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Is Monterey safe – what to know before moving there?

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Is Monterey a safe place? Moving can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and can be taxing on your time and energy. It would be best to start looking for movers near me and find people locally that can help you start the process of moving and answer some of the questions you still have about safety. It’s smart to ensure that your move will be worth the trouble. Safety is one of the most important factors when moving to a new city. There are a lot of things that can make a city unsafe. Gangs, daily robberies, organized crime, and a general feeling of unease are things that no one wants to deal with, especially when investing the time and energy to move to a new city. We will explore the city of Monterey… and its current clime situation so you are sure you’re making the right choice by moving there. Furthermore, it’s important to look at a few data sources in order to understand the situation clearly.

Initial thoughts

It’s important to exactly define what safe means. The best things to go by are statistics and asking locals. Statistics will get you hard factual data that you can be sure of and see the broad picture of the current crime climate in a specific place. Moreover, it has a universal systemic way of going about the data that is collected, so be sure that this is the most concrete data you will ever have on the crime rate. On the other hand, locals can be very helpful too.

Person holding a pen and pointing at a chart
It’s always important to look into scientific data

Local movers Monterey can help you move from one place to another if you end up in a bad living situation. Furthermore, locals can give you insight into a day to day life and the troubles that they had in their city. It’s important to note that just because something bad happened to one person, doesn’t reflect on the whole city in general. So in conclusion, combining scientific data and opinions from the locals is the best way to get solid information on if a city is safe.

Is Monterey safe? Let’s look at some statistics

When it comes to safety, we will look into some FBI data and what the locals say to get a more decisive answer to the question – is Monterey safe? Let’s look into the heavy stuff first, violent crimeViolent crime is categorized by the FBI as four offenses: robbery, homicide, rape, and aggravated assault. It usually involves force or a threat of force in order to do the crime. We will look into data starting from 2004. The crime rate for 2004 was 614 per 100,000 population, which is not great, and not terrible. Fast forward to 2011 and the crime rate almost reaches its peak at 668 per 100,00 population, which still isn’t that bad.

Now looking at recent times, crime has drastically decreased and this is very good news. In 2018, the crime rate was 390 per 100,000 population, which is almost half what it was 7 years ago. That is less than the average crime rate in California and almost the same as the national average. Looking at property crime and burglary, we see a similar trend where crime is decreasing heavily for the past 10 years. It’s sufficient to say that the general consensus is that the crime rate in Monterey is on a stable decrease. The current situation is that it’s a very safe place to live, but not one of the safest places in America.


We recognize that locals have very valuable information, especially if they lived there their whole life. They have the best feel of what’s it like to live in their city and how much is actually safe. Locals of Monterey tell us that the living situation is generally safe. They say that they didn’t feel unsafe and that there are no areas to avoid. In consideration of this, statistics show that one big factor in safety is the neighborhood you choose to live in.

Policeman standing in the streets
Locals will help us answer the question – is Monterey safe?

Neighborhoods can make a huge difference in the perceived crime rate and general safety in any city… and that includes Monterey. When you decide what neighborhood is the best for you, Monterey moving services will come in handy and help you in making your move hassle-free. If you move to a safe neighborhood, you will have a 5-10 times less chance of getting robbed than if you move to an unsafe one, so take this into consideration.  It’s possibly better to move to an unsafe city with a safe neighborhood than vice versa. 

Deciding on moving to Monterey

We gave you some important data to answer the question – is Monterey safe? The answer is yes, it’s generally safe. If you decide on moving, we suggest you do it with safety in mind too. We suggest you call for some utilities from moving supplies Monterey in order to ease the process as much as possible. The best and safest way to move is to get help as much as needed.  No one likes too much stress when moving, especially if you have other important obligations.

The experience and professionalism of a moving company will greatly help you to move safely and without any hassle. Furthermore, you can ask any question regarding the area. We are sure you will benefit from every piece of information. Working with professionals always saves a lot of time and energy and it ensures that your things will get from one place to another safely and quickly.

Women reading a blog titiled - Is Monterey Safe?
It’s important to do extensive research before making a big step like moving

Last thoughts – Is Monterey safe?

If you’re thinking of moving to Monterey and have doubts about safety, we would say that it’s a pretty safe area and that you won’t find much trouble. It’s very responsible to consider all factors when moving, and that of course includes safety. It’s always good to look at multiple points of data and ask anyone and everyone what they think about it. We covered some key things in order to get the answer to the question – is Monterey safe? We hope we helped you decide and shine a light on some things that may be not apparent at first.

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