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List of items your California movers will not move

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Imagine spending hours or days packing your entire home and preparing for your move, only to learn that your moving company won’t transfer your beloved cactus or nail polish stripper. Also, you need to remove them from the boxes that have already been closed and marked. Sound awful to you? To lessen your anxiety throughout this process, choose the best moving companies in California while also getting familiar with items your California movers will not move. You will know why you can’t move items and why.

Have a list of items your California movers will not move

Make a list of the items that movers are not permitted to move or don’t want to move for any reason. Before placing items in boxes, learn about the most ordinary things on this list. Of course, this list differs from business to business, but the greatest take a similarly professional approach. Some items that you may have trouble with are the following

  • Food
  • Scuba gear
  • Family heirlooms
  • Plants
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Outdoor equipment

You need to talk with your long distance movers California for a more specific list of items. You can ask them about your belongings and see how your relocation will go. They will answer your questions, therefore, you will not have to worry about certain items being left behind. You will find the solution together.

Putting a magnifier on laptop while researching to see what items your California movers will not move
Be very specific when deciding which items to move to your new house.

Food can be a big no for movers

About to move? The best action is to open the refrigerator and eat the leftovers. Unfortunately, movers cannot maintain a relaxed environment for perishable food products during a move. Therefore, unless you want to transport everything in a giant cooler, you should avoid bringing goods like dairy, cream, and yogurt. The great news is that your movers can relocate whatever non-perishable products you still have in your pantry, including sealed canned goods, soups, grains, and pasta.

Scuba gear is one of the items your California movers will not move

You’ll have to devise a different way to transport all of that scuba gear to your new location because your local moving company will probably not let the gear on their truck. Scuba tanks can also hold specific gas mixtures and the highly compressed oxygen that makes up their contents. Furthermore, scuba tanks can be dangerous to anyone close when not appropriately handled since pressurized air might explode. Scuba tanks would almost surely be wobbling around on a moving van, thus, it is understandable why this could be harmful. Even worse, a pressurized diving tank explosion during a car crash is possible.

A turtle in the sea that you will be able to see with your scuba gear when you finish moving
Save your scuba gear for the sea by moving it carefully.

Move family heirlooms by yourself

When moving to a new house, you should pack and take all sentimental items. Whether they are sentimental or financially valuable. This is due to some movers’ policies about sentimental and precious objects. Many movers may also explain that they do not like to transfer these items. Due to the possibility of losing or harming the belongings. And besides, there is always the possibility that something could break while movers load and unload a vehicle with many moving boxes. Therefore, be sure to take all of your valuable items with you. Or you can go for white glove movers. They will make sure that every piece is handled with care. This will include professional packing for better protection of the items. Among other unique treatments.

Be careful when moving plants

Considering moving across state lines with your plants? You need to know that some plants will not be able to go with you. The National Plant Board claims that to limit the spread of dangerous insects, illnesses, and other pests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and plant health organizations in each state “control the transportation of plantation and indoor plants.” So, be sure to verify with your State before you start packing any plants for the transfer. Experts advise preparing and bringing the plants personally for a local move. To prevent any accidental plant damage in the car. Just make sure to properly pack them with plastic wrap.

Plants on the table that you want to move with you to the new location
You must confirm that the plants you plan to bring are legal in the new location.

Nail polish and nail polish remover

Are you considering putting all of your nail polish in a moving box? Be sure to reconsider. Moving companies won’t move your nail polish remover and regular polish. This is because both materials can catch fire quickly under specific circumstances. Such as exposure to an open flame or just a bit of heat. When relocating to a new home, you must be careful when handling these hazardous materials and all chemicals. Experts strongly advise throwing them away or giving them away to family. Especially if you are moving a long distance. You can always replace them with new ones when you settle down.

Some outdoor items your California movers will not move

Your gardening and pool equipment will be 50/50. Harmful chemicals including acids and cleaning solutions. You must remove them before the relocation day or leave them behind for the new owners to use. This remains the same for insecticides, fertilizers, and pesticides as well. Ask your furniture movers California if you have questions about whether a specific item can be moved. Usually, you can relocate your yard and outdoor furniture, including machines. Just drain the system off as much gas and oil as you can. A few days before loading it into the moving truck. Thanks to this, you should have plenty of time to properly discard the gas and oil in compliance with local environmental rules.

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