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Is fall a good time to move to another state?

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In case you wonder if you are wrong or if you are afraid that you will have to move during the fall, don’t worry. Fall is not only a good time to move to another state, it’s ideal. All good moving companies in California agree on that.

Why do most people say that fall is a good time to move to another state?

Most cross country movers California consider fall to be the ideal time for relocation for the following reasons:

  • Moving during fall is cheaper
  • Movers have more available dates
  • The weather conditions for moving are much more favorable

Let’s start with the price because it is often the deciding factor when it comes to the mobile process. By not moving during the summer, you have saved yourself a lot of money and nerves. Summer is the peak season for moving and that’s when movers usually squeeze people into their extremely busy schedules. It’s a different story during the fall. If you’re moving from California to Dallas for example, you’ll find a lot more available dates that truly work for you starting from late September. It’s always better to choose yourself than to be forced to pick a moving date between only a few available dates during summer. Take advantage of lower demand and choose your moving date so you don’t have to take a day off or make any additional special arrangements during an already stressful process.

A couple choosing a good time to move to another state
Choose a moving date when it’s lower demand and do the entire moving process at your own pace

Keep in mind that, although fall truly is a good time to move to another state, most people choose relocation dates during the weekend. Also, the beginning and end of the month are the most common dates for moving, so avoid them if possible or book your moving date as early as you can.

The weather conditions and organizing your closet

If you don’t have to move to another state over the summer, consider yourself lucky. This is because you don’t have to clean large areas or drag boxes while it’s too hot outside so the whole process will be much easier for you. Monterey packing services agree that when the summer is gone, the expensive season is gone too. Late September is the time when lower temperatures, prices, and better availability of all moving services work in your favor.

The fall season is a good time to move because then you can more easily coordinate your seasonal clothes. You will be able to repack summer things that you will soon put away until next summer and prepare sweaters, extra blankets, and other things that you will soon need again. When you move into your new home, you’ll be able to easily organize your clothes for the fall right away.

clothes on hangers
The fall is not just a good time to move to another state, it’s ideal to easily prepare and put away your seasonal clothes

These are just some of the reasons why fall is a good time to move to another state. There is a high probability that you will save money and enjoy at least a little bit of pleasant weather during the relocation.

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