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Millennials’ Guide to moving to Austin

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Austin, Texas, is a city that is anything but ordinary. From its live music to its museums to its lakes and parks, Austin is full of surprises. Families and young professionals can benefit greatly from the city’s world-class employers, expanding job market, and affordable housing. Everyone, especially millennials, seems to adore Austin and can’t get enough of it. If you’re a millennial considering moving from California to Austin this millennials’ guide to moving to Austin is just perfect for you.

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Millennials’ guide to moving to Austin will teach you about Bat City’s job and housing market

Here is why millennials love this city

Growing Job Market

The ‘Best US Cities for Finding a Job in 2018’ list published by Business Insider includes Austin. Due to the city’s increasing focus on technology, Austin is positioned to expand in this area. Because it is so well-liked by tech companies, the city is known as “Silicon Hills.” The average median household income has even improved due to employment at these tech behemoths and is currently just around $60,000. Austin is home to businesses like Apple, Dell, and Google, and Whole Foods has its corporate offices there as well.

Night Life and Outdoor Events

Austin is home to a number of well-known music festivals, including South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. The city also has a vibrant nightlife comparable to that of much larger ones. Downtown Austin is the location to go dancing. Hyde Park and the North Loop are famous for their restaurants and bars, and the Sixth Street district of Austin is well-known for its clubs and restaurants.

The city is also renowned for its health and fitness, even though there are plenty of indoor activities available. Because of its 50 miles of trails and 12 wildlife preserves, Austin was crowned the “Fittest City in America” by the American College of Sports Medicine last year. In the 206 parks that are dotted about the city, locals may go hiking, kayaking, running, bring their dogs to dog parks, and much more.


Housing Market

Austin is one of the top real estate areas for millennials, according to the National Association of Realtors. On Forbes’ list of the Best Cities and Neighborhoods for Millennials, it is ranked second. Why? You can find lots of homes at reasonable prices. Despite the increase in jobs, there hasn’t been a significant increase in migration to the city because so many people commute there for work. This indicates that you should begin organizing your move with Mod movers since there are many vacant homes and rentals.

Emphasis on the Environment

Austin is a city that cares about the environment. Millennials are concerned about their environmental impact, and Austin residents are very appreciative of the city’s focus on sustainability. The city was recognized as one of the top 10 green cities in the US last year. More renewable energy has been sold there than in any other county city.

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The climate in Texas is one of the main attractions for people moving from California to Texas. All year round, the weather is very lovely here. Due to the tiny hills in the adjacent Hill Country, Austin frequently experiences a few degrees of milder summer temperatures than other parts of Texas. That does not imply that the city has cool summers. It is only marginally cooler than other major metro regions in the summer when temperatures frequently hover above the 90s. Fortunately, there are several options for cooling off in the city throughout the heat.

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Weather in Texas attracts people from all over the world

Who Lives Here

What kinds of individuals reside in Austin, Texas? Everyone seems to be doing it these days! The population of the city has been growing for some time. As the state capital, it serves as a popular destination for young people working in the technology sector in addition to being home to lawmakers and government officials.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Austin, Texas, has climbed as a result of a robust employment market and rising interest in real estate from outside the state. It is still more affordable than cities like San Francisco and Chicago, despite being more expensive than it once was. In addition, it has better weather.

PayScale estimates that Austin, Texas has a 3% lower cost of living than the US as a whole. The state has no income tax, and the price of goods and utilities is 12% less expensive than the national average.

Final thoughts

There are numerous reasons for hiring Monterey moving services, and establishing Austin as your permanent residence. The city has an unmatched gastronomy culture in addition to amazing entertainment options. Additionally, it’s simple to enjoy nature outside, even in the middle of a city. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this millennials’ guide to moving to Austin.

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