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Moving from a house to an apartment

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Moving from a house to an apartment is a big change, but not necessarily a scary one. There are times when this would be a very smart move for you. If your kids are all grown up and moved on their own, an apartment is a cheaper and more reasonable option than to live in a huge house. We will give you some tips too keep you on track and guide you through this change.

Start planning early

Living in an apartment is different from living in a house, keep that in mind. Like any move, you should have a plan made to make it easier and keep you from forgetting something important. Your number one priority on the list is calling residential movers CA. In your planning, you should include other members of the household so no one is excluded. It is important to keep everyone updated and organize together.

a person making a plan before Moving from a house to an apartment
Moving from a house to an apartment is easier if you plan it on time

Moving from a house to an apartment like any other move takes time and you should start early. If it has been a long time since your last move you may have forgotten that it is always more time needed than you think. Do not get yourself in a stressful situation of winging everything as you go. Better off to start early and have extra time for everything to settle than to run around like crazy.

Moving from a house to an apartment means you will have to downsize

Apartments have much less storage space than houses. So before calling up intrastate movers CA make sure to declutter. This is not a bad thing either. You will throw out a lot of pile up stuff that you do not use. It just piles up dust anyway. This is your chance to start fresh. When moving from house to an apartment these are the thing to get rid of:

  1. Old clothes
  2. Gardening supplies
  3. An excessive amount of dishes
  4. Items you do not use and are not treasured memories
pilled dishes
If you gave too many dishes, then try to get rid of them

Getting rid of this stuff might just be an emotional process. A lot of memories will come by and it can become tough. Take a moment to cherish those memories and remember that this is a good thing. Move on. Some stuff you can sell in a garage sale you should organize before you move. It is an easy way to gather some money you may need for your move. What you do not sell you can donate or give as gifts to some people you hold dear. Leaving an empty nest for a new start if you are retiring, for example, is an absolute adventure! Your kids will love the regular visits to your new apartment. Plus, you will have much more space for all the gifts they will bring when they visit.

Make sure the furniture fits

When moving from a house to an apartment, furniture might be a problem. Apartments are smaller as we mentioned and not suited for massive furniture a house can hold. But that has its benefits as well. Nowadays, you can find a lot of multifunctional space-saving furniture that looks gorgeous! These are usually made with simple designs to fit literally anywhere.

furniture in living room
Make sure all the furniture fits

If you are bringing some of your old furniture, make sure you can fit it in your apartment. We have a hack for checking if your old furniture fits the new apartment.  Measure the furniture and check it in your new place. Put some tape on the floor where it would go and see how you’re dealing with space. If the furniture doesn’t fit, then the garage sale it is! The money you made from it can be used to buy new furniture that will fit your apartment like a glove. Those types of furniture are not expensive and that is another plus for it.

Perks of moving to an apartment

As you go through this process it is easy to forget why you started in the first place. When we are under stress from a move or anything else, good things slip our minds and we ignore them. That is why we want you to remember all the perks of moving from a house to an apartment. First off, you will save a lot of money on bills and maintenance. Apartments are much less complicated and are a money saver. One huge plus we give to the apartments is the security of them.

Buildings and communities are much safer than a house. For a house to be safe you need to invest a lot of money and apartments are made to be safer for people. Living near the ocean is incredible as well. You will find yourself having much more recreational time and living a more healthy lifestyle.

Moving from a house to an apartment - image of apartment
Living in an apartment can have a lot of benefits

Your neighbors will be much closer to you and that is a huge upside. People in buildings tend to get closer to each other very fast. Try walking past the same person on the entrance each day and not even say hello.

Another amazing thing is the amount of time you will spend cleaning your apartment. It will not only take half of the time it took for the house but even more. As we said, they are smaller than houses and something to pick up or dust is just in your way. So you do it not even realizing it. And on Sundays when you organize the major cleaning day, it will be done in like an hour and a half! Crazy fast!

You have made a great decision!

We hope we made moving from a house to an apartment fun to you. Moving is stressful, and as we mentioned it is critical you start on time. For the sake of your nerves and health. This is a brand new beginning and you should embrace every moment of it. Even the packing and the decluttering witch is not a fancy job. Find some joy in the hard work you are doing now because it will pay off later. A new part of your life is just around the corner.

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