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Moving from Northern California to Southern California

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Have you been living in Northern California and thinking about relocating to Southern California? In this case, you should definitely learn some of the most important things. This way you will know what to expect and there will be no unpleasant surprises. There certainly are great differences between these two regions. Once you learn the basic differences, you will easily decide whether moving from Northern California to Southern California is the best choice. Once you find the home of your dreams, hire a reputable moving company like Mod Movers and you will relocate here in no time.

First of all, you should know that weather is not the same

People usually assume that the weather is the same in the entire state of California. However, you should be aware of the fact that this is not true. Since you have been living in Northern California, you already know that there is a change of seasons. You have had a chance to enjoy different kinds of weather, but this is no longer going to be the case after your relocation.

Palm trees
In order for you to enjoy beautiful weather in California, you should relocate to the southern part – the temperatures here are perfect

Namely, Southern California tends to have more even temperatures year-round. Therefore, as soon as you find a suitable home, get in touch with Mod Movers CA. They will make sure you reach your new home in no time and with no great effort. Start preparing for your move and enjoy your relocation.

There is also a difference when food is in question

Northern California can boast a thriving food scene. There are locally sourced meats and cheeses, which is certainly highly different from other places where foods of this kind are offered. In addition to this, you have surely had a chance to taste different wines. If it happens that you like the wine this part of California offers, you will find it hard to relocate. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that, after relocation, you will get to enjoy burritos. If this is your cup of tea, the next thing you should do is get in touch with some of the best cross country movers California offers. Their professionals are going to be by your side every step of the way and help you relocate effortlessly.

Are you moving from Northern California to Southern California because of the beaches?

Beach life is very different in these two regions. For example, the beaches in Northern California are cooler and more volatile. The feeling you get when you go to a beach in this region is certainly unique. The beaches are mystical, rugged, and raw. On the other hand, the beaches in Southern California are completely different.

white, sandy California beaches
After moving from Northern California to Southern California, you are going to have a chance to enjoy white, sandy beaches every day

They are the beaches you see in pictures – gold-sand beaches that stretch for miles. So, in order to start enjoying these beaches, make sure you change your place of residence as soon as possible. California residential movers will help you reach your new home and they will meet your expectations. Contact them on time and they will take care of all of the details. Just remember to bring your swimsuit with you.

The aesthetics in general is different

If you are living in Northern California and you visit Southern California at certain intervals, this is something you have surely noticed. To be more precise, you have noticed that the stores and restaurants look different. That is, each of them is decorated according to the personal preferences of their owners or managers. This is something that makes people feel more at home. You feel pleasant while going through the streets of the southern region. Why not make it your home then? In case you also have a restaurant or some kind of shop in the northern part, relocate it here. Some of the finest commercial movers California offers are going to help you. You will also have a chance to decorate it the way it suits you best.

You will probably have more job opportunities in the south

The Bay Area is the perfect place to start a career if you are focused on tech/startup life. You will have many opportunities and all you should do is choose wisely. However, if this is not something you aspire to, think about moving from Northern California to Southern California. Living in Los Angeles or in its vicinity gives you more opportunities. Of course, the focus here is on entertainment. So, if your goal is to pursue a career in this industry, make sure you relocate on time. Do not worry about your moving process – your professional movers are going to make it easier for you. Your part will be giving instructions to your movers and thinking about how to organize your new home. Use this chance and there will be no stressful situations.

Owning a car is not going to be a luxury

First of all, you should know that no one has favorable words for public transportation in Southern California. However, if you decide to live in a place that is quite walkable, you are not going to have a problem. On the other hand, when you need to go from one city to another, you will have to do it by car.

Cars parked on a street
If it happens that you have a car, do not sell it – you are going to need it because public transportation in Southern California is not great

So, if you already have one, make sure you do not sell it. This is going to be quite helpful and you will even reach all of the interesting parts of Southern California this way. The good thing is that you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your moving process. California furniture moving services are at your disposal and you are more than welcome to add them to your moving contract.

If you like plant-based food, you are going to love living in Southern California

Each and every restaurant here can offer healthy food. Since people became more aware of what they have been eating and they want to eat healthy food, the restaurants realized this and they have done their part. Basically, no matter which restaurant you enter, you will see that they have at least one page in their menus with plant-based food. No matter whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, or you just cannot eat food that contains gluten, there will be nothing to worry about. Of course, there are also specialized restaurants that offer nothing else but healthy food. So, feel free to relocate here and you are going to enjoy your new life to the fullest.

There is a big difference in the number of residents

Yet another difference between Northern and Southern California is the number of residents. As you have had a chance to notice, more people are living in the southern part. To be more precise, as many as 23 million people live there while in the northern part there are around 15 million people. This is quite a big difference and this explains the crowds. Of course, if you are one of the people who have been living in Northern California and you are tired of bad weather, it is understandable that you want to relocate. You are going to find your place under the sun in this part, that is for sure. Just make sure you have enough patience and you will make your wish come true. You will become one of the 23 million and you will surely have a great time.

Which one of these areas is more expensive?

This is probably one of the things you are not going to like. Northern California is considered to be a cheaper area in comparison to Southern California. This is a well-known place where a great number of people want to live in. Considering the fact that the real estate market here is more than thriving, you are surely familiar with the rules of supply and demand.

dollar bills
You are going to need more money for living in Southern California – this is a more expensive area because a lot of people want to live here

Of course, since the area itself is much prettier than Northern California, this is also something that affects the prices. Los Angeles is a city that many people want to call home. If it happens that you are one of them, be prepared to put aside a significant amount of money. However, if you want to live in the southern part of the State of California, there are cheaper places. Hire a realtor and they will find the perfect place for you.

Your movers will provide you with premium installation services

There is no reason to be worried about your moving process and especially about furniture installation. All you should do is avoid going through a moving process on your own and let professionals give you a helping hand. In this way, your furniture is going to be installed properly and effortlessly. No damage is going to be done to a single furniture item of yours. Your new home is going to shine from the first day. Your team of movers is highly skillful and they know precisely what to do and how to do it. They are going to make a detailed plan and do everything according to it. Even if you are relocating on short notice, you can be sure that your new house is going to become a home in a matter of hours. Add California installation services and avoid stressing yourself.

White glove movers are going to relocate your belongings with no damage

If it happens that you have some items that need special attention, rely on white glove movers. They are going to take care of each detail and make sure no damage is done to a single item of yours. Your team of movers is going to invest additional effort into helping you change your place of residence smoothly. Both you and your belongings are going to be in great hands. Therefore, if you have items that are sensitive, fragile, and worth more than others, do not think twice.

people packing fragile items
You are going to need more money for living in Southern California – this is a more expensive area because a lot of people want to live here

White glove moving services are precisely what you need. Just make sure you get in touch with the moving company on time and set the date. After that, you are going to make an arrangement and the movers will start making a moving plan for you.

Now you are familiar with what you can expect after moving from Northern California to Southern California. Of course, you have probably known some of these things but it is never a bad thing to be sure of something. So, all you should do now is start searching for a new home. This may be a long journey, but do not give up until you find what suits you best. You will surely be living there for a great number of years and you should be sure that your new home is a perfect fit. After that, contact Mod Movers, ask for a free moving quote and let them help you in every way they can. You will surely enjoy your moving process and you will avoid all of the stressful situations. Use this chance and you will be more than happy with the choice you have made.

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