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Moving apps to use when organizing a household relocation

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From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, our day is full of technology. Nearly everything you do through the day, from setting your alarm clock, over browsing social media, to looking for California professional movers, is made of zeroes and ones. The world is full of information ready to be absorbed, and without different apps and sites, it would be very difficult to do so. Given that fact, the best part of it is that we rarely have to do anything, without an available alternative. Naturally, all of those programs and apps are there to make our lives easier. But, have you ever considered the existence of moving apps? Given how difficult moving is, it’s no surprise that someone has made these apps to make it easier. Most people don’t even know they exist, but they do, and they have so many uses.

Picture a scenario where you have to relocate, but you’re not sure how to prepare for the big day. Now, thanks to the modern day and age, you can take advantage of some very powerful moving apps. They will help you through every step of the relocation and lead you to success. Some apps can help you find furniture movers California, or create an effective time schedule, and even completely plan the packing process for you! For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of a couple of very handy apps to use when organizing a relocation, in no particular order. You’ll be able to see how they function and what makes them interesting.

person holding a mobile phone and browsing moving apps
It is incredible how much information can sit in the palm of your hand these days

Moving Timeline helps you make a schedule with ease

If you’re looking for a helping hand with making and maintaining an effective schedule, then you’ve found it. At the very beginning, the tool only needs to know when your moving day is, and how you will move. Once you select moving with professionals, a DIY move, or moving with a shipping container, the app does its magic. You will receive a full and personal to-do list, divided into weeks. In addition, the tasks you need to do through the week appear as icons that you can tap for more information. Doing this tells you exactly what you need to do, and also gives you tips on how to do it.

The convenience of this mobile app doesn’t end there. Contrary to other calendar and organizer apps, this one allows you to thoroughly control your daily tasks. Not only can you mark a certain task as complete once you’ve tackled it, but you can also add custom notes to each one to remind you of any added information. In addition, you can set an alarm for each task as a reminder to complete it at a later date. Lastly, this moving app offers a unique “Action” button, which hides even more convenient tricks. With it, you can go through your local moving checklist even faster. For example, tapping the “Action” button and then selecting the “Reserve a truck” option, will give you a list of the larger truck rental services in your area.

person writing in a notepad
Why waste time with paper when you can make a full schedule digitally?

Move Advisor is one of the best moving apps for efficient packing

If you’re looking for a state of the art inventory manager, you can find it in Move Advisor. With its help, you can easily put together a detailed packing strategy for your upcoming relocation. Thanks to the unique and interesting the design of the app, you will have a lot of fun organizing your packing process, which we all know is quite boring by nature. Fair bit of warning though, using this feature can be quite addictive. The fun begins as soon as you launch the app and select the “Add a room” button. From here, you can select a room from a list of presets, or create and name a room of your own. Once that’s done, you can start filling your virtual space with items you have in your actual room. You’re able to choose from a wide variety of objects, including bunk beds, computers, and different furniture.

neatly stacked cardboard boxes
Thanks to these moving apps, packing has never been simpler!

Once you finish cataloging your virtual room based on its real-world counterpart, you can save these changes and do the whole process again in the next room. What makes Move Advisor so great, is the feature which displays the rough total volume and weight of your items. Furthermore, it even tells you a rough estimate of how many moving boxes and packing supplies you’ll need for packing. And just in case you’re doing a DIY move, it will display the capacity of a moving vehicle needed. The last, and probably the best feature, is the fact that you can export your created checklist. With this option, your packing plan can be sent to anyone by mail, and even forwarded to your chosen movers directly through the app. This can save your hours of time, since you won’t have to describe everything to your movers over the phone.

Unpakt is easy to use and very functional

In its core, Unpakt is designed to help you find excellent movers and packers, and build your home inventory. Once you pass these two steps, the app will recommend a few movers, and assist you in booking them. At the very start, all you need to do is type in the city you’re moving from, and the one you’re moving to. Follow up with the rough size of your move and the moving date, and that is everything the app needs. From the moment you enter the date, a countdown will appear on your screen as a reminder not to procrastinate. The next screen lets you create an inventory through a list of items commonly found in different rooms. Once you set up your entire inventory, you can add different sized boxes you plan on using to the list. From this point on, the confirmation process begins.

woman using an app on her phone
Even booking movers is easy with these handy bits of technology!

You will need to confirm your date, enter pick-up stops if there are any, and confirm if you’ll need storage or not. The last step of use brings you to the recommendation window. This page displays a list of movers recommended by Unpakt based on the rough worth of your previously made inventory list. Given this fact, not only will you better organize your move, but also have a rough moving estimate so you can plan your moving budget as well. Before you make a confirmation, you can modify your list as you wish. The very last step is verifying your list and booking the movers online. Of course, the choice of movers is entirely yours, but these suggestions are surely helpful.

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