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Most efficient home decluttering strategies

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So you’ve decided to move but you can’t take all of your stuff with you? Well, don’t worry because we as one of the top moving companies in California have decided to help you. We’ve prepared the most efficient home decluttering strategies. In this article, we’ll share with you some practical advice on how you can do this simply and easily. Our tips won’t be just helpful they’ll also be smarter so you can better organize your thing and time. So let’s see what are they!

A quick home decluttering strategy

So when it comes to simple strategies this one is really popular and it goes like this. It’s a 20/20 strategy if you can replace it for under $20 you should throw it away. This one is all about space and unnecessary small things that you can buy almost anywhere. It’s like treating your home with respect and dignity.  Now, this method is if you’re in a hurry. Another method here is just simply to “take out the trash”. This is another obvious and easy method where you’ll just go around the house, go through your still, and throw away things. For example, if you have inspired coupons or empty bottles, etc. you can just throw that immediately.

Light trails during the night on city streets;
If you are in a hurry think about the 20/20 rule since it’s the fastest way to declutter.

House decluttering strategy 101

Now here we’ll be short, at the beginning of every declutter, you have to make these five selections:

  • Give away
  • Sell
  • Store
  • Trash
  • Keep

We as moving companies in Carmel CA would advise you if you have time to consider selling most of your items. Nowadays you can use Amazon or eBay, or if you have extra time you can make a good old yard sale. On the other hand, you can always donate or give away your things. Think about a food bank or a homeless shelter. If you need any storage you can always buy or rent some, that is if you need some. Throw away or even better recycle items if you can. Finally, you’ll end up with just things that you need and care about the most.

The best strategy is if you do it daily

As most of us are busy these days, some of us even do two jobs or have kids, little by little does the trick. So start small some experts suggest doing 15 minutes per day before you go to sleep. They say that this way you’ll also have a feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand, if you have a baby and you can’t do it in other parts of the day; do it when the baby is asleep, problem solved! Or if you have a lot of junk, consider hiring professional junk removal Monterey CA so they can help you. Many moving companies can help you with most of your packing as well. If you have a big house or you are super busy then you could move one thing per day. This is what some people call a “yearly purge”.

Mom taping a box with her daughter while thinking about the most efficient home decluttering strategies;
If you have kids they could help you as well, find them some interesting tasks. For example, they could declutter their own room or they could help you label boxes.

Now there is another strategy called room by room. If you choose this strategy the focus is to start with big rooms like the living room and continue to smaller and smaller rooms. An explanation for why to do it this way is that you’ll feel joy after seeing how much space can you gain after decluttering. Also, you’ll see how many things unnecessary things you have in your house as well. If you have extra time use the most popular online selling sites to sell your stuff. Maybe you’ll find some rare collectibles or unpacked toys from the past that you can get good money for now.

Minimalist home decluttering strategy

Now the minimalist interior design has been popular for quite some time. It’s an interior design style where you’ll have a bare minimum of things in your house because you’d like to unclutter as much space as possible. Now furniture movers California can help you with moving any furniture or complex items like pianos or hot tubs.  We advise you if you try to DIY move some of these things at least consider calling or contacting movers in any form. But if you want to be 100% sure think about moving lighter stuff and leave heavy things to the pros. Also, people say that if you have a minimalist home you’ll be calmer and your life we’ll be less stressful. Also, you’ll have to clean much less and dust will be more obvious so it’ll be easier to spot it.

A minimalist workplace;
Minimalist interior design style can help you if you want to unclutter your space.

Packing strategy

After you’ve decluttered you’ll need to pack, so you could combine this into one task. You can use labeling so if you’ve chosen room by room strategy then you can automatically label the boxes that you’ve packed. Also, you can label fragile things like toys, kitchen utensils, sports equipment, etc. You should also consider talking with your friends and family members. This is what we call the second opinion, where they’ll look around your house to see what you should keep or to give you more useful tips.

That would be it when it comes to creating a strategy for successful decluttering. So you should decide what to keep, donate, recycle, store or sell. After you’ve created these boxes, you should think about the time that you have. If you don’t have any time consider the 20/20 strategy, if you have more time consider going room by room, or if you have a lot of time consider one item per year. If you would like to declutter and free more space think about minimalist interior design. These are our most efficient home decluttering strategies we hope that we helped you and have a great move!

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