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Leaving California for a cheaper state: Where to?

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Many people have been leaving California for a cheaper state over the recent years because of the high cost of living. Housing, utilities, healthcare, and even everyday basic expenses have become so pricy that most people can’t afford to stay. People from all walks of life have been leaving California lately, each with their own reasons. These include families, retirees, and young professionals, all seeking a more affordable and relaxed lifestyle. Luckily, if you do decide to move out of the state for a more affordable life, you won’t have to waste a fortune on the best movers in California. With a good, affordable, and reliable moving company by your side, you can make any move successful, regardless of its length.

Is it truly too expensive to live in California in 2023?

Living in California isn’t cheap these days. The Golden State is named this for a reason. From housing and utilities to healthcare and daily essentials, the costs can be a real struggle for many of us. For regular folks trying to make ends meet, it can feel like you’re always juggling bills, trying to stretch every dollar. That said, affordability in California can be a mixed bag. Depending on the precise location you decide to call home in the state, costs can vary. Some spots might be a bit pricier, but there’s likely a place that will prove just right, both for your general needs and for your budget.

pricey San Francisco is one of the reasons why people are leaving California for a cheaper state
With areas like San Francisco, LA, and Silicon Valley that command high living costs, many are leaving California for a cheaper state.

Furthermore, individual financial circumstances vary. Personal preferences also play a significant role in determining whether living in California is financially feasible for you. If you’re considering a move to or from the state, consulting reputable interstate moving companies California has to offer can help you navigate the logistics of your relocation.

California’s cost of living in 2023

In 2023, the cost of living in the State of California remains a topic of concern for residents. Living in California isn’t always cheap, and costs can stack up. Let’s break down some of the everyday costs:

  • Housing is the big one when you’re budgeting in California, and the prices can be all over the map. This summer, a typical home in San Francisco was going for $1.4 million! Meanwhile, in Sacramento, it was a lot less—about $490K.
  • Rent-wise, the average in California this year is $1,757, a bit above the national average, which is $1,718. In many cities, you’ll find rents soaring above this average; a medium two-bedroom in Los Angeles is $3,095, and in San Diego, it’s $3,016.
  • But hey, there’s a silver lining since utility bills are pretty manageable here, with the average monthly electricity bill around $132.57, thanks to Californians using about 542 kWh per month.
  • To cover all the basics, an adult here needs a pre-tax living wage of $44,180 in 2023, with food chipping off about $4,686 annually.
  • Getting around isn’t cheap, either; a gallon of regular gas is around $4.55 on average.
  • Then, there’s taxes. California has a progressive state income tax that can go up to 13.3%, and the state sales tax is about 7.25%. However, property tax is a bit of a relief at 0.75%, coming in under the national average.

All of these can see a family of four paying approximately $4,423 monthly, but remember, these are ballpark figures and can vary based on where you decide to hang your hat. So, doing your budget homework is crucial!

a man at the store holding mango considers leaving California for a cheaper state
California’s rising cost of living has made it increasingly competitive for those seeking more affordable options elsewhere.

Affordable Arizona living

When considering leaving California for a cheaper state, moving from California to Arizona shines as an enticing alternative. The Golden State’s residents grappling with soaring housing costs will find solace in the affordability that Arizona offers. The contrast is striking, with Arizona boasting an average monthly rent of $1,619, a substantial 36% lower than the California standard. Arizona’s real estate market tells a compelling story as well. With a median home price of $436,600 in July 2023, Arizona has become increasingly competitive compared to California.

The average home price in Arizona is very favorable, especially when you compare it to the national average of $406,700. This makes Arizona a great choice for those in need of affordable housing. Also, house prices in Arizona have gone down 1.7% from last year, which shows just how stable the market is. On top of that, living in Arizona generally costs less when you take note of everyday expenses. Although gas is a bit pricier than in some other states, it’s still way cheaper than in California. Since the state has a property tax rate of just 0.6%, homeowners will have no trouble finding great deals. You’ll also be surprised that Arizona has a flat 2.5% income tax, which can help you save money in the long run.

 A wallet-friendly Nevada

If you’re considering moving from California to Nevada, you’ll discover a wallet-friendly oasis in the desert. While most people think of the bright lights of Las Vegas when they hear Nevada the state has another shining feature: affordable living. Nevada’s housing is way easier on the wallet compared to California’s. On average, a home here costs about $242,400—just a tad above the national average of $204,900. Even if you’re renting, you’re looking at around $1,060 a month, which isn’t too far from the national average of $1,023. And thanks to Nevada’s dry weather, your utility bills, especially water, will likely be lower.

sign welcome to Nevada by the road welcomes people leaving California for a cheaper state
Consider Nevada for its low taxes and proximity to California if you still want to be near family and friends.

On average, an individual in Nevada spends about $307 a month or $3,684 annually on healthcare. For a family of four, the yearly healthcare bill is around $11,199. This is quite a bit less than the national average, which hovers at about $12,950. So, if you’re thinking of moving from California to save some money, picking Nevada might just make a lot of sense!

An economical escape to Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, is pretty much on par with the average American’s cost of living — just a tad higher at 1%. Even though housing prices have gone up a bit, at a 2% increase from last year, buying a home here will set you back around $497,357 on average. Rent’s not too bad either, at about $1,512 a month. Now, when you stack that against California’s sky-high housing costs, it seems like quite the deal. Our monthly bills, like utilities averaging at $180.89 and phone bills around $194.60, have also nudged up by 3%.

But here’s a silver lining — healthcare in Vegas is 7% cheaper than most of the country! A trip to the doctor here is between $90 and $137, while in California, you’re looking at somewhere between $103 and $158. Basically, moving from California to Las Vegas can offer significant financial relief. With more affordable housing options, reasonable rent prices, and manageable utility and grocery costs, Las Vegas provides an attractive alternative.

las vegas nevada
Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, offers tax benefits and a lower cost of living.

Planning on leaving California for a cheaper state? Oregon’s low-priced allure awaits!

Moving from California to Oregon opens up a world of natural beauty and affordability. Living in Oregon might be a bit pricier than some other places, but it’s a bargain compared to California. In cities like Portland and Eugene, you can find a good mix of housing options without emptying your pockets. Think about it: a downtown Portland apartment might set you back about $1,300 a month, with utilities adding maybe another $200. But if you’re thinking bigger or closer to the heart of the city, prices can shoot up. As for the medical visits, they usually run between $93 and $143.

But Oregon’s appeal isn’t just in housing and healthcare. It’s generally easier on the wallet in many ways. Plus, living there means having gems like Crater Lake and Mount Hood right in your backyard, and you get to enjoy them without spending a fortune. So, if you’re thinking of ditching California for somewhere more budget-friendly, give Oregon a look. The state’s green mindset doesn’t just stop at the environment; it stretches to your wallet, too. Oregon’s a solid pick for anyone wanting both beauty and balance.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including savings

When it comes to affordable states, moving from California to Texas is a move that’s hard to beat.  Texas is becoming a magnet for people looking for bang for their buck, especially when you stack it up against pricier spots like California. Cities like Houston and Austin? They’re brimming with housing choices. Imagine only dishing out about $1,250 a month for your place – sounds like a dream, right? Plus, the day-to-day stuff like getting around, grubbing, and keeping the lights on won’t leave your wallet feeling light. All in all, Texas just makes cents… and saves them too!

What about taxes? Well, California has varied state income tax rates, going as high as 9.3%. Texas, on the other hand, doesn’t charge any state income tax, leaving more money in your pocket. Plus, Texas has a slightly lower sales tax rate. But Texas isn’t just about the savings. Whether you’re diving into the cultural richness of San Antonio or mingling with tech folks in Dallas, there’s so much to see and do. From the serene landscapes of the Texas Hill Country to the bustling cities, Texas serves up plenty of charm, and you’ll likely find your money stretches further here.

Houston Texas panoramic shot
Texas offers affordability and a thriving job market, making it an attractive option for many leaving California for a cheaper state.

Discovering Houston’s cost-effective charm

Moving to Houston, Texas, is a breath of fresh air for many, especially when considering the savings compared to California. It’s become a hot spot for those looking for more budget-friendly living. For example, a family of four in Houston might only spend around $4,649 a month, while a single person could manage with about $1,305.

The housing scene in Houston is also way more affordable. Apartments in the city center go for an average of $5,277 per square meter. And get this – rents in Houston are about 31.3% cheaper than in Los Angeles! So, whether you’re flying solo or moving with the fam, Houston has got you covered.

But it doesn’t stop at housing. Groceries and dining out are cheaper, too! Expect to spend about 9.2% less on groceries and 16.6% less on restaurant bills compared to LA. And with a greater purchasing power locally, your bucks stretch further, allowing you to enjoy more of what Houston has to offer! This ensures providing a better quality of life at a more affordable rate. So, if you’re considering moving from California to Houston, you can expect significant financial relief and an improved overall cost of living.

a man and a woman inventorying and loading boxes into the back of the van
Moving companies are essential and valuable assistance when relocating across state borders.

Embrace affordable living options when leaving California for a cheaper state

If you’re thinking about leaving California for a cheaper state, you’ve got several excellent options to consider. How about stretching your dollar further? States like Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas are becoming popular spots for just that reason. You can enjoy a comfy life without the big bills. And when you’re ready to make the move, you’ll have reliable movers backing you up every step of the way. As one of California’s top moving companies, we’re pumped to help you settle into a more budget-friendly state. Contact us, and let’s get your exciting move rolling. A more affordable and happy life is waiting for you in these states, and we’re with you every step of the way.

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