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Most common moving injuries and how to avoid them

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Not only is moving a tiring and stressful process but can also be rough on the body. If you are not used to hard labor, heavy lifting and dragging can cause moving injuries. The last thing you want during the relocation process is to get hurt. That is why it’s important to be aware of the most common moving injuries and to know how to avoid them. We will explain what you can expect before, during, and after the move. The most important thing is to be well prepared and start planning for your move in advance. When people feel there isn’t enough time to pack and move everything, they panic and try to rush the process. This often results in unnecessary injuries caused by relocation.

Prepare for your move well in advance to avoid moving injuries

Having a solid plan is a crucial part of the relocation. The moving process doesn’t start on a moving day, but weeks before. Sometimes people feel stressed out and anxious during the move, they try to accelerate the process and forget about taking the necessary precautions. This is why you must be prepared for the moving day. The preparation includes finding a reliable and experienced moving company in Monterey, preparing packing supplies and boxes, renting a storage unit, etc. If you don’t know how to find good movers, ask friends or family for a recommendation, check specialized moving sites, read previously submitted reviews. In this way, you will make an informed decision and hire a company that meets all your needs.

Hire a reliable moving company to avoid moving injuries.
Find experienced movers to help you relocate and avoid moving injuries

Moving by yourself or hiring a moving company?

If you don’t have a lot of belongings than moving yourself would be a reasonable choice. However, if your relocation will involve a lot of heavy lifting, loading, storage services, choose full-service Monterey movers. Moving on your own is often cheaper than hiring professionals, but it requires a significant time investment. Also, you will avoid a lot of stress if you let experienced movers take care of your entire move. Not to mention that you will avoid possible moving injuries, which are more common than you might think.

Strained back is one of the most common moving injuries

If you find a good moving company, with license, insurance, and positive customer reviews, it will save you a lot of time and energy during the local or long distance relocation. However, if you decide to do it yourself, beware of moving injuries. Strained back is one of the most common injuries caused by lifting heavy objects. It’s important to know your limits and not lift items that are too heavy for you. Also, proper lifting technique will help you avoid back injuries. You should squat down to lift things, not bend at the waist.

Broken fingers and toes

The moving day can be very hectic. It’s not uncommon that people drop heavy items and break fingers or toes. Wearing thick gloves and closed-toe shoes is the best way to avoid these moving injuries. Also, don’t pack too many things in boxes, because the bottom of a cardboard box might break under their weight. Use sturdy moving boxes that are reinforced on the bottom, so that your belongings would fall out. Not only will this prevent injuries, but also keep your possessions safe.

People often twist their ankle when moving.
Twisted ankles are common moving injuries

Knee and ankle injuries are common moving injuries

Moving involves a lot of lifting, carrying, pulling, dragging. It takes one wrong step to twist your ankle or kick your knee. It’s easy to hit into something with so many things lying around during the move. Also, if it’s raining or snowing, you might slip and fall. This can cause problems and injuries during relocation. That is why it’s important to be careful and attentive. Buy knee braces and pads and wear the right shoes with a good grip. Furniture sliders will help you greatly – you will be able to slide and maneuver large, heavy objects across the floor without lifting them.

Cuts and scrapes

These are usually the least serious moving injuries. There are many sharp objects in houses that can cause cuts and scrapes. You should be particularly careful when packing your garage for relocation. It is filled with sharp, heavy, and hazardous items. Pack hand tools safely in a toolbox, detach all removable parts, wrap the equipment in a bubble wrap for protection. Be particularly careful when handling tools with sharp edges. Wear the right clothes on a moving day, cover as much skin as possible, and don’t forget your gloves.

Scratches are common moving injuries.
Be careful when handling sharp objects


Once you have found your new home and set the moving date it’s time to relocate. Follow simple relocation safety advice and protect yourself from common moving injuries. Make sure to have appropriate equipment and clothing, don’t pick up boxes that are too heavy for you and resist the urge to overpack them. Use a hand truck or dolly to transport heavy objects and furniture. Don’t forget to get some rest before the moving day. Also, warming up and stretching before the heavy lifting will help prevent moving injuries. Concentrate on the muscles that you will use during the move – shoulders, back, arms, legs, and neck. Doing these quick exercises will help you feel less sore the next day. Have a happy and injury-free relocation.

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