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Minimalist moving tips and tricks

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Living a minimalistic lifestyle often means being well-organized and put-together. It’s not always easy being a minimalist, but it’s often the smart choice. For instance, when you’re relocating, going for a minimalist relocation can save you some money! Whether you’re executing a DIY move or working with moving companies Morgan Hill CA, downsizing beforehand will be a good choice. Minimalist moving sometimes entails some extra planning and preparation, but it’s worth it in the end. If you want to know how to make your relocation more minimalistic, we’ll help you out. This is a good way to make moving go smoother, reduce moving costs and save time when packing. So, keep reading to see how you can achieve all that.

The key to a minimalist move: declutter, declutter, declutter

If you’re a fan of minimalism, you already know that the key to minimalism is downsizing. Well, the same goes for minimalist moving. If you’re after a minimalistic relocation, you’ll have to start by getting rid of some things. Namely, before you start packing your belongings, it’s crucial to say goodbye to the things you no longer need. This way you’ll have way fewer boxes to pack and you’ll reduce the price of your relocation. Because most moving companies in California charge by the weight of your belongings, the price will be lower if you have less stuff. Also, you won’t need to get as many packing supplies. So, really, there are no bad sides to executing a minimalist relocation. If this feels overwhelming, we’ll give you some simple decluttering tips.

Downsizing your wardrobe

One of the parts of your home that’s prone to overflowing with things is your closet. As we’re often greeted with the issue of ”having nothing to wear”, it’s only natural that we’re always buying new clothes. Over time, all the clothes in our wardrobe pile up and we’re no longer aware of all the things we own. All we see is a crowded closet. So, before you start folding your clothes and putting them into boxes, take the time to get rid of the clothes you don’t wear. Here are a few tips that can help you downsize your wardrobe.

Packing jeans in a box
Before packing your clothes, get rid of anything you don’t wear.
  1. Follow the one year rule. The one year rule is pretty self-explanatory. It’s based on the idea of getting rid of the clothes you haven’t worn at all in the past year. Of course, you can modify this rule depending on how strict you want to be.
  2. Get rid of the clothes that are torn or stained. Though it can be difficult to get rid of some things for numerous reasons, if certain pieces are ruined, there’s no point keeping them. So, if any of your clothes are stained or ripped, get rid of them. If you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing something, why keep it?
  3. Creating a capsule closet. If you’re really dedicated to a minimalist move and downsizing, creating a capsule wardrobe is a good idea. What you should do is create a wardrobe that contains about 30 staple pieces. These things should be easy to mix and match so that you have plenty of outfit options.

Getting rid of furniture for minimalist moving

Something else you should consider downsizing is your furniture. You can start by taking the measurements of your new home. After that, you can figure out which pieces simply can’t fit in your future home. Then decide what you’ll do with that furniture. Other than that, decide if there are any pieces you no longer like or need. Also, if there’s any furniture that’s falling apart, get rid of it as well. Those are the things you don’t want to hire furniture movers for. There’s no need to pay to transport the things you don’t want in your new home.

A living room
A great way to accomplish a minimalist move is by downsizing your furniture.

You can even consider getting a fresh start with your furniture. If your budget allows it, you can get rid of the furniture you currently own and get fresh new pieces after the move. Not transporting all your furniture is a great way towards minimalist relocating and reducing moving expenses.

Other items you can declutter for minimalist moving

  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Toiletries
  • Toys
  • Kitchen items
  • Holiday decorations

What to do with the things you’re getting rid of

Once you know what you want to get rid of, the question is what do you do with those things. So, we’re here to help you. There are a few things you could do – here they are.

A Goodwill store sign - you can donate things to Goodwill when minimalist moving
Donating your things to places like Goodwill is a great way to help someone.
  1. Sell them. Though downsizing itself is great for saving some money, you can even earn a few coins by decluttering. We’re talking about selling your things online or by organizing a garage sale. Either way, by doing this, minimalist relocating will definitely pay off.
  2. Donate. If you want to help someone in need while downsizing your home, find a local donation center.
  3. Find them a new home. Another way to get rid of the things you don’t need is by passing them along to friends and family. Find someone who can get some use out of the things you’re saying goodbye to.
  4. Throw them out. If the things you’re getting rid of are ruined and not functioning anymore, the best thing to do is throw them out. Remember to recycle whatever you can.

Utilize what you have when packing for a minimalist move

Another thing you can do if you’re trying to make your move minimalistic is to be mindful when packing. Namely, besides getting moving boxes from your movers, you can utilize the things you already own. This way, you’ll need to buy fewer boxes and you’ll save some money (again). If you have suitcases, bags, trash bags and dresser drawers, you can put them to use! Other than that, you can even use blankets, towels and clothes to wrap your sensitive and fragile objects. This is a great way to minimize the amount of packing supplies you’re using and the waste you’re creating. Just get a bit creative with it and you’ll be on your way to minimalist moving!

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