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The people of Monterey genuinely love art. This primarily reflects in the fact that this place, even though it has less than 30,000 residents, has a vibrant art scene with numerous art galleries and museums. If you are preparing for a move and have some valuable art pieces you want to protect during the process, call Mod Movers Monterey – some of the best fine art movers Monterey offers. Expect a free quote and ensure your delicate pieces arrive at your new place in perfect condition.

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The safest way to relocate your delicate artwork is to hire the same fine art movers Monterey galleries and museums use for these purposes.

Call the same fine art movers Monterey art galleries and museums hire

Whether you are moving paintings, drawings, sculptures, or similar art pieces, call the same movers Monterey museums and art galleries call when relocating their delicate pieces of artwork. Not only are our local moving professionals trained and equipped to handle all types of artwork, but they are also art lovers themselves, meaning they will utilize all their skills to ensure the safety of your pieces.

We have all that it takes to ensure your artwork is safe during a move

We will make the safety of your fine art pieces our primary concern. That is why we suggest you give us a call now. First, we will give you a free moving quote. Then, we will send a team of our fine art movers from Monterey to your address to inspect your inventory and prepare the best tactic for relocating your art pieces safely. Our fine art moving company in Monterey has a lot of experience with these types of moves. Therefore, we can choose the best packing solutions and determine how to handle your fine art pieces correctly and with care.

We have been doing this type of work for years now. However, if you have some unusual pieces that we haven’t come across by now, we will consult with museums and art galleries in Monterey to ensure that proper handling is applied.

Besides fine art movers, we offer a variety of other moving services

Almost every move we handle in Monterey involves handling some fine art. But whether it is a local residential move or a commercial interstate move, we will find a solution. Here are some of the most common moving services that people use when hiring our fine art movers:

There are many art galleries and museums in Monterey but only one true fine art moving company

As we already mentioned, Monterey is a small city with an unusual love for art. It has a population of 28,575 and many museums and art galleries located within the city or nearby areas. Some of the best and most visited art galleries and museums in Monterey are Venture Gallery, Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation, Wave Street Art Collective, Green Chalk Contemporary, Gallery I Fine Art, Monterey Museum of Art, Presidio of Monterey Museum, and Monterey County Youth Museum.

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Monterey is a small place with a big love for art.

Still, despite such a vibrant art scene, there aren’t many fine art moving companies in Monterey. That is why hiring our professionals is the only way to ensure everything goes well when relocating fine art to the city of Monterey.

When moving art we are your best bet

Moving fine art requires knowledge, experience, proper packing materials, and suitable equipment. And the only moving company that can provide that in the Monterey area is Mod Movers. So, don’t be afraid to contact us now and hire the most sought-after fine art movers Monterey offers.

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