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Most common mistakes people make when moving interstate

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Moving is one of the major endeavors that you can face. And, if you were not moving before, the chances of making mistakes are higher. Everything can look so hard and complicated to you. You might easily start to feel helpless. And thus, more nervous as well. So, in such a state of mind, the chances are that you will just make more mistakes. To avoid such devastating stress, let Mod Movers CA help you with the move. Their guidance will also help you to avoid the most common mistakes people make when moving interstate. They will warn you of common mistakes. And they will advise you on how to avoid, or solve them.

Most common mistakes people make when moving interstate

Moving interstate, you can make many mistakes. So, we will here present the most common ones. Learning about them can help you to better organize your interstate move. And to hopefully avoid them. Let us see those moving mistakes:

  1. Not finding an interstate moving company on time
  2. Not considering differences between the states
  3. Failing to draft the moving plan
  4. Calculating your moving budget wrongly
  5. Underestimating time needed for decluttering and packing
  6. Not getting enough moving supplies


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It is important to find reliable interstate movers.

Finding an interstate moving company on time is very important

By starting your search on time, you will have better chances to find reliable movers. Namely, the more time you have, the more companies you will be able to check. Also, you will be able to check their reviews. Checking their USDOT number will additionally guarantee that your movers are trustworthy. All this will help you to hire the company that best suits your budget and moving needs.

In case you are leaving this important task until the last minute, you won’t have time to check companies. That way, you may easily fall victim to fraudulent ones. Not only that such companies can come up with higher charges. They can also simply disappear with all your possessions.

Not considering climate differences between the states

This is also one of the mistakes people make when moving interstate. For example, living in California, you will be used to all-year nice and hot weather. So, you can easily forget that the climate in Oregon will be very different. And, you might fail to prepare yourself for the colder climate. Therefore, before choosing among the moving companies California to Oregon check the climate conditions in your new state.

Many people avoid drafting the moving plan

One of the common mistakes is failing to plan the interstate move. And that is where a good moving plan can help a lot. Many people have the wrong perception that making a moving plan is hard. Thus, they are avoiding making it. On the contrary, you just need to plan the stages of your moving preparation and follow them. That way, you will be better organized. You will complete all tasks timely. And, you will not end up in the last minute mess, that can only cause you a headache.

Following the moving plan, which is basically numbered list of tasks, you will be able to follow the preparation process. And, you will have a clear vision of what else has to be done. You can even make a printable version of the plan. So, you will be able to check the execution of the tasks much easier.


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When moving interstate, calculating a moving budget is a must.

Calculating your moving budget wrongly

A moving budget is another thing that many people avoid making. You might do fine without planning the moving costs when you are moving locally. But, even then you would be on the safe side by having a clear financial overview of your move. And, when it comes to moving interstate, a moving budget is a must. You can’t just make an unsupported guess. You have to know exactly how much money you need to finance your move. 

Besides, it is not hard to make it at all. The biggest cost of the interstate move is transportation cost. So, you will need to contact California interstate movers and ask them to provide you with a cost estimation. Adding to that cost the other expenditures, you will get the approximate amount needed for a comfortable move. Such expenditures are:

  • costs of moving supplies
  • highway tolls
  • overnight stay in a hotel (in case you need two or more days to reach your destination)
  • meals and refreshments

How do the movers calculate the interstate moving cost?

We already saw that moving, or transportation cost is the biggest expenditure you can expect. So, it is good to know how long-distance movers are calculating them. They are actually considering

  • the size of your move
  • distance traveled

So, before you ask for an estimation, decide which things you will move along. That way the mover will be able to provide you with a fairly accurate estimation. Besides, some of the things you are living behind, you will be able to sell. If so, add that funds to your moving budget. And, if you don’t spend them, you can use them, later on, to buy some new things for your new home.

Also, the closer you move, the lower your transportation costs will be. For example, moving from California to Nevada is much cheaper than moving to Texas, or some other state. That is because California and Nevada have a common border. And, that will considerably influence your moving costs.

Underestimating time needed for decluttering and packing

If you want to start your move timely, you need to finish packing before the arrival of the movers. And that’s one of the mistakes that many people make. They think decluttering and packing can be done quickly. So when they start, they become aware that the process is more demanding than they anticipated.

So, when planning to move, start packing at least six weeks before the moving day. Or, if you have a shorter deadline for moving, get some help.


Man and Woman Sitting on Floor Beside Pile of Boxes
Make sure to have enough moving supplies.

Not getting enough moving supplies is one of the mistakes people make when moving interstate

Not having enough moving supplies means that you will have to go and buy more of them. So, you will have to stop packing, and lose your precious time. Therefore, before getting supplies, calculate how much of them you will need. 

Moreover, buying more uncalculated supplies means that you will have to spend more than planned from the moving budget. 

Additional mistakes that people make when moving interstate

We have presented here some of the most common mistakes people make when moving interstate. We could also see that you can avoid all of them easily. However, there are some more mistakes that you can make when preparing for the move. To be better prepared, we also recommend checking those additional mistakes that you can easily avoid.



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