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Moving day tipping etiquette in Salinas

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When you look all around you, your belongings are packed and ready for transport. Finally, the big day has arrived! You are happy because you survived packing by using the advice of our California professional movers. And now you can finally focus on moving day logistics. But one thing that concerns you although you are ready for the moving day. You are not sure how much to tip your Salinas movers. Whether you hiring partial moving services or full-service moving you will need to be aware of certain moving day tipping norms. Since you will be confused and excited once the moving truck arrives, you could completely forget about moving day manners. Despite the stress and haste, you don’t want to overlook essential etiquette rules. So, stay with us and we will provide you with the official etiquette on the big day. With our help, you will be fully prepared!

Find out all your should know about moving day tipping

As you know, it is common to tip at restaurants, cafes, and cosmetics salons. Because you dine out or get hair or nails done regularly, you will want to show employees who work there how grateful you are. Also, tipping means you appreciate someone’s work. When it comes to tipping,  a rule of thumb in these situations, like giving their server 15 -20 percent of the total bill. Further, using moving services is not as frequent as mentioned services you are getting. For that reason, you will not be sure whether you need to tip your local movers CA and how much to tip them. Nevertheless, let’s see what most people who worry about tipping etiquette do.

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Learn all about tipping in Salinas.

One of the first things you should know is that moving day tipping is not mandatory. That means you are not obligated to pay the exact amount and you can decide on the amount to tip your movers. However, you can choose between a flat rate or giving them a percentage of the total moving cost. A general rule is to tip $4 to $5 per hour per mover, so make sure to know how many movers you should expect. Or, you tip between 5 and 10% of the total relocation cost. You will not make a mistake by using this tipping etiquette, too.

For instance, if your moving costs are about $1,000 you can tip your movers tip between $50 and $100. Of course, you can divide this sum evenly between the team members helping with your move. If you need to hire fine art movers and they charge per hour, remember to prepare the tips of each of your fine art experts.

What factors to consider when you need to decide how much to tip your movers

Tipping your movers is more than just giving them some extra money. This is a nice gesture your helpers will appreciate after they did a good job. Although we are one of the finest moving companies Salinas CA and we suggest tipping your movers, we want to remind you that tipping amounts for movers can vary. Nevertheless, it should be based on the size project your movers managing for you. In practice, people may choose to tip movers differently and it will depend on different factors. Here are several factors related to the move that will help you determine how much to tip your movers:

  • Consider how organized you are prior to the arrival of your residential movers in CA. In case you have all your moving boxes easily sorted and labeled for them, your movers will appreciate that. That will make their job more simple. On the other hand, if your moving boxes are not sorted and labeled, this job awaits your movers. They will need to take extra time to coordinate with you and this will make you start considering to tip them more.
  • Take weather conditions into consideration when thinking about relocation day tipping. No one likes to work hard when it is raining, during the heat or when the ground is icy. When your movers do a great job despite these weather conditions, you will be more than grateful. This will remind you of moving day manners and you will prepare tips for your movers.
  • Don’t forget tips if they need to carry your heavy items upstairs and downstairs.
Remember to consider the complexity of your move.

Will moving day tipping be different because of the size of your home?

From the point of view of moving day etiquette, tipping should not be the same if you are moving out of a small apartment and a large house. If you are living in a large house in the state of California, you may need to ask your moves to cover more floors. Also, this will mean your movers will need to climb more stairs. So, it may make sense to tip a percentage of the total relocation cost in this situation. In case you think they give their best and do a great job when moving your large home, opt for tipping them more than you planned. If you are living in a small apartment but you have a lot of items, you might want to tip movers despite the small space. Be realistic and award their efforts.

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Consider moving day tipping according to the size of your home.

More useful advice on tipping your movers on the big day

After reading our article, it will be impossible to completely forget about tipping and moving etiquette on moving day. However, don’t forget to be present the tips to each individual instead of giving them all to the foreman to distribute. This presents a sign of respect toward each person and their special role in your move. Also, an important moving day tipping rule of thumb is to always tip your movers in cash. In the end, tipping is allowed by moving companies. However, just to be sure, check this with the moving company representative ahead of time. This way you will respect their guidelines and customs.

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