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Moving a fish tank in 5 steps

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Moving home is always demanding. With so many tasks you need to finish before the big day comes, it always seems like you are running out of time. In case you are the lucky owner of a lovely fish tank, for sure you will have one more important task to finish. Since you want to provide the best care for your fish during transport, you will need to consider proper ways to perform this. Whether you are moving long-distance or hiring local movers Monterey for your upcoming move, you need to learn how to prepare your aquarium for the move. Luckily, moving a fish tank can be a lot easier than you think. All you need to know is a few tips and tricks that will ease your preparations for this task. For that reason, stay with us. This short article will help you prepare for moving your aquarium.

The first step you need to take when moving a fish tank

Even if you are moving your fish tank for the very first time, you probably know it should be empty for transport. This means you need to gather all it takes to everything inside of it. It will include your fish, equipment, plants, and decorations, too. According to this, make sure to collect your supplies in advance. Our California professional movers recommend you to follow the list you will find below. This way you will identify items on the list you probably own already. All the rest of the equipment you will have to go pick up on time.

Moving a fish tank means you need to empty your tank first.
Remove your fish from the tank in order to empty the tank completely.

Get the supplies you need to empty the fish tank

Here is what you need to empty the fish tank:

  • Buckets, plastic bags or containers for fish;
  • Buckets for plants from your fish tank;
  • Packing tape or quality duct tape;
  • Fishnet to get your fish from their tank to bag or container;
  • Siphon hose to be able to remove the weather from the tank;
  • Other packing supplies such as air-filled plastic padding, packing paper, foam board insulation, and moving boxes Monterey we can provide you with.

The second and third step to take when moving your aquarium

Now when you have all the needed supplies, make sure to prepare your fish for the moment when your residential movers Monterey comes. It is a good idea to stop feeding your fish at least 24-48 hours before moving day. This will keep the water clean during the move. You don’t have to worry, can survive for up to a week without food. It is time to move your fish into their transport container, bucket or plastic bag.

Catching small aquarium fish from basin
Move your fish from the fish tank.

The fourth and fifth steps you need to take

After you move your fish from the tank, you should drain the water from it. And then take time to get the tank ready for the travel. Go to your nearby Walmart and get clothes and chemistry products you will need to clean your fish tank. The last thing you should do is pack your tank in the box and load everything up. When you get to your new home it would not take so long to put everything back together. Hope this short article will help you when moving a fish tank.

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