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You're thinking about moving, but an option that seems good requires an international move. Moving next door to yours can be very stressful. And when it comes to moving to another country, the situation only gets more complicated. You are required to plan extensively and carefully, to handle many jobs, and ultimately, a lot of heavy lifting. On top of that, you are limited in time. Needless to say, this kind of life move is emotionally demanding, and all together can become very painful, as well as affect the decision to relocate. That's why it's best to rely on a reliable moving company. Moving from California to Dallas can be a good life move, and you can make it extremely easy with the support of experienced movers. All it takes is one phone call to Mod Movers and your adventure can begin. Contact us today for an experience to remember.

Why pair up with Mod Movers?

Ever since Mod Movers were founded, we knew we wanted to provide an ultimate moving experience. Our mission is to ensure a seamless move for each of our clients. Regardless of our experience in the industry, we still work tirelessly to upgrade our methods, inventory, and facilities, and make our clients' experience the best it can be. That’s why, today, we can bring you affordable moving services, without sacrificing quality, efficiency, or effectiveness. With Mod Movers, you’ll have a reliable moving partner, to help and guide you through your California to Dallas move.

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Let our professionals organize a seamless move

Mod Movers is your go-to choice for a seamless and stress-free moving experience. With years of expertise in the industry, we have honed their skills and knowledge to handle diverse moving scenarios effectively. We take pride in our ability to cater to each client's unique needs, ensuring personalized service and attention to detail. Our job is to ensure that our clients' belongings are in capable hands. This is why we confidently claim that we can accommodate any relocation needs you may have. Our experts are prepared to tackle even the most unforeseen challenges.

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You can handle any moving challenge with Mod Movers by your side

Overcoming the obstacles of relocation presents quite a challenge. You have to tackle each task in just the right way, to ensure its success. And, this would be a daunting task – if it were not for Mod Movers. Our experts designed a comprehensive set of moving services that can simplify:

However, every relocation is unique in its own right. Therefore, we made our moving services adaptable and ready to conform to your needs. With us, you’re getting just the right set of solutions, suited for the specifics of your relocation.

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We have the right solutions for all your residential and commercial moving needs.

More simplification, more convenience, more safety – more time for yourself

Relocating from California to Dallas is a time-consuming process. Yet, it’s a single task that takes up most of that time: packing. Of course, this is nothing unusual. After all, ensuring the safety of your belongings is of utmost importance. But, so is preserving your time and energy. Still, you can’t have one, without sacrificing the other. Quite the stalemate situation. Well, not at all!

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Move forward with your home or office project

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With Mod Movers, you can have it all. Including:

  • Our packing services ensure the maximum security of your belongings. All while preserving a vast amount of your time and energy;
  • Leave your belongings to us for safekeeping and rest easy. Our storage facilities boast ample security, cleanliness, and accessibility;
  • Save your resources, even if you’re relocating from California to Dallas DIY-style. At Mod Movers, you can get all the quality moving supplies you need, all in one go;
  • Don’t want to waste time disposing of excess stuff and packing materials? With our junk removal services – you won’t have to! We’ll make sure they’re gone from your home in record time.

With all this tedious work off of your backs, your California to Dallas move becomes much more enjoyable. You can relax with family and friends, and still get to plan what you’ll do after the move. Or, you can focus on elevating your business and still have the time to rest afterward. The possibilities are endless, and they’re all within your reach.

Your most cherished possessions deserve the best care when moving from California to Dallas

The items that demand the most attention are also the hardest to move. Not only because of their monetary value, although that’s a big factor. No, the difficulty lies in their significance. Often, they are the centerpiece of your home, an endless source of pride and joy. Something you wouldn’t give up for the world. Those items deserve exceptional care, that only professional movers can provide. Therefore, we created a set of special services:

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move beyond

get white glove services

These solutions bring the ultimate safety for your most cherished belongings. Specialized tools and methods, used to the full extent by our experts leave nothing to chance. With our California to Dallas movers, you won’t lose a minute of sleep worrying. And it’s that reliability that makes us your prime choice.

Dallas, TX skyline
Dallas, TX is one of the US cities with the most to offer.

Dallas, TX: a city of opportunity in the land of hospitality

The header statement may sound like something out of a fairy tale. Even so – it’s true. Dallas is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US. It is the 3rd largest in Texas and 9th in the states. Thanks to opportunities that abound at every turn, this is a city that many California residents have moved to in recent years. As an economic powerhouse, it’s a prime place to advance your career, expand your business or start one. As many as 22 of the 500 largest American companies have their headquarters in Dallas. According to, the unemployment rate in the Big D is constantly decreasing and at the end of 2022, it was 3.4%. Another feature of Dallas is that there is no income tax. However, tolls are higher, so as a vehicle owner, you will lose those savings on them.

Forget California’s high prices

According to the 2020 census, the city had 1.34 million inhabitants with a median age of 32.9. Moving from California to Dallas won’t change your lifestyle much, and you’ll get rid of high taxes, the ever-creeping cost of living as well as wildfires. Dallas will offer you warm weather, sunny days almost year-round, and lots of shopping and dining options, for less money. The median household income of $54,747 is 32% lower than in California, but life is more affordable.

The median property value is $259,800, which is more than half of California’s. Besides, the chances of buying real estate and land are greater. California has a tight real estate market with high prices. Among all costs, only transportation costs are higher by 17% than the average for the countries. However, Dallas boasts exceptional public transportation, with the DART system being a combination of bus transportation and a train system that connects downtown with the suburbs. Another, also popular transportation system is the so-called M-line, which consists of restored trolleys that operate all year round.

A lot of educational opportunities after moving from California to Dallas

Whether you opt for public or private schools, Dallas will not let you down. Among 376 public and 112 private schools, you will surely find what suits your children best. In addition to the friendly school staff, your child will have the opportunity to study in one of the state’s highly-ranked schools. Among them are George Bannerman Dealey Montessori (10/10), School for the Talented & Gifted in Pleasant Grove (10/10), Hyer Elementary School (10/10) as well as Coppell Middle West (9/10), and Early College High School (10/10). With a wide selection of peaceful neighborhoods, Dallas, TX will be one fine city for raising a family.

Farris wheel Dallas
Don’t worry, you will easily embrace the Dallas lifestyle, as well as all the other benefits of living.

There is always something to do

Texas ranks second as the most biodiverse in the US. There you can find canyons, deserts, swamps, beaches, and various animals and plants. Dallas County has 21 nature preserves within its jurisdiction and 42% of the city’s land is developed. As much as 27% of the land is designed to remain green. Its location and connection with other cities give you the opportunity to go on a day trip to the attractions of the neighboring city. Austin is nearby as well as Houston and San Antonio. Of course, we can’t fail to mention the famous Southern hospitality. Texans are practically ready to patent it. It’s evident in every sphere of life and every place. So, no matter what your reasons for relocating from California to Dallas are, one thing is for certain. You’ll have no trouble acclimating to the Texas lifestyle

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Moving from California to Dallas is, without a doubt, one of the best choices you could’ve made. And, now – you can choose to do it without breaking your back, bank, or nerves. The means of doing so are right in front of you, at this very moment. So, use them to make another stellar choice! Contact Mod Movers today and make your relocation simple and stress-free, right from the beginning.

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