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Moving to Arizona as an artist: all you need to know

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Moving as an artist can be great. You will be able to fulfill your dreams to the fullest! But, there are a lot of things you need to know before moving to Arizona as an artist. In today’s article, Mod Movers will lead you through this topic and tell you what you can expect from this move. It will help you better organize everything and you will be able to move with ease.

Why is Arizona good for artists?

What you need to understand is that fine artists make more money in Arizona. It is one of the main reasons why people move here. Sculptors, illustrators, painters, and many others have an average salary of over $95,000. And as the year’s pass, it will only get higher. It is believed that one of the main reasons why artists are so good here is that people tend to pick up hobbies much more than in other states. And with that, they develop their skills to make something new and artistic. And if you are moving soon, then make sure to get some packing services for your move. It is the best way you can transport your belongings with care.

a girl painter thinking about Moving to Arizona as an artist
High income is why moving to Arizona as an artist can be a good thing

That is why many people move here and prosper as artists. Not to mention that the job market is very developed. If you are an artist and are looking for commissions or a job, make sure to polish your portfolio. It will help you with your search for sure. When you make update your CV and portfolio, you are creating better chances of getting hired by your potential employer. Nobody wants to read some insignificant details, so make sure to spend enough time working on this.

Moving to Arizona as an artist begins with a plan

What you need to have in mind is that it is not that simple to move as an artist. You will have to deal with a lot of things because this type of move is not that simple to organize. Especially if you have some art to transport. In this case, you would want to make a moving plan that can help you keep everything on track. This can be easy to do if you:

  • Begin looking for movers in advance
  • Gather necessary packing supplies
  • Declutter your home
  • See if you need some special moving services
  • Pack your items for the move
  • Move
a couple making a moving plan
Always make a moving plan before you begin packing

These are the main tasks that you need to complete before you move to Arizona for your artistic career. But if you want to do this then you would want to know that your precious items are being transported by professionals. In this case, you need to get California interstate movers to help you out. With their experience, you will be able to transport your art without any trouble.

Look for movers as soon as possible

What you need to do first is to hire movers as soon as you can. This can mean a lot because you will be able to properly organize the rest of your move. In this situation, you can ask your friends for recommendations, read online reviews, watch for ads, or just visit some Facebook groups where people share their experiences. This can help you a lot when you are looking for a good moving company. Furthermore, have this in mind always:

  • Professional movers have proper licenses and permits
  • Their crew is skilled
  • They can offer you good moving services
  • Their prices are affordable
  • You will move swiftly
  • They use good packing supplies for the move
  • There are no legal issues

These are some of the main factors that make a moving company professional. It will help you find and locate movers for your move, so you won’t have to stress about it. Especially when you are planning a long move from California to Arizona. Then, you can count on moving companies California to Arizona to help you out. They are more than professional when it comes to their work.

What to do before packing

If you are about to collect packing materials, then you need to sit down and see what kind of artwork you are moving. Some items can be moved in regular boxes, but others need some special moving supplies. For instance, moving paintings, figures, sculptures, busts, and other big and fragile items are always done with wooden crates. They are great because they will provide your items with protection against the elements and physical damage. Also, you will use packing hay or old newspapers as cushions within the packing boxes or crates. It will additionally protect your items while moving.

stacked newspapers
Old newspapers are one of the best packing supplies you can use when moving your artwork

Gathering packing supplies is very important for any artist before moving. It will ensure that your artwork is transported safely and without any damage. Sometimes you can find these packing supplies online. Since people are selling them after they are done moving. And if you are still not sure about your packing skills, then you need to get fine art moving services. Professional movers will move your items properly without any possible mistakes.

This is everything you need to know before moving to Arizona as an artist. Hopefully, now you know what you need to do and how to properly prepare for your move. It is always for the best to know as much as you can, so you can make sure nothing goes wrong. If you still have any questions, you can always give us a call. We are more than ready to help you out with your move. Not only that, but you will also get a free moving estimate.

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