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Moving house while working from home

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You might be a freelancer and are used to working from home, or maybe the current state of the world has forced you to stay away from the office and work between your own four walls. Either way, working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. You have to be very disciplined and organized if you want a healthy work-life balance. This means you’ll have to squeeze your workspace between cardboard boxes and moving chaos. There are small things you can do and smart decisions you can make to make the process of moving house while working from home easier. We’ll tell you all about them – from hiring furniture movers California to keeping your job. So, stick around to learn what you should do.

Work time is still work time when you’re moving house while working from home

It’s all about routines! When you’re working from home, there are a lot more distractions than when you’re getting work done in the office. That’s why it’s important to find a way to stay focused on work and dedicate a certain time slot for work. It’s easy to get tempted by watching Netflix in bed or online shopping, but try to resist. Even when you’re moving while working remotely, the work time should still be work time. This is essential if you want to be efficient working from home.

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Stay organized and manage your time well to succeed in moving while working remotely.

Don’t start packing in the middle of the workday. It will only mess up your workflow and distract you from work. Although multitasking is great in some cases, it’s not exactly the best idea when you’re moving house while working from home. So, take it one step at a time. Once you finish all the work you have for the day, then you can move on to packing and preparing for the move.

Designate a chaos-free space for work

As you can imagine, your home is about to become a little bit messy. You’re decluttering, packing things into boxes, cleaning your home and handling moving paperwork. Your home is bound to be slightly chaotic while moving. Of course, this is never really desirable, but especially if you have to work from home.

Being surrounded by moving boxes isn’t exactly what an ideal workspace looks like. So, if you want to maximize your productivity and be able to focus on work, it’s best to have a designated work spot in your home. Keep this place as tidy as possible. By being isolated from the moving mess, it will be easier to work from home while moving.

Hire help to make the process of moving house while working remotely easier

Moving on your own is never an easy task, but especially if you have to focus on other things, such as working. Luckily, there’s no need for you do to it all alone. Your first option is asking friends for help, of course. But if you’d prefer to work with people who have more experience with moving to ensure a successful relocation, call the pros!

A man taping a box.
Hire the pros to make moving easier.

When you’re relying on the help of professional movers, you can expect your move to be easier than ever. There are plenty of moving companies in California that offer great services to make your move a success. So, find the right one and let the pros do the hard work. While they’re handling whatever you need help with while moving, you can focus on work. This way, relocating while working from home will be a piece of cake.

Set your work equipment aside when packing

If you’re working from home, it means that all the equipment you need to do your job is in your home. That’s why you have to be careful when you start packing for the move. You don’t want to prematurely pack any office equipment you can’t work without. So, once you start packing, it’s best to set your office equipment aside and pack them at a later time. By keeping the things that are necessary for your job out of boxes, you’re making working from home while moving more bearable.

Take breaks both from work and moving

This is definitely a busy time, but everyone needs some time off every once in a while. In order to keep your sanity while relocating and working from home, you need to take a break from everything. You decide how often you need these breaks – it could be once a day or every few days.

A woman drinking tea.
No matter how chaotic things get, remember to take a break from everything and relax a bit.

The point is that you need to turn off your computer, forget about the boxes and do something relaxing. Get some fresh air, take a walk, catch up with your friends, and forget about your to-do list. This is the only way to not get overwhelmed by the pressure or moving while working remotely.

Take some days off work

If you’re in a time crunch and the stress of moving house while working from home is getting to you, it’s best to take a few days off. Don’t feel guilty for needing a break from work. This will allow your mind and body to function better and you’ll have more time to prepare for moving. It’s also a good idea to be available for your residential movers while they’re preparing your things instead of having to work. So, at least consider taking a day off when you’re supposed to exchange the keys and move into your new home. It will be helpful, trust us.

Avoid procrastination to successfully move house while working from home

When you’re working from home, the lines tend to get a bit blurred and you don’t know where work stops and moving begins. That’s why it’s very easy to find excuses for procrastination when you’re working remotely. Well, if you’re moving house while working from home, you want to avoid procrastinating at all costs. If you stay on top of your game and organize your time well, balancing work and relocating won’t be as hard. But if you give in to all the little distractions in your home, you’ll end up doing things last-minute and rushing. To avoid the stress that comes with moving last-minute, don’t leave things for tomorrow.

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