your boys! Our experience with your company was wonderful and we would highly recommend you. Your crew was on the… “Hi Marlene, A BIG thank you!”

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Donna F.

They are professional. Their customer service, pride in the work they do is outstanding.

Donna F.

Honestly, Mod Movers is the

Honestly, Mod Movers is the best moving company I’ve ever known. I’m in the military and have moved 8 times in 8 years. Some moves have gone ok, but nothing… “Honestly, Mod Movers is the”


Wow! Where to start. I

Wow! Where to start. I was helping some friends move (I know, unheard of right!) but little did I know they hired some much needed help. These guys were on… “Wow! Where to start. I”

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They were courteous, helpful, prompt

They were courteous, helpful, prompt and highly organized which was a true lifesaver as our move was on short notice. As storage customers, I have known Marlene Jesse, and their… “They were courteous, helpful, prompt”

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Outstanding moving experience

All set at home now with this great crew! They were so careful with our things, extremely professional, and super fast. Affordable and Highly Recommended!


Great people. Great movers. Works

Great people. Great movers. Works fast and very friendly


Mod Movers are the best!!!!

Mod Movers are the best!!!! They are very organized and helpful. Best service you can get!

Ardal Chavosh

I wouldn’t often give a

I wouldn’t often give a 10 (i.e. a “perfect” score), but that is simply how well MOD did – they did perfectly! From the setup, to the estimate, to the… “I wouldn’t often give a”

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Outstanding service, trustworthy, and personal

Outstanding service, trustworthy, and personal pride in their work!

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Suzanne F.

They were friendly and professional. They were on time, did a good job, and made sure I as satisfied before they left.

Suzanne F.

Great job with awesome guys!

Great job with awesome guys! Highly Recommend!


Mod movers is just the best

Mod movers is just the best moving company I have ever worked with. They went above and beyond for us to help us with our move. Strongly recommend them.

Alireza Chavosh

mod movers did an amazing job

mod movers did an amazing job with our last move ! They are extremely professional, courteous, hardworking, and fairly priced. They used the utmost care with all of our belongings… “mod movers did an amazing job”

Angela DeLaRosa

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience using Mod Movers. They are professional, friendly (seriously, it feels like they are your actual friends) attentive, skilled, accommodating, and well-priced. You don’t feel like… “I had an amazing experience”

Tally Helfont

Amazing team! Kind, professional, beautiful

Amazing team! Kind, professional, beautiful cleaning services. Focus on small details and man does my house look brand new!! Love that they were here at 9oclock sharp when they said… “Amazing team! Kind, professional, beautiful”


Thank you Marlene, just stopped

Thank you Marlene, just stopped by the house. Looks fantastic! I can see your crew has a high level of detail. Yes, I will certainly recommend you and will use… “Thank you Marlene, just stopped”


Mod Movers did a fabulous

Mod Movers did a fabulous job moving my household goods. The fellows were more more than helpful moving all of my furniture and doing a little extra things that I… “Mod Movers did a fabulous”

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We made it to our house in horrible weather with Mod Movers

We made it to our new house with this great team! All set!


Professional and Trustworthy

I cannot recommend this company more highly. They are professional and trustworthy. It is a family-owned company so you can be sure you will receive that personal touch. They are… “Professional and Trustworthy”

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These guys were awesome.

These guys were awesome. They were super friendly and professional. You could tell they were very experienced and cared about not messing up your stuff and walls. They had guys… “These guys were awesome.”

Ryan W

Very professional team that takes

Very professional team that takes pride in the work they do.

Toni Hall

Great experience! Friendly and flexible!

They guys are the best movers we have ever worked with. Very professional movers and they know how to move antiques. The move was affordable, the movers are fast but… “Great experience! Friendly and flexible!”


Pamela K.

Great experience; they were on time, professional, friendly, and provided an excellent deep cleaning.

Pamela K.

Mod movers really impressed me,

Mod movers really impressed me, they are extremely professional, courteous, and very fairly priced.
They are careful to not cause any harm to your furnishings and walls, floors etc.… “Mod movers really impressed me,”

Angela D

I was pretty easy to

I was pretty easy to work with Jessie & Marlene, one stop and they provide all the services need it. The move, load Professionally a moving truck, Clean the house;… “I was pretty easy to”

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10 being the highest score

10 being the highest score ~ from the start of seeking this service the ease, friendliness & professionalism were apparent!

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Made the right choice!

This was my first time using this service but I’d have to say we made the right choice. Mod Movers went above and beyond service, making my move feel stress… “Made the right choice!”

Adrian P