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Moving day etiquette

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Are you planning or relocating in the near future? Well, in that case, you need to know all the things that moving entails. From hiring California professional movers to packing your belongings and coming up with a moving plan, there’s a lot to do. If you are hiring a professional moving crew, then you should also learn how to treat the movers properly. There are certain things you should do on moving day to make the movers’ job a little bit easier and to make the day go off without a hitch. These unwritten rules on how to treat the movers are called moving day etiquette. If you don’t know what this entails, we’re here to give you some tips and tell you how to act on moving day.

Be ready on time

The first thing you can do to show respect for the movers and their time is to be ready for their arrival. Once you schedule the moving date, you should consider that to be your deadline. Before the moving day arrives, you should be fully prepared to move. Otherwise, you’ll encounter moving delays and inconveniences. If you’re ready on time, the movers will be able to finish their job much more efficiently and get you to your new home in no time.

Couple high fiving after packing boxes
If you want to behave according to the moving day etiquette, start by being ready to do once the movers arrive.

Whether you’re moving your office and working with commercial movers California or moving your household, make sure you and your things are ready to go once the movers arrive. So, this is one of the more important parts of the moving day etiquette – punctuality is key. After all, you wouldn’t like the movers to arrive late, so you shouldn’t be the one that’s late either. 

Pack all your belongings before the movers arrive

When we’re talking about getting ready for the movers’ arrival, we have to mention packing your things. Packing is a task that takes the longest time, so it’s best to start well before the moving day. Because it can become pretty dragged out, we recommend giving yourself enough time to pack everything before the movers arrive. It’s a good idea to start decluttering, categorizing and packing your things a few weeks before moving. So, to treat the movers properly on moving day, don’t leave packing for the last moment. Have your boxes ready.

Label the boxes to help the movers out

While you’re packing, there’s another quick step you can take to help out the movers on moving day – labeling your boxes. Simply taking a marker and writing what lies in each box will serve as a guide for the movers when they’re loading and unloading the truck. Clearly mark if certain moving boxes contain fragile objects to let the movers know that these boxes should be treated with extra care. This is a simple part of the proper etiquette for moving day.

Let the movers do their job

Although being a backseat driver is something that can be hard to resist sometimes, you should do your best to avoid that on moving day. Namely, you’re hiring residential movers for their expertise and experience. Therefore, you should trust that the professional movers know how to properly do their job and execute your relocation well. There’s no need for you to explain to the movers how they should do their job.

Man taping a box
The movers know what they’re doing, so let them do their job.

Instead, trust that the team of moving experts that you’ve hired won’t let you down and that you can rely on them. This way, you’re not getting in the way and making their job easier. You’re letting them do what they do best – help their customers relocate successfully. That’s why not interfering with the movers’ job is a crucial part of the moving day etiquette. If you’ve chosen the right company, you’re in good hands, so count that the movers know what they’re doing.

Don’t disappear – be available to the movers

Now, even though you’re not supposed to get in the way of the movers and tell them how they should do their job, you shouldn’t leave them all alone either. Give them space to do their job, but be there if they need any help. They might need to you navigate them, tell them where certain things go, etc. So, it’s good that you’re available to them if they have any questions or need anything.

However, if you need to leave to run an errand, for example, make sure to give the movers your phone number. This will come in handy if they have something to ask you or tell you while you’re absent. So, if you want to treat the moving crew right, don’t just leave and forget about them.

Tip the movers for a job well done

People often wonder if they are supposed to tip their moving crew. Well, the answer is: it’s up to you. Of course, tipping the movers isn’t mandatory, but it’s a kind gesture and a nice reward for a job well done. So, even though it’s not a must, it is very common and it’s considered to be a part of the moving etiquette.

Woman counting money to tip the movers as part of the moving day etiquette
If you are happy with the moving services, it would be nice to tip them.

If you’re wondering how much you should tip the movers, here’s a general idea. In the moving industry, the standard when it comes to tipping is 5% of the total moving price. Of course, you have the right to choose how much you’ll tip. However much you decide to reward the movers, it will be very appreciated. So, if you’re happy with the moving services, it’s nice to leave a tip to each of the movers.

Be kind

Last but not least, remember to treat the movers with kindness. A little kindness never hurt anyone, especially on a day like moving day. It’s nice to be working in a positive, pleasant environment, so try not to take out your stress on the movers. Even though you’re probably feeling a lot of pressure and anxiety, keep the moving day etiquette in mind and be nice to the movers.

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